Wednesday, December 29

The Adrian Beltre side of the Story, the Dodgers are not being honest with their Fans

Adrian gave an interview to Listin Diario while he was training here in Santo Domingo.
It's amazing and intriguing how the Dodgers did not wanted him back, for a moment it looks like a bad decision, only time will tell. Here's a little translation on what Adrian spoke in the interview.

"I have a big commitment with Seattle. They gave me all that money so I can be one the key players of that team, I'm willing to take the challenge and the best I can."
He said that he visited the city before signing and he and his wife Sandra liked the city.
They promised to build a winning team.

"They are keeping their promise, they got Richi Sexson and are behind Odalis Perez and some other pitchers". He also noted the presence of Ichiro and Boone."

He cared more when fans chanted MVP! Than actually winning the MVP

Bonds was the MVP, Adrian was second. "Barry Bonds deserved the award" said Beltre "awards are not important for me, I liked the chorus of MVP! MVP! Better, that was really great."

He was 24 hours away of being a Red Sox

Apparently the Yankees are not the only ones being affected by the Dodgers, according to Beltre
since the end of the season he was wanting for a real offer from the Dodgers, but it never came, while other teams made big offers, one of them was the Boston Red Sox who gave him a 24 hour deadline to make a decision or they will signed Renteria, and that was the final decision, so instead of Edgar Renteria Boston could have Adrian Beltre now.

"The Dodgers were always my first option, It never crossed my mind leaving LA, but I was not sure if they wanted me, they did not handle things well, I did not see a real interest in keeping me."

"I don't understand what were their reasons to make such decision, an effective communication never took place, in a meeting I noticed that they did not have the intention to hire me, they had the rights and the time to negociate with, but they never did".

"while teams like Detroit, Boston and Seattle had their offers, the Dodgers never sat in the table to talk to me, they did made an offer, I stayed longer in LA waiting for an offer, because I did not wanted to traver to the Dominican Republic and then go back to LA".

He was wainting until December for an agreement with the Dodgers, putting other teams on hold.

"we always called to the Dodgers, but they never answered". "At the end they offered me a 9 million offer, but the smaller offer I got from other teams was 12 millions".

The Dodgers are not being honest with the fans, why don't they say the truth, they did not wanted Adrian back, they have other plans, or they can afford it. Is not that hard.

Tuesday, December 28

Dominican Winter League update: Escogido out, Estrellas in

The last spot for the playoffs was decided yesterday when Estrellas won over Gigantes and Escogido lost to Aguilas, also Licey lost to Azucareros but it was already in the playoffs.

David Ross and Erick Byrnes debuts.

Yesterday loss for Licey marked the debuts of Dodgers David Ross and A's Eric Byrnes, Licey also expecting Jose Guillen, Guillermo Mota, Luis Castillo (These two waiting for Florida OK to play) and Jose Jimenez.

Odalis Perez and Alfonzo Soriano near playing with Estrellas.

Both players are training and are near to be playing with Estrellas for the Playoffs.

Miguel Tejada debut delayed due to stomach problems.

Miguel Tejada asked Aguilas fans to forgive him for not playing yesterday against Escogido, he was sick and could not made trip to Santiago.

Monday, December 27

Lead by Example

Miguel Tejada opened a full baseball complex in his native city of Bani, he invested millions of pesos to give kids a place to play and develop their skills as baseball players.

Miguel is a role model, not only in the baseball field he's a aggressive player even playing here with Aguilas, but out of the field too, you've never read or heard of Miguel involved in an incident.

Miguel is a player worth watching play, I'll look forward to see him play in the playoffs.

An other good example is Salomon Torres, had just started a new academy as well in San Pedro de Macoris, Salomon had not earned as much money as Miguel Tejada, but his making his contribution.

Other players such as Bartolo Colon, Rafael Furcal among other are making contributions as well.

Sammy Sosa have a foundation in his town that helps children and and pregnant women.
Ramon and Pedro Martinez are making big contributions as well.
Juan Guzman have a foundation too.

It's good to see that Dominican Players are caring for their communities.

The day I met Luchy

Luchy Guerra is not an ordinary employee for the Los Angeles Dodgers, she's like a mother to many Latin American players in the organization.

I met her a year ago at Estadio Quisqueya, she was here for a special celebration at Campo las Palmas, I had read of her over the Internet and I wanted to meet her, so the opportunity came at a game in Santo Domingo.

In those days Dodgers new owner had given his speech, they were rumors about the hiring of Paul Depodesta and that he was going to replace all the scouts.

We talked about Dodger baseball and how much she loves the Dodgers, she was out of Internet connection, so she was no aware of Dodgers news, the rumors among other things.

We talked for about 20 minutes, it was a great experience for me, I had met a Dodger whom I proud of.

I knew she was a great person for comments and reports on her, but this year I discovered how great she is.

I was attending a baseball game, ordering a pizza, suddenly I feel someone behind me, it was Luchy smiling coming to say hello to me, a guy she saw a year ago in a Stadium full of people, and she remembered me, that meant a lot to me. and she was like two sections to my right, pretty far away.

She must see lots of people when she comes here, but not only she remembered me, she also remembered my name.

Today the LA Times have a story on Luchy.

I'm sure you have already read it, it worth reading it.

Wednesday, December 22

David Ross to play in the Dominican Winter League

David Ross, catcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers will play with Licey in the Dominican Winter League.

He will make his debut next Monday against Azucareros del Este and will be in roster for the beggining of the playoffs.

Monday, December 20

From left, Henry Rodriguez, Israel Alcantara and Vladimir Guerrero waiting for BP Posted by Hello

Vlad in Blue!, of course, not Dodger Blue, is Licey Blue. Posted by Hello

Sunday, December 19

Vladimir joined Licey, but Escogido Won

Saturday night was the much anticipated debut of Vladimir Guerrero with Licey, he always said that he wanted to play with Licey, his childhood team, well, It was true.

His debut marked the second time a reigning AL MVP plays here, first was Miguel Tejada, now is Vlad.

Every player wanted to talk to Guerrero, even Escogido's players, he gave a show in batting practice, fans all over the city came to the stadium to watch him play, me, I watched on TV.

Vladimir kept his word and played, he was in RF watching his teammates commit 6 errors, and stay hitless until the 7th inning.

He was 0-2 but make a great catch reaching his shoes for the ball and then throwing to second to make a double play.

The Game

Escogido won 5-1 behind a Licey poor defense and strong pitching from rookie Ezequiel Astacio

Friday, December 17

What's the plan now Mr. Depodesta

Dodgers fans deserved better, Dodgers fans deserve a strong message from Dodgers front office and their plans with the team.

Those fans who buy tickets need an answer, those like me who pays DirecTV MLB extra every year just to watch them play, we need to know.

Plan A failed, so was plan B, C, now what?

We are expecting more from you.

Me, I'm just a guy far away from Dodger Stadium who once was there and maybe never will come back (too expensive to go there).

But for those who goes there every year, They deserve better.

Dodgers did not tried hard enough

Adrian Beltre signed with the Mariners, not the Dodgers, the team who signed him and watched him struggles at times.

"the Dodgers did not shown much interest in me" said Beltre in an interview with El Caribe (free registration required).

"I feel happy, I gave a lot of thought because of the amount of money involved, but I hope and trust in god that everything will be OK"

Dodgers offered only 9 millions per season.

"Seattle were more interested than the Dodgers", "the Dodgers offer was around 9 millions and that's was their final offer, they want to look like they don't have any money".

"Boston offer was near 13 millions, but they signed Renteria first"

Well it seems that the Dodgers are the new Royals.

Thursday, December 16

Report: Adrian Beltre signed with M's

According to Peter Gammons Adrian had agree on terms with the Mariners.

More on that later.

Monday, December 13

Pedro is a MET

Pedro Martinez was signed by the New York Mets to a 4 year deal worth of 52

Good luck to him...

Posted by e-mail

Sunday, December 12

Vladimir Guerrero to join Licey

Apparently Vlad had spoken to Licey GM and will play with Licey beginning December 18th against Escogido, according to, also Jose Guillen and Erick Byrnes will play on the 14th and 26th.

So licey will have for the Round Robin (Playoffs) the Following team:

1B Calos Peña (Detroit)
2B Luis Castillo (Marlins) No confirmation on him yet
SS D'Angelo Jimenez (Reds)
3B Ronnie Belliard (Indians)
C Brandon Masters
OF Vladimir Guerrero / Jose Guillen / Erick Byrnes


Timo Perez, Henry Rodriguez, Izzy Alcantara, Erick Aybar, Hanley Ramirez among others.


Juan Carlos Cruz, Manny Aybar, Wilton Chavez, Felix Diaz, Guillermo Mota, Felix Rodriguez, Yency Brazoban, Francis Beltran among others.

But Aguilas will have Miguel Tejada and Tony Batista, Willy Mo Peña among others.

So it will be an interesting playoff.

Pedro showed no respect

A few days ago the Boston organization came to the Dominican Republic to celebrate the second anniversary of the academy, to show the world series throfy, but I believe the main purpose of the trip was to talk to Pedro Martinez about him returning to Boston.

Pedro is always asking for respect, respect from the media, from the fans, from other players and from the front office.

Last week he showed no respect for John Henry, Larry Lucchino and Theo Epstein by talking to them in his "outside office" in the airport just moments before getting a plane to Miami to attend a wedding.

He could ask for a office inside, even the ambassador lounge and I'm sure the government will let him use it, but he preferred to embarrassed the visitors and him self.

