Friday, March 10

Who needs them anyway!

The Dominican team is 2-0 so far in the WBC, the players in the current roster are the one who wanted to play for their country, for their pride or whatever reason they had to do it, the one's that are not on the roster and were invited will regret not playing for the team.

The most recent case is Vladimir Guerrero who because of his cousins dead, who by the way was driving at 200 km/h at the time of the crash decided to withdraw from WBC, then told team officials that he would play, then denied it.

Dominican Players some times forget to shut their mouth, is not the first time Vlad does somthing like this, in fact during the Winter he told Licey several times he was going to play, even asking for ball and bats to practice, eventually he did not play, but Licey won anyway.

I always believe the the best player is the one who really wants to play.

We wanted A-Rod, Manny and Vlad, but thankfully we had Adrian, Moises, Big Papi, Soriano among others, those are the players that the Dominican people should like, not the ones that did not come.