Sunday, January 30

Aguilas new Dominican Champions!

Aguilas Cibaenas won 7-1 and obtained their 18th championship tying with Licey.

Congratulations to all Aguilas fans and to their players.

Licey was 1-3 behind in the series but ran out of gas.

Jose Guillen, worth waiting, led Licey victory over Aguilas

Jose Guillen always said that he wanted to play for Licey, fans kept waiting most of December, finally he plays but a wrist injury kept him from playing the final games of the semi-finals, he shows up for the finals, and he's playing to his potential, last night he was 5-3, with a 3-run Hr and 5 rbi's to lead Licey to a 12-8 victory over Aguilas and forced a decisive game 7 today at 5:00pm at Estadio Cibao, home of Aguilas in Santiago north of Santo Domingo.

Yesterday's game was full of alternatives, with both teams changing the lead several times, but Licey with the Guillen's 3-run hr in the 7th inning broke a 8-8 tie to give his team a lead they'll never lose again.

Estadio Quisqueya was full from side to side and in the streets, bars and colmadones everyone was watching the game.

Carlos Perez despite allowing to earn runs in the 7th gave Licey relievers a rest, Jorge Sosa, the closer, pitched 2.1 innings the night before, and Yhency Brazoban was out of roster for some unknown reason.

At the beginning of the series everyone was giving Aquilas as the big favorite, but after Guillen and Luis Castillo joined the team it is a different perspective, now they can compete with Aguilas, suddenly Licey remebered how to use the bat.

Jose Lima came in relieve last night, but had to shut his big ugly smile after giving 2 hits to the two batters he faced

Tonight's game

Julian Tavarez against Juan Cruz, every available arm will follow them.

Saturday, January 29

Licey still alive, spoiled Aguilas celebration plans

Aguilas was planning to celebrate last night, everything was set on the street of Santiago, and if you looked at Licey record in Santiago 1-9 before last night you should have reasons to prepare your celebration, they were counting with Bartolo Colon to lead them to victory, in a game with lots of alternatives Licey won 10-9 over Aguilas to extend the series to Santo Domingo.

Bartolo Colon is getting Bigger!

Apparently Bartolo Colon has not been working out this winter, he looks like a softball player, his belly looks like is going to blowout his uniform and the letters will explode with every movement he makes, I think weight problems will shorten his career. For a picture click here.

Erick Byrnes Living la vida loca

Oakland's OF Erick Byrnes is having a great time here in the Domininan Republic, he's not doing any different things that Dominican Players do, but he's really struggling in the game, here's Eric outside of a Santo Domingo night club.

Eric has been a great player for Licey in the last 4 seasons, but in the finals he seems to forget how to hit, but he's not the only one in Licey.

Mario Guerrero still after Mondesi

New team for Mondesi and and a new payment stop for him, Mario Guerrero notified the Atlanta Braves to retain Mondesi salary for the 2005 season, Raul recently signed a one-year deal with the Braves.

This will go on and on until they reach and agreement, Mondesi had said that he will not pay a cent to Guerrero.

Guerrero in the meantime now is having written agreements with the "players" he's training.

Thursday, January 27

T.J. Simers read this blog

Thanks to Terry for the tip....

This blog was mentioned in today's T.J. Simers column , he must had read Jon or Rob for sure, to save you the trouble here's what he wrote:

SEVERAL PEOPLE e-mailed to say that Licey, the Dominican winter league team, released Dodger catcher David Ross, and according to a Dominican players' blog, Ross was not popular with the Licey fans after going four for 29 with one home run and nine strikeouts. Paul DePodesta loves him, though.

It's Lima time all over again, National invite Luis Polonia to spring training

It was Lima time in Santiago last night, Lima allowed only 1 er in 6.2 innings, a homerun to Jose Offerman.

Miguel Tejada hit a homerun to tie the game and Aguilas made another 7th inning rally to beat Licey and take commando of the finals 2-1.

Luis Polonia invited to Spring Training.

41 years old Luis Polonia was invited to spring training by the Nationals, he'll try to make the team as a left handed pinch hitter, the truth is that Polonia despite being 41 still got something left in his bat.

The news according to Polonia and Jose Rijo who is now working with the Nationals.