So I ask my self. Where's the respect he's always claiming? Did he show any to them? They were here in behalf of many Boston fans who want Pedro to be back in the team, people who payed to see him pitch.

He showed his real class, his real education.

He showed us the REAL Pedro.

Tuesday, December 7

Here comes Vlad! Rumors about Pedro

Vladimir Guerrero was in Licey practices today, took a few swings and ran laps, according to some unnamed sources he's willing to play, he was attending the game and was given an standing ovation when was announced his presence, and that he's training to get in play.

Kendry "hard hands" Morales, was playing 1B for Estrellas, he got a K and made 2 errors at first, 1 fielding a ground ball and the other attempting to pick a throw.

Well, I hope for Rob's health this would not be El ladron II for the Angels.

Red Sox owner visit and Pedro's Rumors.

Tommorow is the first anniversary of the Red Sox Academy in the DR, and the organization have a press conference (more on that later), the rumor is they'll announce Pedro's signing there, they also bring the WS trophy, first time we'll have this in our country.

Without a doubt Boston is the most popular team in the DR now.

Juan Gone!

Juan Samuel was fired as Escogido manager yesterday, Mike Guerrero took his place, Mike is the son of ex toronto scout Epy Guerrero, relative of Mondesi friend Mario Guerrero.

Here they come!

As december gets older more players are getting in, for Licey we had DÁngelo Jimenez, Ronnie Belliard, Timo Perez, Oh Henry, Carlos Peña, and soon we'll have Guillermo Mota, Luis Castillo, Francis Beltran, and maybe, just maybe, Vladimir Guerreo and Jose "Cancer"Guillen.

Gigantes have already Pedro Feliz, Dodgers Antonio Perez and Duaner Sanchez is coming real soon.

Escogido have Neifi Perez, who by the way will assist and/or help the new manager, tommorrow "El Borracho" AKA Rafael Furcal will make his debut, and I almost forgot, Escogido is in last place.

Aguilas will see on December 26th Miguel Tejada, Willi Mo Peña and Ex-dodgers prospect are already playing, Miguel Batista will enter as a closer real soon.

Boston Hanley Ramirez of Licey is out day by day with some kind of back injury.

Monday, November 29

Lima and Mondesi traded for each other

Jose Lima was traded Aguilas for Raul Mondesi, the trade is pending aproval
by the Dominican League.

Mondesi is currently playing this season and Lima said will play as soon as
he signs.

Friday, November 19

Guillen traded to Expos

Guillen was traded to the Expos for Juan Rivera and Michael Izturis, Cesar
little brother.

Guillen talked to his former manager to clear things up.

Jose Rijo agreed to became pitching coach for Washington too.

More to come later...

Update: apparently he's working a multi year deal, no time and/or money on that yet. He also will play with Licey december 1 or 2.

Tuesday, November 16

Royals scouting Mondesi, Mario Guerrero still after him

The Royals are scouting Raul Mondesi, this according to news report from Santiago (no link so far), according to the report Manager Tony Peña is interested in having Raul in his team in 2005 but are watching him very close his fitness conditions.

Mario Guerrero, Mondesi worst nightmare is charging again, according to clave digital Guerrero had summited a petition to court asking Las Aguilas to retain Mondesi salary in the winter.

Mondesi lawyer said that this will not proceed because Dominican constitution does not allow salaries to be retained because of a civil lawsuit, only for child support, said Raul attorney.

"Nothing had changed" said Mondesi, "I don't have any agreement with Guerrero, he had never taught me anything, there's no contract signed by me to prove that" added Raul.

"I will keep this case until the final consequences, but I'm not giving him a cent of my money"

Mondesi had earned nearly 65 millions in 12 seasons with Los Angeles, Toronto, Yankees Arizona, Pittsburgh and Anaheim.

Monday, November 15

Ramon is free! not yet...

Angels declined to exercised 2005 option on Ramon Ortiz, he got a 100,000 buy out.

Ramon Ortiz plans for the Winter.

beginning today's game he will in Licey bullpen until is in shape to join the rotation, I'm sure he'll make a good effort in order to get a contract.

Last year he did not play, apparently Anaheim denied permission to play in the winter.

Update: He's not free yet, Anaheim have until december 20 to offer him arbitration.
he was to pitch last night from the bulpen but instead was talking to his agent about the team desicion.

Sunday, November 14

Aguilas Flying high, Licey in second place, Escogido in last place

In Santo Domingo at old Estadio Quisqueya Licey beat Escogido 2-0 with half stadium empty in a Saturday night with a cold weather for the Dominican standards.

Manny Aybar pitched 6 strong innings to earn the win, and the Carlos Perez, yes the same Perez pitched 2 scoreless innings striking out 4, Carlos in 9 innings had only allowed 1 er.

Luke Allen drove in the only two runs of the game with a double in the third inning.

Licey is struggling with the bats lately, today the play Aguilas in Estadio Quisqueya.

Detroit offered contract to Carlos Perez

Detroit is offering him a two year deal, is a minor league deal with and invitation to spring training, he's pitching here out of the bullpen but plans to get into the rotation soon.
Maybe his road back to baseball is from the bullpen, let's see.

Aguilas in First, flying high

Aguilas beat Gigantes last night 9-1, continuing their dominance in the tournament, and soon they will receive new players like Willi Mo Peña.

Tuesday, November 9

Another disappointment week in the Dominican Winter League, Lima to the Padres?

According to Jose Lima he have offers from seven teams, being the San Diego Padres the best offer, Lima is in the US waiting to sign a contract. Last week he said that he was negotiating a contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers, now apparently he had a good offer from the Padres.

I'll hate to see any Ex-Dodger like Lima signing with the Padres, but it will a good choice for him being the Padres stadium a pitcher friendly park, well, let's hope Lima resign with the Dodgers for the right price of course.

The Dominican Winter League.

Aguilas is playing a very good baseball, in fact they are 10-2, loosing their only two game to Licey.

They have a very good lineup of veterans and good roockies, things might change when other teams like Licey see their veterans come to play in the second half of November, but right now Aguilas are cruising the league, and the other teams are really struggling to survive.

Dodgers in the Caribbean

Several Dodgers players are in the Dominican winter league.

Cody Ross was released by Escogido due to poor performance.
Yhency Brazoban with Licey was their closer, in the first games he was OK, but suddenly became the Yhency we did not see with LA, last week he blew a 1-0 lead against Escogido, surrending a 2-hr to Atlanta's Wilson Betemit.

Prospects Willy Aybar and Joel Guzman are playing with Estrellas.

Sunday, October 31

Oh Sammy! Shut up please.

Rob at 6-4-2 links to a story about Sammy recent comments to Hoy on his intentions to stay a cub and his plans to keep playing.

Who does Sammy think he is? is he bigger than the rest of his teammates? Is he bigger than the great city of Chicago?, I'm beginning to think that in his mind he sure thinks so.

The Cubs had the chance to win the wild card, but they blew it, I'm not saying it was Sammy's fault, it was the whole team fault, but they must play as a a team, Mr. Sosa in the last game left earlier, and lie about it, that's an insult to his teammates, fans and the team.

If he was injured he must stayed in the dugout, at least for respect to his fans.

In the interview he complains about been dropped to #6 in the batting order, well Sammy you were in a slump, he complains about the fans booing him, well, wait until next season if you're stlll a Cub and you will hearing some serious boos.

Sammy's upset with Dusty Baker, some fans and the press, for what, for telling the truth?

Sammy admits that he did wrong in leaving before the game was over, but he never thought it will cause so much trouble.

"If I'd imagine this, I'd play, even that I was not in conditions to play" said Sammy in the interview. Sosa told the reporter that he felt too tired at the of the season. (he's not the only one)

"I thought that this would not be an issue due to my story with the team and the kind of player I am"

Saturday, October 30

Dominican Winter League: Week 1

Now that baseball in the US is over, let's focus on what's going on in the Caribbean, the tournament just started, just six game had been played, teams are playing with lot's of rookies, seems like watching AA baseball, here's a look of what's going on here.

Santo Domingo teams Licey and Escogido are playing like they if they did not want to win at all, with few regulars on rosters but lot's of prospects.

Licey have a combination of Erick Aybar (Angels) and Hansley Remirez (Red Sox) in 2B and SS, Ramirez allready have 2hr in the season and had played solid defense along with Aybar, in CF they have Cubs prospect Felix Pie, a speedy batless player so far.

Carlos Perez, ex-Dodger made his debut, trying to come back to major's next year, he pitched a 2 quality innings a couple of nights ago.

Raul Mondesi debut

Aguilas fans were surprised last night when Raul Mondesi was included in the roster and played, apparently he want's to show he can still play, can he?... let's see how many game he plays before he quits the team.

Standings as October 30, 2004

Aguilas 5-1
Gigantes 3-3
Azucareros 3-3
Estrellas 3-3
Licey 2-4
Escogido 2-4

Friday, October 29

Dominicans and US Elections

Interesting story about Dominicans role in the upcoming elections in the US, and also the story have a link to my blog, thanks to Yahaira Castro for putting a link to my website and also to Mr. David Montero an Associate Producer at FRONTLINE/World.

Please visit the story above.

Pedro and Big Papi

I haven't post in a while, I have so much to write, first Boston reversed the curse and finally won a a world series, celebration here was big, seemed like a local team had won a championship, Boston is definitely the favorite team for Dominicans.

Our winter league is entering it's first week and looks like we are watching single A baseball so far, too many rookies but some interesting prospects to watch, more on this later.

