Sunday, April 25

Random posts

Last week was a very busy one for me, a lot of work and little time to write, and looking for a new apartment takes a lot of time too.

But this was a good weekend, the RedSox Swept the 189 millions reasons to hate Yankees in their own home, man! That was good, specially Pedro Pitching well today shutting some mediocre people here that work for some newspapers that kept all week saying that Pedro is not the same pitcher, Pedro has lost a few miles in his fast ball, all of the above are true, but Pedro is a smart pitcher and have a lot of heart, he had overcome worst times as a pitcher, remember the Dodgers trade him because he was short and skinny.

Everybody is talking about how bad A-rod is doing, but no one talks about Jeter or the entire Yankees team, I don't like Alex Rodriguez, but let's be honest, he's adjusting to a new position.

The Dodgers won 2 out of 3 from the Giants, man, that felt really good, I'll have a good sleep today.

They have been a few surprises among Dominican Players, but Ronnie Belliard is batting .403 with the Indians, he's not a super-star, he's not going to hit for 300 this season, but I'm glad he's having a good start, in the winter he plays for Licey in our winter league, he was asked to play third base to make room for Cristian Guzman and Luis Castillo, he played on of the best defense I've seen in the Dominican Winter League, good luck to Ronnie...

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