Tuesday, August 31

Felix Sanchez to throw first pitch at Dodger Stadium

Apparently the Dodgers are pretty confidence they'll make the playoffs (God I hope they make it!) that they've invited Gold Medalist Felix Sanchez to a ceremony in Dodger Stadium and to throw the first pitch in the post season.

This according to a radio report here in Santo Domingo in "La Voz del Fanatico"

Friday, August 27

Less then 48 seconds to Glory, our first Gold Medal in the Olympics... Posted by Hello

Thursday, August 26

Gold fever, Felix Sanchez runs for the Gold

Today in Athens Felix Sanchez is looking to give the Dominican Republic it first Olympic Gold Medal when he runs in the 400m hurdler today at 3:30pm (Eastern time), hopefully will our first gold and second medal overall, in Los Angeles in 1984 we got a bronze in Boxing.

Some people will take credit from this medal because Felix was born in NY and was developed in UCLA, well, they got a point. But he's wearing REPUBLICA DOMINICANA in his uniform, he does not speak a very clear Spanish, but to me he's more Dominican than Alex Rodriguez, if the world cup of baseball took place, I'm sure A-Rod will play for the US.

The success that Felix Sanchez is having assures me that we have the talent, but we lack of proper preparation for our athletes, take MLB as an example, a team take a kid and they convert him into a MLB Star.

When Olympic athletes from any other country are training for the Olympics full time, our guys are struggling to receive money for proper nutritional needs, it's hard to go to a training session with an empty stomach.

Good luck Felix, 8 millions Dominicans will be watching you today!!!

Saturday, August 21

Good friday, a day to remember

August 20th was a day to remember for Dominican Players who are making noice again and are leading several offensive categories.

Dodgers 3 Braves 2

Adrian Beltre hit two homeruns, one in the 9th inning against Jhon Smoltz (I guess Gagne is not the only one giving runs), and later in the 11th hit another one to win the game, those two were his 37th and 38 of the year. El mambo de Lima pithched well again giving up 1 run in 7 innings.

Anaheim 5 Yankees 0

Ramon Ortizm the same Ramon who struggle early pitch like the man the Angels wanted to see all year, 4 hits and 0 runs in 8 innings not bad for a pitcher they were willing to trade away for cash. Good for Ramon, he and Anaheim needed that win.

Boston 10 Wisox 1

Oh Manny, grand slam, he was in slump, if he gets hot look out, he's a hitting machine, great night for him and the Red Sox, specially that the dumb empire lost his game against the Angels, I hope my good friend Sarah is happy with last night victory.

Cubs 9 Astros 2, Slumping Sammy hits another one

Apparently what Sammy needed was to bat in the number five spot, I hope he gets hot and they catch San Francisco in the Wild Card, Moises Alou hit one two...

Adrian spoke, and it was loud...

Apparently there's too kind of loud talkers in the new Dodgers dogout, one is Jose Lima who talks loud, too loud for my taste, the other is Adrian Beltre who's now talking very loud but with his bat.

Early in the season he was complaining about his demotion in the batting order, at that time I wrote Adrian, shut up and play at the time that he had no right as Rob agreed too.

As for today Beltre is leading MLB with 38 Hr, not bad for a guy who is playing hurt, so from now on Adrian you can talk whatever you want...

Wednesday, August 18

Dominican Republic defeats the USA

Today in Athens the Dominican Republic made history by defeating the US Voleyball team
3-2 in the 2004 Olympic games.

For us, a third world country is a huge victory to defeat the United States of America, it's our first time in the Olympic games for the Voleyball team.

This victory means a lot for us, the hard work is paying now.

For the media in the US is just a setback for the American team, not a success for the Dominican Republic, well, get used to that, we're getting better every day in many sports, take baseball as an example...

GO Dominican Republic...

I know it's hard for the US team to loose from a little country, but to booed the Dominican team after the end of the game, that's too low!!!

Wednesday, August 4

The trade and Guillermo Mota age

Everybody had talked about how the Dodgers loose by trading the best setup man in Guillermo Mota, but had anyone wondered if Guillermo is really 31?

Not to offend any of my fellow Dominicans, but I believed that counting out Moises Alou and a few no Dominican Player is really the age they show in the Books. Just do a little exercise and watch a picture of Jose Mesa and tell if he really looks 36? i don't think so.

Only a few years ago MLB had stablished controls to avoid false documentation, but can you imagine an scandal on Miguel Tejada's age? or Sammy Sosa?.

Back to the trade I think the deal will pay off this year and in the future for the Dodgers, I really liked LoDuca, but baseball is not an one man game.