Dominicans in the post season.

For all the Dominican haters out there the three MVP's were given to Dominican Players, in the Division Series both the American League and National League were won by David "Big Papi" Ortiz and Albert Pujols, and then the MVP in the World Series by Manny Ramirez, what a great performance by those three guys.

Pedro and Big Papi

When Curt Shilling pitched such a good game many journalist here were expecting another bad outing by Pedro, they were counting on the Cardinals beating Pedro.

That day my wife told me during breakfast (in wish he steals from the morning newspaper) that he wanted Pedro ti win, that everyone was expecting him to lose, that he deserves to win to shout many mouths. This from a person who rarely watch a game on TV, I know so little about baseball, well, she was right, Pedro won and he threw a great game.

David Ortiz did not have a great world series but all the damaged he caused to NY will be remembered for years.

The Dominican Flag!

How proud I was watching Pedro and David holding our flag and dedicating this win to us, to those who followed them all year.

Friday, October 22

Alex Rodriguez recent comments about his nationality

He’s mad at us because we questioned his comments, he’s mad because he just answered a question that Fox made to him, he said that Fox asked him his name, team and place of born, and of course he answered them.

He placed a call to Mr. Leo Corporan, Sport Editor of El Nacional, a local newspaper and here’s what he said:

“They did not asked me how I felt, they just asked where I was born” said Rodriguez to Mr. Corporan and remembering that his parents are Dominican and he’s more Dominican then a Platano.

In his conversation he revealed that he will bring aid relief for the poor here, and this was an old plan and have nothing to do with the recent controversy.

He placed the call just minutes before living New York (I don’t know if it’s a private plane or a commercial plane), he said that he heard about the issue regarding his comments but he wanted to focus on his game (Apparently he was focus on an other thing).

Here’s a little bit of the conversation between A-Rod and Leo Corporan:

Leo: Explain to me the situation?
Alex: it’s simple, they asked me three questions, Name, position and place of birth.
Leo: It was Fox who made those questions?
Alex: Yes, that’s what I want to explain, I spoke to David Ortiz and the other guys and they don’t understand the big deal about it.

Well, that’s all true, he did not say anything new, I still does not consider him Dominican, I still believe he will play for USA and not us if the world cup took place, but enough if this, he’s American, people have to understand that, but he can’t claim that Fox made the questions, thay asked the same question to Many Ramirez and he answered “I’m from the Dominican Republic” that being said, Good luck Alex, and please stop with this A-Rod Nationality thing, it’s clear, you’re are not what you said. It’s how you feel.


Saturday, October 16

A-Rod nationality.

In the first game of the Yankees-Red Sox series each player introduced themselves with name and origin.

Bernie Williams, CF, Puerto Rico
Jorge Posada, Catcher, Puerto Rico
Derek Jeter, SS, United States

Then came Alex Rodriquez turn, the kid from NY who many journalist here call Dominican, the one who claimed that he's Dominican several times, then he said "Alex Rodriguez, USA"

Yes that's right, USA not Dominican Republic, that felt like a thunder for many people here some journalist, they're trying to hang Alex for telling his feelings, his true feelings, what's the big deal about that? He was born in NY, he got his education in Miami, he was drafted in the USA.

I'd always considered him as a American player, not a Dominican Player, he's a great player, a super star, but he's not our super star.

I'm sure he cares for this country, his mothers country, he have many friends here, but let's be realistic, he's a business man, and for him is better business being from the USA.

So let's stop crying about it, he's not Dominican, he's as he told millions, Alex Rodriguez USA.

But don't be upset, we have many great players and people around the world who take their Dominican roots proudly, Oscar De la Renta, Gold medalist Felix Sanchez, and may others who makes us proud.

And in case the world cup takes place he will place for the USA, but we have Adrian Beltre and many pitchers to take him out.

So to A-Rod, good for you to finally came out and saying that you are from the USA. Finally...

Sunday, October 10

With tears in my eyes

I used to hate Lima, he was averything I hate in a human being, arrogant, loud and played for teams I hated.

But suddenly the Dodgers signed him as a non roster player, he won a spot in the team, I still hated him, but things began to change, he begin to win games, to bring energy to the Dodgers dogout, and again to win games.

Last night, watching first the Twins-Damn Yankees game with some friends at home and later the Dodgers game, seeing Dodger Stadium, a place I remember like if was yesterday, a place that I might not go again in my life, watching Lima pitching there in a playoff game, giving the Dodgers their first victory since 1988 was a wonderful thing, now I'll have to eat my words.

But watching this morning paper, and see Lima praying after the final out and screaming to who knows what made me almost cry.

This season I watched the Dodgers like never before, I even wrote about them, I'm still excited about last nigh, still looking for stories about last night, still watching sportscenter and Southern California Sport Report.

Well, let's hope Odalis get some Energy from Lima tonight, Dodgers fans deserve that...

Saturday, October 9

Carlos Perez trying again, and again

Carlos Perez, who's still enjoying Dodgers money in his town, fishing and having a blast in the Caribbean is looking to makea a comeback this year to the Dominican Winter League with Licey, I don't want to see that man near the stadium, he's one of the many reasons the Dodgers are attached to those stupid contracts, I know is not his fault Kevin Malone gave him a big contract, but he does not belong in Baseball anymore.

Dominican Winter League update...

Baseball is around the corner, teams had started practices with rookies and wasted veterans, of course all the good players will star playing in mid November, let's take a look at the teams.

Licey (Defending champions)

Will not have Guillermo Mota and Luis Castillo this winter because the fish won't let them play.
Angels prospect Erick Aybar will play at SS, let's hope he stays all season with the team and not like last year early exit.

Miguel Tejada will play in the Winter!

a part of me is angry because my team will have to face him in the playoffs, but Miguel is a player who gives a 110% in the field.

Monday, September 27

The truth about Guillen...

The Dominican Republic is a place where everything you do or say goes public, and if you're a ball player your chances are that your life will be mouth to mouth.

Well, according to a reporter who spoke to another Dominican Player in the Angels who spoke with him told what really happened with Guillen, according to the source Guillen after he was taken out of the game threw his helmet at the Managers feet, later sat in the corner of the dogout shouting in Spanish, but he did not remember Mike's know Spanish, he played here with Licey, and he was a catcher, catchers must know Spanish, well the thing did not stop there, Scioscia confronted Guillen telling him he was the Boss and he make's the decisions on the team, then Mr. Guillen threw his glove at the managers feet again, then took a shower and left the stadium.

This episode did not went well with players, according again with the source, the manager ask for management support, he got it so Guillen was suspended and probably concluding his days with the Angels.

Saturday, September 25

Think positive, Think Blue

Think Blue

The Dodgers might win the Division, maybe they'll loose, but last night was a big step forward, this is a team fighting for a post-season spot should do. beat the team behind you.

Today I'm sleepy at work, staying up until 1:30 in the morning, loosing sleep time, but it was worth it.

Once again Think Blue

Thursday, September 23

This season is not over yet!!!

Sorry Rob, the season is not over yet, until then we'll have to watch every Dodger game hoping for a miracle, we'll suffer until the Dodgers are officially out, I know that and you know that.

I know It's frustrating to have a lead and see it go away slowly every game after every game.

But I believe in Dodger Blue, I believe this a different team from other years, This is a fighting team, a team with C o j o n e s.

I refuse to think things will be over, that the Dodgers are not going to the playoffs, I want to shut every people here rooting for Felipe and the Giants, I can't leasen to the Radio and hear people talking about how great Barry Bond is.

This year is going to be different, October 4th you'll be writing on the possible matchups for the playoffs, Dodgers fans deserve that, we don't deserve another October without baseball.

I'm with Jon, we'll rise...

Monday, September 20

This Blog is back!

After a few weeks without posting for some reasons I'm back in the the blogosphere, I was a difficult time for me and my family, moving in the Dominican Republic is not that easy, then came Jeanne, who caused very big damage to the east and north coast of the Island, including Armando Benitez home in San Pedro de Macoris.

Well, back to baseball having almost a week without internet, cable and Directv I find the Dodgers only 2 1/2 games ahead of the Giants, but this weekend series against Colorado was a little encouraging, two comebacks wins becoming 5 runs deficits it's a good thing.

But the Padres believe the Dodgers are more lucky than good, this according to some players from the Padres.

Not to take anything away from them, but I definitely don't feel like they're the best team in the division," said Lawrence, Sunday's starter.

"But that's why you play the game ---- the best team doesn't always win. If that was the case, they'd give the trophy to the Yankees every year and call the season."David Wells expressed a similar sentiment after pitching in Saturday's game, claiming that Jeff Weaver is Los Angeles' only "legitimate" starter.

"They've been getting lucky," Wells said. "They're the comeback kids. You have to give credit to their offense."We know we have a better team than the Dodgers.

They've just been winning at the right time. That's why they're where they're at. It's frustrating to all of us that we are where we are."

Tuesday, August 31

Felix Sanchez to throw first pitch at Dodger Stadium

Apparently the Dodgers are pretty confidence they'll make the playoffs (God I hope they make it!) that they've invited Gold Medalist Felix Sanchez to a ceremony in Dodger Stadium and to throw the first pitch in the post season.

This according to a radio report here in Santo Domingo in "La Voz del Fanatico"

Friday, August 27

Less then 48 seconds to Glory, our first Gold Medal in the Olympics... Posted by Hello

Thursday, August 26

Gold fever, Felix Sanchez runs for the Gold

Today in Athens Felix Sanchez is looking to give the Dominican Republic it first Olympic Gold Medal when he runs in the 400m hurdler today at 3:30pm (Eastern time), hopefully will our first gold and second medal overall, in Los Angeles in 1984 we got a bronze in Boxing.