Wednesday, January 26

Dominican Winter League playoffs

The two teams everyone expected are in the Playoffs, Licey got his ticket the last day of action when they won 4-0 over aguilas in Santo Domingo, by winning Licey eliminated Estrellas from the finals.

So the finals started on Monday, the first 6 innings were a pitching duel, it was a close game until Aguilas had a 12 run 7th inning, so Aguilas won 14-4.

Licey took the lead when Miguel Tejada error led to 2 runs, but then Aguilas tied it when Carlos Perez who was un-hittable in the regular season and round-robin gave a Hr with a man on base to tied the game, then it was batting practice for Aguilas.

On Tuesday Juan Cruz pitched 7 innings, Felix Rodriguez the 8th and Jorge Sosa closing to give Licey a 3-0 win over Aguilas and to even the series.

Ronnie Belliard hit a bases loaded single that clear the bases, Jose Offerman running at first base score when he ran like he was in the mid 20's again.

Jose Guillen was in the line up as a DH after missing the last couple of games with a sore wrist, he was hitless with a SO and grounded twice into double play.

So tonight will be Lima time in Santiago against Ramon Oritz who is 0-3 so far.

Friday, January 21

Aguilas in, Licey still fighting to get into the finals.

If Licey wins today against Estrellas will get into the finals, if they loose they'll have to play Aguilas tomorrow, and a combination of a Licey defeat and a win by Estrellas will lead to a tie, and who'll play Aguilas in the finals will be decided in a extra game.

Licey is loosing as I write this 3-0 against Estrellas, Pedro Astacio is pitching for Estrellas and Ramon Ortiz for Licey.

David Ross released.

Dodgers catcher David Ross was released yesterday, he struggled at the plate and behind the plate, he was not popular at all with Licey Fans.

I'll have more updates later, I have this terrible flu that had kept me in bed for 2 days.

Friday, January 14

Call Raul a liar, it's easier

First let me point out that I'm not defending Raul Mondesi, I'm defending the source of that story, Mr. Enrique Rojas, I don't know Mr. Rojas in person, only from his work on TV and other media. He's a writer for and a AP stringer for the Dominican Republic, every sport news that come out of the DR is because of Enrique.

Yesterday's story from AP stated that Mondesi had a deal with the Braves, but a Braves spokeman denied it, then Rob said the he lost his mind, and Jon compared him with Darryl Strawberry, of course, with a big difference. They had their reasons, Mondesi has not help his cause at all.

So today the Braves are announcing the Raul Mondesi deal.

So I ask my self, who's to blame? Raul for telling to soon, or the Spokeman for not knowing what he's saying?

I've posted several news here that at the time were unknown in the U.S. Media, the source of course, AP and Enrique Rojas, like when he was going to sign with the Angels.

But is easier to blame the complicated player and the reporter from the small country instead of the spokeman for the big team.

Thursday, January 13

Attn: Angels GM... Bartolo Colon to play, Vladimir to re-join Licey

Can someone please tell the Angels GM that Bartolo Colon will pitch with Aguilas this coming Sunday against Licey, and that Vladimir Guerrero is taking batting practice and might re-join Licey at least for the final games of the playoffs.

Colon is going to make his 2004-2005 debut on Sunday against Licey at Estadio Cibao in Santiago.

Last year Anaheim did not gave permission to Colon to pitch, but this year did. I just hope the GM knows about this and don't make a fool of him self again by denying knowledge of this.

Vladimir Guerrero can grab a bat, and is using it!

Vladimir will play at least for the last games of the playoffs, according to a article on today's Listin Diario.

Licey was 0-4 in games that Vladimir played, let's hope if he plays that the team doesn't go in the loosing track again.

His agent in the DR gave those declaration before leaving to LA with Guerrero, he said that the Angels were told of the injury situation and that the players is 85% ready.

Saturday, January 8

I almost forgot how much I hate Lima

It was Lima time at Estadio Cibao in Santiago last night when Jose Lima and Aguilas beat Licey 4-3.

Lima was a pleasant surprise for the 2004 Dodgers and I was beggining to like him and at one point I liked him, but to be honest Lima is a very annoying person, specially if he's pitching against your team and in national television grabbing his genital and yelling to fans "aqui hay cojones" among other pretty words.

