Thursday, July 1

Hasta Cuando?!

Hasta cuando will be Nomo in the rotation, or even in the team, Hasta cuando will Green in the Line up? Hasta cuando the Dodgers will be loosing against the Giants?

When Dodgers manager Jim Tracy will be a man and admit thet Nomo can't be in the rotation? when he'll realized that Green should not be playing every day, he needs to be go to the Bench, Play Werth at 1B, Olmedo, or even the Strikeout king.

Dodgers fans deserve better, specially those in LA who are paying to see the Dodgers play, those who pay MLB.COM or DirecTV to watch them on TV, I deserve better, we all deserve better, stop playing with us, we suffer to much last year waiting for the help that never came, stop the bleeding or the patient will die.

Get rid of Nomo, Bench Green until he learns how to hit again...

Hasta cuando Coño!!!

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