Some people will take credit from this medal because Felix was born in NY and was developed in UCLA, well, they got a point. But he's wearing REPUBLICA DOMINICANA in his uniform, he does not speak a very clear Spanish, but to me he's more Dominican than Alex Rodriguez, if the world cup of baseball took place, I'm sure A-Rod will play for the US.

The success that Felix Sanchez is having assures me that we have the talent, but we lack of proper preparation for our athletes, take MLB as an example, a team take a kid and they convert him into a MLB Star.

When Olympic athletes from any other country are training for the Olympics full time, our guys are struggling to receive money for proper nutritional needs, it's hard to go to a training session with an empty stomach.

Good luck Felix, 8 millions Dominicans will be watching you today!!!

Saturday, August 21

Good friday, a day to remember

August 20th was a day to remember for Dominican Players who are making noice again and are leading several offensive categories.

Dodgers 3 Braves 2

Adrian Beltre hit two homeruns, one in the 9th inning against Jhon Smoltz (I guess Gagne is not the only one giving runs), and later in the 11th hit another one to win the game, those two were his 37th and 38 of the year. El mambo de Lima pithched well again giving up 1 run in 7 innings.

Anaheim 5 Yankees 0

Ramon Ortizm the same Ramon who struggle early pitch like the man the Angels wanted to see all year, 4 hits and 0 runs in 8 innings not bad for a pitcher they were willing to trade away for cash. Good for Ramon, he and Anaheim needed that win.

Boston 10 Wisox 1

Oh Manny, grand slam, he was in slump, if he gets hot look out, he's a hitting machine, great night for him and the Red Sox, specially that the dumb empire lost his game against the Angels, I hope my good friend Sarah is happy with last night victory.

Cubs 9 Astros 2, Slumping Sammy hits another one

Apparently what Sammy needed was to bat in the number five spot, I hope he gets hot and they catch San Francisco in the Wild Card, Moises Alou hit one two...

Adrian spoke, and it was loud...

Apparently there's too kind of loud talkers in the new Dodgers dogout, one is Jose Lima who talks loud, too loud for my taste, the other is Adrian Beltre who's now talking very loud but with his bat.

Early in the season he was complaining about his demotion in the batting order, at that time I wrote Adrian, shut up and play at the time that he had no right as Rob agreed too.

As for today Beltre is leading MLB with 38 Hr, not bad for a guy who is playing hurt, so from now on Adrian you can talk whatever you want...

Wednesday, August 18

Dominican Republic defeats the USA

Today in Athens the Dominican Republic made history by defeating the US Voleyball team
3-2 in the 2004 Olympic games.

For us, a third world country is a huge victory to defeat the United States of America, it's our first time in the Olympic games for the Voleyball team.

This victory means a lot for us, the hard work is paying now.

For the media in the US is just a setback for the American team, not a success for the Dominican Republic, well, get used to that, we're getting better every day in many sports, take baseball as an example...

GO Dominican Republic...

I know it's hard for the US team to loose from a little country, but to booed the Dominican team after the end of the game, that's too low!!!

Wednesday, August 4

The trade and Guillermo Mota age

Everybody had talked about how the Dodgers loose by trading the best setup man in Guillermo Mota, but had anyone wondered if Guillermo is really 31?

Not to offend any of my fellow Dominicans, but I believed that counting out Moises Alou and a few no Dominican Player is really the age they show in the Books. Just do a little exercise and watch a picture of Jose Mesa and tell if he really looks 36? i don't think so.

Only a few years ago MLB had stablished controls to avoid false documentation, but can you imagine an scandal on Miguel Tejada's age? or Sammy Sosa?.

Back to the trade I think the deal will pay off this year and in the future for the Dodgers, I really liked LoDuca, but baseball is not an one man game.

Friday, July 30

My LoDuca Bubble Head

Dodgers Stadium was my first visited baseball stadium in the US, it was my Honeymoon and I drove from San Francisco to LA just to attend a Dodger game.

I went to the gift shop to look for some Dodgers stuff, 2002 was the season we all began to knew Paul LoDuca, so instead of buying a Shawn Green bubble head or a Eric Gagne T-shirt I bought a LoDuca Bubble head, he was the player I admired in that roster, the little guy that gave everything for his team, the one who got hit very bad and stayed in the game, that was the kind of player the Dodgers needed, I still have the bubble head in my house, today rumors are sending Paul to an other team, no matter team LoDuca is headed he will stay in my Family Room.

Friday, July 23

Welcome to the Jungle

This is not about Eric Gagne when entering the game for another save, this is about the current situation of my country.

In the national Zoo a man tells a little black kid who is in a field trip to the zoo.

Hey kid, where is your father? He should be here with the monkeys (The kid is poor and Black), so the kid answers "you know what, you should be a comedian", this was a dialogue between our President Hipolito Mejia and a Little kid.

That was only one of his sarcastic and racist remarks, for four years Mr. Mejia had given us bad jokes after bad jokes, we got tired of his jokes so in May 16 we voted him out of the presidency.

His government is due next August 16, but of course they are not doing nothing for the country except stealing everything they can, give pensions to people that never attended work, anyway the country is in the middle of a energy crisis, the hospitals are not working at nights, they are not doing any surgeries, and the Health Minister is saying that there's nothing wrong with our public hospitals.

Thanks god that me or my Family does not need to attend a public hospital.

So please Mr. Mejia, stop the stupids jokes, everytime you open your mouth is to say something really stupid.

Once again forgive me for posting this in a blog that is supposed to post news about baseball, but I had to get this out of my mind.


Tuesday, July 20

Dodgers prospects maybe will play in the Dominican Winter League

The Escogido Lions will have as an special assistant Mr. Rene Francisco who is Director of International Baseball Operations, that means that any available prospect or minor leaguer will play here with Escogido, that's good because they'll play in Santo Domingo.
Last year a couple of Dodgers minor leaguers played with Estrellas, none was productive.
Let's see if the Dodgers are willing to send prospects to play here or to the Arizona instructional league, in 1988 the last World series won by the Dodgers was the year the LA team broke relations with Licey, since that both Dodgers and Escogido are into loosing seasons, will this be the year of Dodgers and Escogido? Let's see...

Monday, July 19

Jason over Juan, Random Thoughts

When Dodgers GM Paul DePodesta traded for Jason Werth many people questioned the move, now Werth in the 19 games he had started is batting 365, 6hr and 17 rbi, but the most important thing is the intesity he shows in the field, in yesterday game he robbed Alex Cintron a double by charging the ball and making a strong throw, he's the kind the player the Dodgers needs not a Mediocre player with an superstar attituded like Juan Encarnación, some times the DL can benefit a team, I say give Jason the opportunity to play every day and bench Encarnación, every time Werth is in the game he gives a 100%, not like Juan.
A whole different season for the Dodgers
Last season the Dodgers went thru a season that no one wants to remember, this year this far it looks different, I know is early and the Dodgers swept the worst team in the NL but let's look at some issues that are a whole different from last season.
  1. In Fridays game we won after a terrific outing by Randy Johnson, yes the Dodgers made the runs after he left the game, but last year could be a 3-2 result in favor of the Diamondbacks, but Shawn Green hit a grand slam that no one exprected.
  2. In Saturday game Guillermo Mota blew up a lead, last year was a guaranteed loss, but thios year was a HR by the bench in the name of Robin Ventura. Remember last year bench?
  3. In Sunday's game the Dodgers had a career game by Cesar Izturis and Jason Werth, Cesar hit a 3 run HR, last year in the same situation he likely would have hitted a groudball or something similar.

The upcoming trades for the Dodgers

So far the Jason's trades have worked for the Dodgers, so when the GM says that he's talking to several team and is waiting for the right deal I believe him if we consider the results of the Jason's deals, of course the Milton Bradley is not what we expected but he's young and will get better, is not like the Dodgers gave Franklin Gutierrez for this year version of Jeremy Burnitz.

So my expectations on this year trade deadline are high, I think this year the Dodgers will get an impact player.

So the Dodgers have a bright future, at least I see it that way.


Saturday, July 17

The Mondesi dilema continues

Mario Guerrero who warned the Anaheim Angels not to pay Raul Mondesi because of the lawsuit the he won against Mondesi.
This according to Diario Libre in this Saturday edition, let's see if the Angels will do the same the Pirates did and Raul reaction if they retain his salary.

Friday, July 16

Dominican winter league update

Here's a little update on the next winter league here.
Miguel Tejada said will no play with Aguilas. Too bad and good in the other hand, the fans will miss him, but the other teams will not.
The league reduce to 5 imported players, well, that's too bad, in recent years we only get rejects or prospects that are to way low to play in this league.
Escogido Lions changed owners, the owner for the last ten or more years handed the team to Mr. Julio Hazim, that's not bad except that Mr. Hazim owns the company that do comercialization for the tournament, he said he resign and handed the company to his son, yeah right!
The season will began october 22...

Wednesday, July 14

Dominican players Conquered the All Star show

I've been distant from blogging since last week, lots of work and trying to sell our apartment has held me from posting, but great things are happening for Dominicans.

First 11 Dominicans were in the All Star game (I'm counting out A-Rod) and the most voted player was Alfonso Soriano.

The Home run derby was won by Miguel Tejada, who broke a record of 15 HR in a round held by another Dominican Albert Pujols.

