Wednesday, June 23

Good timing... Bad timing

Sometimes the best deal that you make is the one you did not make.

On Sunday after a day in the beach and a 2 hour drive and the stress of driving in Santo Domingo I took a long shower and prepared my self to watch the Dodgers-Yankees game, the original plan was to go with a friend to a Sport bar, but he was to drunk and I was too tired, sO I decided to stay home.

So the game started and I saw the Dodgers rally and the back-to-back HR by Matsui and Cairo, but then I was too tired and fall sleep, but then I woke up and decided to turn on the TV and there was Guillermo Mota leaving the box, Eric Gagne entering to face Alex Rodriguez, I got the chance to saw A-rod striking out against the great Gagne, that was Good timing.

Bad timing. On Monday I wanted so bad to watch the Dodgers-Giants game that I decided to try MLB.TV, so I signed up for 1 day, to see if my so called high speed cable connection works fine and could see a decent game. So I payed almost 3.00, you can say that's not too much, is a fair price if you can see the game, to my good luck there was a problem with cable so I could not saw the game, that's bad timing.

Bad timing again, at the beginning of this season I made the promise to myself to not loose sleep time because of the Dodgers, but last night I stayed very late just to see or read the Dodgers loose to the Giants, and to see a Deivi Cruz had the game of his life. That's bad timing.

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