Thursday, May 13

Next Sunday, May 16th

My mind is not in baseball, my thoughts are in next sunday presidential elections in Dominican Republic, on Sunday we'll decide who will be our next president, if we want to stay with our current president who is a combination of a comedian and sarcastic-maniac person who had made our people more poor, to give just an example in August 2000 the exchange rate to buy a US dollar was 16x1, now is 45x1, in 2000 I earned 15,000 pesos that's US$ 937.50, now I earned 18,000 pesos and it's just US$ 400.00, you don't believe me? Well you better believe me.

Our current president is a person who reads a speech but can't argue or sustain what he reads, someone that embarrasses us everytime he open his mouth, some one that insults reporters, send people to jail just because they made a poll on radio show to see who you will vote for, the contest was Hipolito Mejia against El Diablo, and quest what? El Diablo won!

I apologies for writing about this, but I have to get this out of mind, the sad part is that Dominicans forget very easy, the Government is giving money away, and people might vote for them again, I guess every people deserves the government they have.

Wish us luck next Sunday, we'll need it!

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Anita said...

Hi there! I'm dominican and i have to agree on everything you just said about our "president" if you can call an ass that!. Hopefully people won't forget the shitty years we've had. Let's only hope that this is going to be over soon. And you know what.. i still think the Diablo had a better chance of winning, it was more than fair! (lol)

see ya, take care.. GO VOTE!