The MVP was Alfonso Soriano.

7 out of 9 of the AL runs were produced by Dominicans, Manny Ramirez (2), David Ortiz (2) and Alfonso Soriano (3).

3 out of 4 of the NL runs were also produced by fellow Dominicans Sammy Sosa (1) and Albert Pujols (2).

In the pitching department no Dominican Player was involved in the game.

In other news Dominican Republic defeat Puerto Rico and won the Gold medal in CentroBasket, a tournament of the Caribbean and Central America, so we beat them in Baseball in the Caribbean Series and in their Best Sport too.

Beating Puerto Rico is better than sweeping the Giants!

Monday, July 5

It's over. let's move on...

Gagne race to inmortality is over, today a blown save to the same team that started, in one point there will not be any more distractions for Gagne, let's start over again, after all, he's human.

Thursday, July 1

American or Dominican League?

If you take a look at the offensive stats in the American League you may think that you are looking at a Winter League stat sheet, only that David Ortiz and Miguel Tejada play here at the Dominican Winter League.

Every day more Dominicans are into the leaders of the American League, here's a look:

AL Avg

Ivan Rodriguez TEX 381
Melvin Mora BAL 357
Vladimir Guerrero ANA 344
Manny Ramirez BOS 333


David Ortiz BOS 21 (Tied with H.Blalock TEX)
Manny Ramirez BOS 20 (Tied with Paul Konerko CHI)
Vladimir Guerrero ANA 19


David Ortiz BOS 75
Vladimir Guerrero ANA 68
Miguel Tejada BAL 65
Manny Ramirez BOS 59

Hasta Cuando?!

Hasta cuando will be Nomo in the rotation, or even in the team, Hasta cuando will Green in the Line up? Hasta cuando the Dodgers will be loosing against the Giants?

When Dodgers manager Jim Tracy will be a man and admit thet Nomo can't be in the rotation? when he'll realized that Green should not be playing every day, he needs to be go to the Bench, Play Werth at 1B, Olmedo, or even the Strikeout king.

Dodgers fans deserve better, specially those in LA who are paying to see the Dodgers play, those who pay MLB.COM or DirecTV to watch them on TV, I deserve better, we all deserve better, stop playing with us, we suffer to much last year waiting for the help that never came, stop the bleeding or the patient will die.

Get rid of Nomo, Bench Green until he learns how to hit again...

Hasta cuando Coño!!!

Monday, June 28

Dominicans get relieve from the Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox organization raised more than the $200,000 in a relief effort started by David Ortiz, the owner himself put down $100,000. Story.

It's good to know that an organization that many people loves here is making so a big contribution to the relief of the town of Jimani.

Good for them!!!

Friday, June 25

The Trade, Jose Guillen is traded

I'll use Rob headline to talk about a trade involving Jose Guillen, the trade involved Dominican Winter League teams, Guillen was traded to Licey current national and caribbean champion from Los toros del Este, Los Toros received Julio Mañon and Dodgers minor league player Jose Rojas.

This trade was made last year, but the Dominican League rejected because Guillen was selected in a draft when he was not protected by the Escogido Lions.

But this was good for licey because mañon was a key player for Licey in the regular season, becoming the closer until Francis Beltan came into play, Mañon is now pitching in Korea.

Thursday, June 24

Beltran is an Astro

Carlos Beltran was dealt to the Astros, the A's got Octavio Dotel, the Royals got 3 prospects, everybody's happy now. story

DePodesta denies Mota Rumor

Dodgers GM Paul Depodesta denies the rumor of Carlos Beltran to the Dodgers.

"All along, anything involving us was a long shot because I know for sure we don't have what they're looking for," said DePodesta. "They're just about ready to go in the next day or two. From Day One when the rumors started, they told me we didn't have what they were looking for. For us to be involved would have taken three or probably four teams."

He said he will dealt, but not to the Dodgers.

Is that time of the year again

This time of the year means hope for us fans who's team are needing a extra bat or arm, this time of the year we hear any kind of rumors, this time of the years teams became buyers or sellers, is in this time of the season where fans get frustrated for the deal or the deal that your GM did not made.

Every morning I tried not to read Dodgers related news, every moment I'm expecting the big news about a big trade that will help the team, but every day I go to bed and now deal has been made.

Rumors already had Beltran with the Dodgers, but Paul Depodesta did not want to part with Guillermo Mota, they said Mota could be our next closer if an agreement is not reach with Gagne.

This year I think the trading market will different for the Dodgers, at least that's our GM has told us.

Wednesday, June 23

Good timing... Bad timing

Sometimes the best deal that you make is the one you did not make.

On Sunday after a day in the beach and a 2 hour drive and the stress of driving in Santo Domingo I took a long shower and prepared my self to watch the Dodgers-Yankees game, the original plan was to go with a friend to a Sport bar, but he was to drunk and I was too tired, sO I decided to stay home.

So the game started and I saw the Dodgers rally and the back-to-back HR by Matsui and Cairo, but then I was too tired and fall sleep, but then I woke up and decided to turn on the TV and there was Guillermo Mota leaving the box, Eric Gagne entering to face Alex Rodriguez, I got the chance to saw A-rod striking out against the great Gagne, that was Good timing.

Bad timing. On Monday I wanted so bad to watch the Dodgers-Giants game that I decided to try MLB.TV, so I signed up for 1 day, to see if my so called high speed cable connection works fine and could see a decent game. So I payed almost 3.00, you can say that's not too much, is a fair price if you can see the game, to my good luck there was a problem with cable so I could not saw the game, that's bad timing.

Bad timing again, at the beginning of this season I made the promise to myself to not loose sleep time because of the Dodgers, but last night I stayed very late just to see or read the Dodgers loose to the Giants, and to see a Deivi Cruz had the game of his life. That's bad timing.

Monday, June 21

Who's the racist? In defense of the people of Boston

Mr. Barry Bonds in recent declarations accuses the people of Boston of being racist.

People in Boston don't need my defense, but getting to know some of them and sharing public transportation with them for two weeks makes me feel to write in favor of them, and being grateful to them for such well treatment to all Dominicans who plays and live in Boston.

Bonds admitted in the Boston Globe article he has no firsthand experience, but said he has heard enough stories to form an opinion.

"Only what guys have said," Bonds said, "but that's been going on ever since my dad (Bobby) was playing baseball. I can't play like that. That's not for me, brother."

When the Globe reporter suggested the racial climate has changed in Boston, Bonds said, "It ain't changing. It ain't changing nowhere."

I've been to both San Francisco and Boston, both are great cities with great people, of course there's racism in both cities, but Bonds is the less indicated person to talk about it.

In Boston people love Pedro Martinez and David Ortiz, they both are black and from the poor third world country named Dominican Republic, they even love the speechless Manny Ramirez.

Bonds is the one who's having a war against the world, against the media, against himself and baseball, he's the one who's arrogant as any can be.

He's the one who got involved in a fight with white team mate Jeff Kent, he's the one making racial remarks.

One has to wonder if Bonds counts the 46 percent of nonwhites in Boston and 17.4 percent in the Boston metro area (according to the 2000 census) as "too racist" also?

Those are the kinds of things you should think about before making a declaration as damning as Bonds did.

Four years ago, Atlanta Braves pitcher John Rocker was suspended by baseball commissioner Bud Selig for making racial and ethnic remarks about foreigners, homosexuals and minorities in a magazine interview that, as Selig said, "offended practically every element of society."


Saturday, June 19

Blue night

The Dodgers Won! this was not any victory, it was against the most hated team in MLB, but I'm not going to write about the game, if you want to feel what I felt read
Rob at 6-4-2
recap of the game, it's better than ESPN recap because it has feelings, and for the preview and great stat pay a visit to Jon at Dodger Thoughts.

Last night vicory was special for several reasons, the most obvious is the we beat the Yankees, but it was very special for Weaver, he got the win against the team who trated him, maybe this will be the boost he needs to regain confidence and be the pitcher avery Dodger fan expects.

For Juan was a good night as well, his RBI was for the go ahead run, he's been a little better in the last seven days.

But it was better for Dodgers fans who really deserved that win, specially those in Dodger Stadium.

Friday, June 18

The life of Pedro and Manny

You are what you eat, that’s what people said, but this is not the case of Dominican Players.

Since the day the first Dominican played in MLB teams are worried about the nutritional habits of the players, first when a player arrived to the United States because of the language barrier he had to eat fast food or the same thing for a long time.

Today with the academies in the Dominican Republic they teach young prospects English and how to behave in the American Society, they feed them well and teach them the right nutrition, but for some players to give up to some kind of foods is too hard, a recent report on Listin Diario shows a picture of Manny Ramirez and Pedro Martinez eating “Frituras|”, fried parts of chicken, pork and cows in Pedro’s town.

Here a part of the story on what Dominican Players do and eat in the off-season.

Pedro and Manny

Two cars arrived at Fenway Park players’ parking lot, both with different kind of music, from those cars you can see Manny Ramirez and Pedro Martinez, it’s 4:30, they have a game against the Yankees at 7:05 and Pedro will get the start.

Pedro Martinez just like many Latin players refuses to buy a house and lives in a hotel suite. He does not have any bizarre taste, just regular stuff like beer, sodas and Dominican food made by him. He stays in when there’s no game watching TV or reading. His vehicles are normal too, Mercedes, Lincoln and some sports cars, he dresses casual, when he’s going to pitch he stays in his room listening to instrumental music.