Back to the game, he pitched a great game and Aguilas won over Licey 4-3 and Licey lost for the fisrt time in the playoffs.

This was the only game of the night, today Licey and Aguilas will meet againg but in Santo Domingo and on Sunday in Santiago.

He are the standings so far:

Licey 4-1
Aguilas 2-1 *
Gigantes 2-2
Estrellas 0-4

Aguilas have 2 suspended games pending to play.

Friday, January 7

Alex Rodriguez donations, he messed up again!

Alex Rodriguez came to the Dominican Republic, home of his parents, not his country to donate $50,000.00 in the name of UNICEF for educational purposes in Yaguate, a poor town of San Cristobal, south of Santo Domingo. link (Spanish)

Alex gave a beautiful speech of how Dominican he is, that he loves the country and blah, blah blah, but suddenly he looked back and pointed to the Dominican flag and he said " I love this...." Looking at the flag and then approaching someone near him and asking "how do you say flag in Spanish?" , then he said "I love the big Dominican flag, the biggest of the country" said A-Rod.

After the ceremony was over and the National Anthem was played he stood for a couples of seconds apparently not knowing the National Anthem was over.

Apparently he was supposed to give a press conference but left the place in an SVU and the press was left with the mics on their hands, so was the Gillete company who have a campaign here with Alex.

I think is a good gesture from Alex to donate to the poor here in the DR, it's also great that he came and played golf at Casa de Campo, but please don't come here to rub in our faces your 50 grand while you donate to the University of Miami US$ 3.9 millions to support a poor university in a poor country like the US.

Alex have to stop this nonsense of trying to be nice to Dominicans, he's not Dominican no matter what he says, he does not feel like one, he does not talk like one, just see the example, 50,000 vs 3,900,000 that tells you all.

For me he's not Dominican, I know he does not care of what I think or many others in this country.

He's a great player, he must be a great person, but not a great Dominican, so please stop trying to act or pretend to be one, no one will judge you for that.

Thursday, January 6

Vladimir Guerrero getting better, should be back in play soon

Vladimir Guerrero is getting better, he can now grab and throw the ball, but his not taking batting practice yet.

Odalis Flying to LA, the big mouth is on again

Odalis Perez is flying today to LA (Dodgers, not copy cat Angels) to take the physical and sign the contract according to his own words in a interview he gave to Hoy news paper.

He can just don't know how to shut his mouth

" We're going to be part of a team now that can win, because the people who was not making contributions is gone" said Perez after a training session in Estadio Quisqueya prior to Estrellas-Licey game.

So the people who doesn't make contribution left? Adrian Beltre? Jose Lima? Steve Finley? Alex Cora? Shawn Green? Well, apparently Odalis lost his mind.

He values the signing of Jose Valentin? I agree with Jeff Kent, but Jose Valentin? Give me a break!!

No regrets to Omar Minaya for not traveling to the DR to meet him. Well what can he do about it?

Licey won again, David Ross the hero

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Licey is now 3-0 after defeating Estrellas 6-3 in Estadio Quisqueya, David Ross hit a 3 run Hr in the 4th inning and rookie pitcher Eddy Ramos survived a shaky first inning alowwing 2 runs, he allowed just 1 in the remaining of his outing.

The David Ross Success.

Entering the playoffs the Licey pitching staff was the biggest concern, with a regular starting pitching staff that had only Manny Aybar with success in the regular season, the bullpen was not ok, but after Ross took over in the finals games of the regular season and in the playoffs Licey pitching staff has been very good, the starting pitching has allowed just 4 er in 16 IP.

Ross in the at bat that he hit the HR received an standing ovation from some fans after hitting a foul ball, but behind in the count 1-2 hit a big hr over the right field wall, flying over a Ad in the wall.

I hope he continues hisgood work behind the plate so he can go to spring training in great shape.

Kendry Morales back in line up.

Kendry Morales, Los Angeles Angels of AAAAAhnaheim prospect is back in the line up since Monday night, Tuesday night, he hit and rbi double and a hit.

Gigantes 7 Aguilas 6

Jose Reyes hit an 2 rbi single in the 7th, he went 5-4. Miguel Tejada and Tony Batista hit hr's for the loosing cause.

