Thursday, May 6

The passion of TJ

I don't live in LA, i don't even live in the United States, i've only been in LA once, i've been only once to Dodger Stadium, but i consider myself a true Dodger Fan, i follow and root for the Dodgers all year long, not only in spring training and the regular season.

I've been reading TJ Simers columns for a while now, i've been missing his comments since the Dodgers are in first place in the weak NL west, Mr. Simmers has strike again, he remembered that in LA there's a team called Dodgers.

Seems that Mr. Simers can't write any positive about LA sports teams, maybe he should write for San Francisco media instead, for the comments i read about him no one in LA wants him or like his work.

I would like the Dodgers to go the Playoffs to see what TJ will write about.

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