Manny Ramirez life you could say is a little messy, but is not, he’s married with two kids, he lives in the Ritz-Carlton of Boston, 4 blocks from Fenway, he also have an apartment in Fort Lauderdale, FL, well equipped, of course.

He likes rap, hip hop and Tekno, he drives a Maisto Premiere Mercedes S Class, a yellow TVR speed, a XJ220 Jaguar and Honda motorcycle, he hangs out with his wife and friends from his childhood.

He preffers any kind of rice, meat, beer, before games he plays Nintendo in his room.

Well, that’s in the U.S. but what about when they come to the Dominican Republic in the winter, Pedro is quiet, he stays home, he goes to some pubs, but he’s a family man, Manny do some partying too.

Life is different in the Dominican Republic, people is kind, there’s a lot of stuff to do, but for those players, specially Pedro the off season is a time to be with his family and friends, away from the media and opportunists.

Saturday, June 12

Me against the world

All the people that surrounds me follows a different team, me, I follow the Dodgers, Angels, Red Sox, Toronto and sometimes the Cubs, my wife likes the Braves just because she went to Turner Field a couple of year ago, in the Dominican Winter Leagues I follow Licey, the Follows Escogido, it's like the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry.

My best friend loves the Yankees, I hate the Yankees and every NY sport team, he likes the Lakers and I hate the Lakers since the Larry Bird era, he also follows Escogido here.

In last year AL series we were in a sport bar watching the 7th game of the Yankees-Red Sox series, you all know the story, so I had to pay the tab...

We never rooted for the same team until this February that we were rooting for the Dominican team in the Caribbean Series.

Well, tomorrow at 8:00pm ET we will root for the same team again, for different reasons of course, me because I like the Dodgers, he, because he hates Pedro.

Tomorrow and Mondays newspapers will cover a lot of Sunday night game, the game will be watched by half the country, and me and my friend will be the only two rooting against Pedro, It will be fun to root against him.

Dodgers and Red Sox, games 1 and 2

Odalis Perez must be frustrated, I know he's a Pro, but it must be hard to pitch such a great game and watch your team bat with a rolled newspaper.
Last night the Dodgers fall to the Red Sox 2-1 in a great game, both pitchers were great, it was a great game to watch for us in the Dominican Republic, one of the starting pitchers was Dominican and a fellow Dominican decided the game, Odalis pitched well but did not win, but today the Dodgers scored all the runs they did not scored in the two first games of the Toronto series and last night, they beat the Red Sox 14-5, Yes! 14-5, I can imagine Odalis talking to Lima in the Dogout " Mira eso Lima, ayer no batearon nada, y hoy bateo hasta Juan".

Odalis is so frustrated that unless there is a change in his next games I don't see him resigning with L.A next year.

For tomorrow game I'll be rooting for my Dodgers against Pedro and half the city of Santo Domingo.

Above the league

Danny Almonte helped his team last night to win the NY City Championship. Link

Almonte could hardly have been better. He struck out the first five hitters he faced and retired 11 of the first 12 batters. The sophomore finished with 11 strikeouts and surrendered just one hit a clean single to center by Gustavo Duran.

"Once I struck out the first three batters, I knew I was going to be good," Almonte said. "They said they wanted to play us, so they got it."

I hope people start to give him credit for his abilities, he made a mistake a few years ago, but so for he has shown great potential.

Good luck Danny!

Friday, June 11

An eye catching series for Dominicans

This weekend series in Boston will be a very followed one, two teams with a lot of tradition and many fans will play in a 3 game series.

This two teams have 10 Dominican players on their rosters, the Dodgers have 6 and the Red Sox 4, L.A is the MLB team with most Dominicans on their roster, followed by the Angels.

The Dodgers have lost many fans since they won it all in 1988, Dodgers fans are usually older than 25, but Boston have the most fans here because of Pedro, Manny and David.

Sunday game will be on national TV, every baseball fan here will watching Pedro against the Dodgers, it's going to be the only game I wish Pedro loose.

The Dodgers have great tradition here in the Dominican Republic, Tom Lassorda has being manager 2 times here, the Dodgers had working agreements with Escogido, Licey and Toros, by the way, they break the agreement with Licey after the 1988 season and you know the rest of the story, no postseason wins since then.

Well, good luck to the Dodgers this weekend, they'll need it.

Thursday, June 10

Raul Mondesi is now 118

Is not a lucky number, or Raul's number in Japan, is the Batting average of Mr. Mondesi since joining the Angels, now he's injured and may be lost for the rest of the season, first he took 200,000 from the Pirates, now the Angels will have to pay him and he will seating at home, driving his kid to school, of course if he's awake or his hip allows him to do that, poor Mondi, all that effort and now he wont be playing againg this season, i guess Rob prayers were heard.

Poetry VS Merengue

Last night an interesting matchup took place in Toronto, two Dominican pitchers were facing each other, both pitchers are in the art wannabe business, Miguel Batista is a poet, or at least that's what he thinks, and Lima is a singer with his band in the Dominican Republic, both players belongs for the same team in the Dominican Winter League, The Escogido Lions, both have differences with the owner of the team.

Both teams the Toronto Blue Jays and the Los Angeles Dodgers have facilities here and had developed many good players, today the Dodgers is the team with more Dominicans in MLB roster with 6 players.

Well, last night Batista pitched a complete game and won, giving the Dodgers their third in a row.

Tuesday, June 8

Danny Almonte, the next big Dominican star

Danny Almonte is a kid from Moca, a town in the north side of our country, his mother is sick and have to get a shot every day, his son is in New York playing baseball and will have a tryout for MLB teams this weekend, he's not eligible for a draft until 2006, he sure will have a big signing bonus, but now he can't accept help for his mother because will be against NCAA rules, he does not want to be involved in another scandal.

Speaking of scandals, a few years ago it was discovered that he was 2 years older, 14 not 12 at the time he was playing little league baseball and his team victories and his records were taken away along with his dignity.

I remember many people making fun of him, now he's playing in the Finals again, in his last game he was the difference.

he has a very promising career ahead, I hope the adults that are near him don't make the same mistakes.

Update: for all of those people who made fun of him, or made fun of any Dominican Player who alters his age to have a better chance I invite you to spend an hour in their lives, it's wrong to make a false document, but that does not give you the right to make fun of them, Danny is now dominating his team in batting, now he's 18?

Saturday, June 5

From Juan to Pedro. Go see a Doctor!

Juan Marichal our only member in the hall of fame gave Pedro Martinez a public advice, go see a doctor, you are not fine.

Since the 2002 season Pedro is less efective, i know he's like a hero for us in the Dominican Republic, but we have to be realistic, he's not the same anymore, we can stand behind false theories anymore, is not the cold weather, he's not out of shape, he's hurt and is not telling, just because he'll be a free agent.

He's a very brave player, a player the Dodgers gave up because of his body and he turned out in one of the best pitchers in the game, but now he's hurt, something's wrong with his arm.

The fact is that dominican pitchers starts to slow down after 2,000 IP, except for Juan Marichal every pitcher from this country after 2,000 innings began the start of the end of his career.

In today's papers Marichal advice Pedro to see a doctor, I think he already saw one, or two or a dozen, but he won't tell what's wrong with him, not in the final year of his contract, that's why he was pushing for a contract extension before the start of the season, his fastball is 4 miles slower.

Pedro needs to make changes and he will a dominant pitcher again, but don't expect the old Pedro.

Thursday, June 3

El barrio de los peloteros

Translated to English is something like "The Baseball Players hood" turns out that some Dominican Players will join forces and donate 300 houses for the town of Jimani that suffer a devastation on may 24th, the players are Neifi Perez, Pedro Martinez, David Ortiz, Manny Ramirez, Julio Lugo, Moises Alou, Aramis Ramirez, Armando Benitez, Luis Castillo among others.

Good for them, the proyect will be finished within a year.

Also the Red Sox Foundation is raising money to donate for the Jimani cause.

Sunday, May 30

Baseball City, a new baseball academy in the Dominican Republic

In June 3 will be open the new academy named Baseball City, the Acadey will host the Chicago Cubs, Cincinnati Reds, Arizona Diamond Backs and Minnesota Twins, the presidents of each club will attend the inauguration of Baseball City.

The complex was build by former player Junior Noboa along with some partners.

Baseball City will have six full fiels and 2 half fields for infield practice,that means that all 4 teams can and will operate at the same time.

The complex is also full loaded with gyms, conference rooms, teaching rooms and facilities for sleeping.

RBI a progam that is being developed by MLB also will have a space here.

Friday, May 28

Mondesi signed by Angels

According to Raul Mondesi and a report by AP in Santo Domingo, According to the report Raul signed a 1 year 1.75 contract and will made his debut on Sunday in CF against Chicago.

The Angels spokeman could not denied or confirm the report.

The presence of several Dominican and other Latin players on the Angels' roster helped him make his final decision, he said.

"Jose Guillen has been my friend since childhood because we grew up together in the same town," Mondesi said. "I get along very well with Bartolo Colon, Vladimir Guerrero, Ramon Ortiz and Venezuelan Kelvim Escobar was my friend in Toronto."

Well, prepare to see Guillen, Guerrero and Colon eating sancocho and staying late along with Mondesi.

Apprently my yesterday report was accurate, but remember Mondesi is a liar, let's wait for a official report.

Good luck to the Angels, I won't root against them, but Mondesi did not deserve to be signed.

Poor Mondesi kids, they'll have to walk to school

Thursday, May 27

Adriano or Ramon?