Wednesday, January 5

Around the Dominican Winter League

The Dominican Baseball League is looking for a taker for Estrellas,
the team is under the league administration, Estrellas made the
playoffs unlike Escogido that missed it for the second straight

Licey could have a outfield full of stars with Vladimir Guerrero in
Right, Jose Guillen in left and Oakland's Eric Byrnes in Center.

The Shell company gave yesterday their annually awards "los
dominicanos primero" (Dominican first), these awards are given
every year to the Dominican Players in recognition of the work done
during the season.

The ceremonial was dedicated to hall of famer Juan Marichal.

Tony Batista signed a 2 year 15 million contract with a team in
Japan, maybe he'll loose some weight with the training they have

Oalands Eric Byrnes claims that playing in the winter had helped
him in his major league career, this is the fourth time here for

Julio Franco is 46, but he can hit, he had 2hr in the first game of
the playoffs.

Dominican Winter League Playoffs update

I had a really great post yesterday but blogger ate it! Now I have to do it
from scratch, and since the company I work for no longer have Internet, at
least for us mortal employees I have to post by e-mail

The Playoffs are on in the Dominican Winter League.

On Sunday Gigantes beat Estrellas 4-3 with Jose Reyes the more notable in
the winning cause, Julio Franco hit 2hr and 3 rbi for the lost cause.

In Santiago, the game between Licey and Aguilas was suspended due to

Monday January 4 2005

Licey 4 Gigantes 0

Manny Aybar pitched 6 scoreless innings and allowed only 1 hit with 7 SO.
Timo Perez went 4-3 and made a spectacular catch in CF.

Damian Moss took the loss for Gigantes.

Blackouts and flying objects in San Pedro.

In San Pedro de Macoris, home of the most MLB players in the world went
crazy on Monday night, behind four blackouts and a questionable call at
first base when Luis Polonia was called safe and later Miguel Tejada hit
a 3run HR the fans went wild and begging throwing bottles and all kind of
objects to the field.

The game was later suspended with Aguilas leading 8-0 in the 4th inning.
The game will continue the next available game.

Last night the game at San Francisco between Aguilas and Gigantes was
postponed due to rain, now Aguilas will have to play 18 consecutive
games, 3 against Licey this weekend.

In San Pedro, Licey won 8-1 over Estrellas when the Licey offensive waked
up hitting 4 homeruns (Jose Offerman, Eric Byrnes, Manny Martinez and
Ronnie Belliard).

Luis Martinez, who was the player involved in the Vladimir Guerrero
trade, was the loosing pitcher, and Atlanta's Juan Cruz won allowing 3
hits in 6 IP.

Vladimir Guerrero was in not in roster because his nursing a bad nail, he
injured while diving for a ball and got aggravated during batting

Tuesday, January 4

Baseball, blackouts and flying objects

Yesterday was the second date of the Dominican Winter League playoffs or Roundrobin.

The first day, on Sunday the Licey-Aguilas was suspended due to rain and in San Francisco Gigantes beat Estrellas 4-5. Julio Franco for the loosing cause was 4 out of 3 with 2hr and 3 rbi's, and remember Franco is 40 something (his real age is a mystery).

Licey 4 Gigantes 0
Santo Domingo, Estadio Quisqueya.
WP: Manny Aybar 1-0
LP: Damian Moss 0-1

Manny Aybar pitched six inning of only one hit off the bat of Julio Ramirez. Timo Perez was 2-1, with to BB and 3 R, Eric Byrnes 4-2, with 1 2B and a hit, and D'Angelo Jimenez had a good night with the bat ending a really bad slump.

Licey have a MLB Team.

Licey a really offensive team, in the outfield they have Timo Perez, Erick Byrnes and Jose Guillen, Vladimir Guerrero is nursing a finger he got hurt diving for a ball in the OF.

Carlos Peña 1b
D'Angelo Jimenez 2b
Cristian Guzman SS
Ronnie Belliard 3b
David Ross C

in the bench they a few other MLB players and former MLB.

The game with the flying objets.

In San Pedro, home of the most MLB players in the world the lights went out 4 times, yes 4 times, a disputed call in first base and the blackouts led to a fans protest and that almost forfeit the game for Estrellas, the home team.

Julio Franco had to address the fans to try to calm them, the game was 8-0 in favor of Aguilas and it was postponed due to Electrical problems in the stadium.