Arizona Dominican prospect former known as Adriano Rosario is now Ramon Antonio Peña Paulino, that's a common case recently in Dominican Players, thanks god MLB is taking measures to solve this applying more controls in player signing. Espn report

Mondesi to sign with the Angels

According to a report in a local radio sport show, "La voz del Fanatico" is hours away to sign with the Anaheim Angels.

The report cme from Enrique Rojas, reporter to AP in the Dominican Republic, Enrique Rojas was the first one to report that Mondesi was quiting the Pirates and staying home.

He's a very reliable source since he's very close to many players.

Will post links as soon are available.


Rojas reports that Mondesi is returning today from Jimani, where he was giving food and other materials for the victims there, he also said that the Angels is the only team Raul is making negotiations with.

Mondesi the liar...

When all the issues began with Mondesi and Mario Guerrero I made a strong case in favor of Raul the liar, even knowing of his whereabouts in the winter and knowing that he quit his team in the semi-finals, knowing that he stay late and and never showed in time for a game. Despite that he was the reason the Dominican Republic lost a game in a Caribbean Series when he intend to throw out the runner at first from the RF.

Well, I thought he changed, that he was concerned about his family, now a report saids that he will sign with a team this week.

He does not deserve to be in any MLB team, if he signs with a team he deserve to be hit in the head...

I know nothing that I write here will prevent the signing of Mondesi, but at least I will not stop writing against him, I hope Mario Guerrero wins, if he lie about quitting the Pirates he might had lied about Guerrero too.

Ohhdalis, beat by a B utt

A throwing error by always reliable Adrian Beltre in the 12th gave the Dodgers a 2-1 loss to the Brewers, a tough break for the Dodgers, this and ward hitting for the cycle in a different uniform is to much! Demasiado! Hasta cuando seguiran los Dodgers ganando los juegos con el corazon en las manos?!

Body Transformation

I haven't seen a Picture of him, but Daryle Ward hit for the cycle last night, he have now 6hr and 16rbi. I guess Jon was right, LA was not his town, too bad he did not have that kind of season for the Dodgers, that makes me think about DodgerKid and his campaign to fire Jim Tracy, I don't agree with him, but something is wrong with the Dodgers, not only this season, or last season, since 1988.

Wednesday, May 26


I've been using as counter, recently the counter decided not to show in my blog, I switched to, but guess what is not showing either, I use WinXP Pro and MSIE 6.0, at work I use WinNT and works fine, I can't access the pages for those two counters either.

Can anynone have an idea of what's going on, i even tried to lower the security lever on Internet Explorer, downloaded Netscape and Firefox.

If you have any idea or suggestions, or know what's going please email me at

Tragedy in the Dominican Republic, Sosa and Mondesi to help

After a week of rain the town of Jimani, near the border with Haiti is now mourning the death of more than 200 residents and more than 200 are missing, the search is still on but finding survivors is unlikely. Report.

MLB players Raul Mondesi and Sammy Sosa are making contributions of 1 million Dominican Pesos (21,000 US dollars). Mondesi by the way is going to the site of the tragedy according to a newspaper report.

Things like this makes you think and thank for your health of you and your family, this is very sad, help is on the way, but the loss of human being is impossible to replace or made up.

RIP for all those Dominicans an Haitians who lost their lives in the tragedy.

Tuesday, May 25

Foul Balls

It's not about the Family, it's about Raul's Money

Now that Mr. Raul Mondesi is free to sign with any MLB team he's considering the idea of not driving his kids to school and sign with a team to play again this season, apparently The bad guy is not Mario Guerrero, how can we trust Raul after he left the Pirates for personal reasons and sold us the idea that is not about the money, it's all about the family who's not protected in the Dominican Republic, I bought this idea and was defending the one who had left his Winter League team before.

Well, apparently is not about the family, it's all about the money, Raul complained about his contract, apparently he is not happy with the reduction he had, he thought he had a 8 million contract but instead he had a 1.4 million with an option for 2005.

he sold us the idea that it was about the family, kids go to school in the winter, we don't have a winter in the Dominican Republic, he stays here from October to February, he don't drive his kids to school for the simple reason that schools starts at 8:00am and he's never sober and/or awake at that time, that's the simple truth.

Maybe if he plays serious ball in the winter and stays with his family hi would have 100 rbi's for the first time in his career.

Be a man and admit that you did not want to be with the Pirates, but guess what Raul? You don't deserve to be playing in the Majors.

Foul Balls 2

Barry Bonds in the Dominican Republic?

In the recent series between the Expos and Giants in Puerto Rico several Dominican Media Traveled to San Juan to cover the Giants-Expos series most of all because Felipe Alou and the Giants, well, some reporters approach Barry Bonds, and guess what, he talked to them for about 20 minutes and actually smiled, he told them that he's interested in comingo to our country in the winter, play some golf and have some night life in Santo Domingo, and of course go the beach.

Juan Marichal VS Barry Bonds

Asking hall of famer Juan MArichal about Bonds he told reporters that he would like to face Barry Bonds, and if the Manager asked him to walk Bonds with or without man on bases he would give the ball to the manager so he can throw it him self.

What do you think of a Barry Bonds - Sandy Koufax or Marichel Match up?

Sunday, May 23

Coming soon...

First at all I would like to say a big see you later to Terry at The Bench Coach, you will be missed.

In this days of sickness I've only read blogs to stay in touch with baseball, now I know I have a strange name thing and it will gone soon I hope.

If you wonder how's it feels? Well, like being drunk all the time.

My new e-mail is thanks google for the service and to get rid of hotmail.

Tomorrow I have a doctors appointment to determine causes and treatment.

Well, see you soon.

Wednesday, May 19

Out of balance

Due to dizziness I'm out of blogging for the week. See you soon

Sunday, May 16

Mario "delinquent" Guerrero

Mario Guerrero time is coming, players are united against him, he will not succeed.

Pablo Peguero, former Dodgers employee, Campo las Palmas director, scout, the one who ran the academy when Mondesi was signed and signed him has Denied Guerrero story.

Pablo Peguero said that Mario Guerrero did not get involved in Mondesi development as a player, he also denied that Mondesi visa was arranged by Guerrero, the Dodgers did that, said Peguero. He's also willing to testify in a court in favor of Mondesi.

"I don't know were that story came from (the one that Guerrero trained Mondesi), because I can give you my word that I signed him before he turned 17 and Guerrero's name never was present" Peguero said. He also explained that Mondesi was playing with Lucho Camano League in San Cristobal and later was in the A's academy.

"One day he left the academy and Maximo Gross showed to me, I invited him to Campo Las Palmas and later signed him", Peguero said.

"I Will testify, because I can prove that when Mondesi was signed Guerrero's name never was present, there's no way that Guerrero can saw him because our players got in the academySundayy night and leftSaturdayy mornings" added Guerrero.

The truth is coming, soon Guerrero will be defeated, the players are supporting Mondesi and others.

Friday, May 14

Raul Mondesi, George Bell support and other news

Raul Mondesi talking to reporters about the lawsuit against him. "I will not give Mario Guerrero a peny of my money" said Raul during an interview in Santo Domingo. Posted by Hello

In a report in local news paper Raul talked about his legal issues.

In a recent news Guerrero lawyer made a public announcment to Mondesi to settle things with his client, Mondesi answer was NO.

Mondesi said that Guerrero met him in 1992, six years later of his signature with the Dodgers, he said that former pitcher Juan Guzman is being forced to be paid or to have the risk of loosing US$111,111 in legal expenses.

Guerrero has invited Mondesi to talk and settle off court, Raul declined the invitation and is willing to go as far as is needed, he said that if he settle or pay Guerrero he will do the same to other players.

All against Guerrero

Former Blue Jay George Bell is calling for Unity among Dominican Player to stop Guerrero from this. "Raul Mondesi, Juan Guzman, Geronimo Berroa and Neifi Perez can count with me because it's time to stop this", said Bell. he added "Mario Guerrero has no friends, Mario is doing big damage to those players", "I helped Juan Guzman when we were in Toronto,but what can Mario Guerrero can teach him about pitching?" "Mario can't teach baseball, if he were capable of teaching baseball he had to be working with his brother and nephews", his brother is Epy Guerrero, former Toronto Scout.

Mondesi is mad with his agent

Raul Mondesi is mad with his agent Jeff Moorad because we waited until the last minute to negatiate my contract and gave me few options, said Mondesi.

Thursday, May 13

Next Sunday, May 16th

My mind is not in baseball, my thoughts are in next sunday presidential elections in Dominican Republic, on Sunday we'll decide who will be our next president, if we want to stay with our current president who is a combination of a comedian and sarcastic-maniac person who had made our people more poor, to give just an example in August 2000 the exchange rate to buy a US dollar was 16x1, now is 45x1, in 2000 I earned 15,000 pesos that's US$ 937.50, now I earned 18,000 pesos and it's just US$ 400.00, you don't believe me? Well you better believe me.

Our current president is a person who reads a speech but can't argue or sustain what he reads, someone that embarrasses us everytime he open his mouth, some one that insults reporters, send people to jail just because they made a poll on radio show to see who you will vote for, the contest was Hipolito Mejia against El Diablo, and quest what? El Diablo won!

I apologies for writing about this, but I have to get this out of mind, the sad part is that Dominicans forget very easy, the Government is giving money away, and people might vote for them again, I guess every people deserves the government they have.

Wish us luck next Sunday, we'll need it!

Wednesday, May 12

Guerrero Strikes Back

Mario Guerrero, the one who sued Raúl Mondesi and forced him to retire "for the season" has new lawsuits against Giants Neifi Perez for US$ 163,000 and ex-Blue Jays/Dodgers/Devil Rays Juan Guzman for US$ 400,000, this report according to a local Radio Sport Show with reporter Bienvenido Rojas today.

Apparently Mario Guerrero wants to made the money he did not made in his player career.

Pacific time

Last season i watched almost every Dodger Game that was telecast on DirecTV, we have a 3 hour difference in the Dominican Republic, so when the game beggins is 10:00pm here and add 1 hour in the winter or fall, anyway i managed to stay awake to watch the game, it was a 1 run difference games that the Dodgers lost it anyways, by the end of the season i said to myself not to loose any sleep because of the Dodgers, this year they are winning games and i cannot watch them on DirecTV.

Cadena de Noticias is airing the games, but they air East coast games, mostly Boston or Cubs games, on Saturday they announced Dodgers-Pirates, but they choose to air Expos-Cardinals, so once again i had rely on the Net and Gamecast.

Yesterday thay announced Cubs-Dodgers, and again they aired the Pedro game (taped at 10:00pm), thanks god for WGN.

Thanks to WGN i got to see one the few Dodgers game this season, i got to see Jason first career HR, but again it was too late and i missed half the game strugling to stay awake, tonight they will be no telecast on WGN, but tomorrow i'll take a pre-game nap to stay awake.

Dominican Players new look

Dominican Players has change, just the template, i also included new blogger comments, i'm still trying to post pictures to the Blog.

I hope you like the new look...

Monday, May 10

Good luck Raul

A young kid in Dominican fiels only dreams of becoming a major league player, they do everything to became one, but just a few can make it.

Raúl Mondesi is one of those cases, but like many others many people took advantage of him, when a player come home for Xmas everyone wants to be near them just to get something, that's the case of Raúl, Mondesi just announced today that he'll retire for the reminder of the season as Jon reported today, thanks Jon by the way, i did not have the time earlier to do so.

According the Enrique Rojas, AP and ESPN stringer for the Dominican Republic he talked to Raúl today, Mondi was very stressed because of his legal issues, everyday he heard of a new property confiscated, this news turned out to be false, he could not concentrate on baseball.

Talking to Mondesi interesting news were found, for example his agent told him that he signed a 8 million contract, but it was a 1.1 million with an option year by the club, he found out in spring training and kept playing, later the team held his salary.

Well, his family and sons were very scared of the situation here and Mondi decided to make a trip here and take care of things by himself.

Today he drove his kids to school for the first time in his life, he said that he would not change that for anything.

he'll seat the rest of the season, i hope he can solve all his problems and keep his well earned money.

Good luck Raúl, you deserve better...

Friday, May 7

Ups and Downs, Surprises of the first month.

April is gone, may is on his way, a few surprises, some disappointments for Dominican Players and their teams.

First surprise is the Dodgers in first place tied with the Madres, and Adrian Beltré hitting 389, 9 hr and 25 rbi’s, people had talk about his potential, some suggest to trick him to made him believe in August in April, apparently has worked so far. He’s second to Barry Bonds in BA. And 4th in slugging with 704.

Duaner Sanchez is another surprise, no one expect him to made the team, he made it because of and injury to other player, but so far he had performed well.

Another big surprise is Cleveland Ronnie Belliard, he was born in NY but he’s more Dominican than anyone here, he plays for Licey in the Winter and is the heart of this team, he was a free agent this winter and signed with Cleveland to play second base, in the winter he played Third Base to make room for Luis Castillo at second and D’Angelo Jimenez and Cristian Guzman at short stop, he played the best defense in the league, but his bat was to heavy for him, but we loved him for the runs he saved with his glove. So far his batting 379 with 11 RBI and 11 doubles. Expect Belliard to decline his batting average.


The most disappointment had been Pedro Martinez, not only for his performance but for his comments, keep your mouth closed and if you are not performing well, you will be good again, but in the meantime Shut up!!

Thursday, May 6

The passion of TJ

I don't live in LA, i don't even live in the United States, i've only been in LA once, i've been only once to Dodger Stadium, but i consider myself a true Dodger Fan, i follow and root for the Dodgers all year long, not only in spring training and the regular season.

I've been reading TJ Simers columns for a while now, i've been missing his comments since the Dodgers are in first place in the weak NL west, Mr. Simmers has strike again, he remembered that in LA there's a team called Dodgers.

Seems that Mr. Simers can't write any positive about LA sports teams, maybe he should write for San Francisco media instead, for the comments i read about him no one in LA wants him or like his work.

I would like the Dodgers to go the Playoffs to see what TJ will write about.

Wednesday, May 5

Mondesi to be paid

The Pirates will pay Mondi

Baseball Team for Sale

The Escogido Lions are for sale, after months of denial some reports said that the sale is almost done, Escogido is the other team that plays in Santo Domingo, Licey, current national and caribbean champion share Estadio Quisqueya with Escogido.

Escogido has not won a championship since the 1991-1992 season, in that ocassion Felipe Alou was the Manager.

This team had several Major League Players in their roster like David Ortiz, Rafael Furcal, Neifi Perez among others thay failed one way or another.

In the past they was a rivalry between Licey and Escogido, now is Licey and Miguel Tejada's Aguilas.

Miguel Batista said that he will not play for Escogido as long as the Aquino family runs the team.

Monday, May 3

Happy Birthday to me!

Today i'm 32, so no posting today, not because of my birthday, but because of work, today will be a busy day.

Sunday, May 2

Pedro, his feelings and the Dodgers

Rob at 6-4-2 links to a story about Pedro Martinez considering the Dodgers as a destination for next season, this is not new, in spring training he gave an interview to Manny Mota Pedro talks about the Dodgers.

To be honest I don't think Pedro is the same power pitcher, but he'll make the adjustments to be a great pitcher again, remember that he's the skinny man from a poor country that the Dodgers trade him because of his weight, but remember this, he will be a success again, he's not young anymore, i don't think he's 32 like the records told us, he's older, maybe 2 or 3 years older, he's going to rebound but not with the Dodgers.

Friday, April 30

Sad but true

Work has not allowed me to dedicate time to this blog, I hope that next week things will get back to normal.

Well, I will like you to read a story on ESPN about drug testing in the Dominican Summer League, also see the multimedia report about the buscones, specially Enrique Cruz, with this report on ESPN Magazine you will understand the situation with Raul Mondesi and hundreds of young players in development.

MLB office in the Dominican Republic is trying to eradicate the buscones, there's a rumor that a draft will be established here, that will put in jeopardy some academies and the buscones incomes.

I hope I can write more about this in the weekend...

Tuesday, April 27

The Mondi Gate

Apparently the reason the Pirates are holding Mondsi salary is because Mario Guerrero lawyers notify MLB office in the Dominican Republic that they will hold the Pirates Dominican accounts if they payed Raúl.
The Pirates have an academy here and to avoid their accounts to be freezed they deciced to hold Mondesi paychecks.

Well, Mondesi contacted by Enrique Rojas, an AP reporter here asked Raúl about it and he said he'll quit the team if he's not payed on friday, he later backed off.

Well, apparantly the judge ruled in favor of Guerrero because the Toronto Blue Jays payed years ago for the work he did with Tony Fernandez.

Mondesi is not the only victim of Guerrero, he sued Geronimo Berroa for the same reason an won, Berroa's house, partment and account were taken away by a judge.

Modesi accounts and some properties were put on hold too.

Sunday, April 25

Random posts

Last week was a very busy one for me, a lot of work and little time to write, and looking for a new apartment takes a lot of time too.

But this was a good weekend, the RedSox Swept the 189 millions reasons to hate Yankees in their own home, man! That was good, specially Pedro Pitching well today shutting some mediocre people here that work for some newspapers that kept all week saying that Pedro is not the same pitcher, Pedro has lost a few miles in his fast ball, all of the above are true, but Pedro is a smart pitcher and have a lot of heart, he had overcome worst times as a pitcher, remember the Dodgers trade him because he was short and skinny.

Everybody is talking about how bad A-rod is doing, but no one talks about Jeter or the entire Yankees team, I don't like Alex Rodriguez, but let's be honest, he's adjusting to a new position.

The Dodgers won 2 out of 3 from the Giants, man, that felt really good, I'll have a good sleep today.

They have been a few surprises among Dominican Players, but Ronnie Belliard is batting .403 with the Indians, he's not a super-star, he's not going to hit for 300 this season, but I'm glad he's having a good start, in the winter he plays for Licey in our winter league, he was asked to play third base to make room for Cristian Guzman and Luis Castillo, he played on of the best defense I've seen in the Dominican Winter League, good luck to Ronnie...

Saturday, April 24

ESPN is the official media for the Giants

Bonds 2-2, 4 intentional walks in loss to L.A., that's the heading on ESPN web site, seems like they covering the Giants and not Baseball, the recap tells you more on how the Dodgers did not pitch to Bonds than the way the game was played, but that's ok, we still won.

By the way, the Giants are in LAST PLACE

Good Friday

The Dodgers beat the Giants 5-4 and in have won 7 of the last 10 games, are in first place with a 2.5 games lead, things are looking good, no matter what predictions were made i'm going to enjoy it while it last, i don't care if we win only by a run, a win is a win and is better if we beat the Giants.

In the other side of the U.S. Boston beat tha Yankees 11-2 in Yankee Stadium, that's great, give those 183 millions morons a slap in the face in their own house.
$-Rod went 4-2, but his hitting just .224, he will get over it, he's a great player, buy now i'm enjoying it.

Monday, April 19