Wednesday, December 29

The Adrian Beltre side of the Story, the Dodgers are not being honest with their Fans

Adrian gave an interview to Listin Diario while he was training here in Santo Domingo.
It's amazing and intriguing how the Dodgers did not wanted him back, for a moment it looks like a bad decision, only time will tell. Here's a little translation on what Adrian spoke in the interview.

"I have a big commitment with Seattle. They gave me all that money so I can be one the key players of that team, I'm willing to take the challenge and the best I can."
He said that he visited the city before signing and he and his wife Sandra liked the city.
They promised to build a winning team.

"They are keeping their promise, they got Richi Sexson and are behind Odalis Perez and some other pitchers". He also noted the presence of Ichiro and Boone."

He cared more when fans chanted MVP! Than actually winning the MVP

Bonds was the MVP, Adrian was second. "Barry Bonds deserved the award" said Beltre "awards are not important for me, I liked the chorus of MVP! MVP! Better, that was really great."

He was 24 hours away of being a Red Sox

Apparently the Yankees are not the only ones being affected by the Dodgers, according to Beltre
since the end of the season he was wanting for a real offer from the Dodgers, but it never came, while other teams made big offers, one of them was the Boston Red Sox who gave him a 24 hour deadline to make a decision or they will signed Renteria, and that was the final decision, so instead of Edgar Renteria Boston could have Adrian Beltre now.

"The Dodgers were always my first option, It never crossed my mind leaving LA, but I was not sure if they wanted me, they did not handle things well, I did not see a real interest in keeping me."

"I don't understand what were their reasons to make such decision, an effective communication never took place, in a meeting I noticed that they did not have the intention to hire me, they had the rights and the time to negociate with, but they never did".

"while teams like Detroit, Boston and Seattle had their offers, the Dodgers never sat in the table to talk to me, they did made an offer, I stayed longer in LA waiting for an offer, because I did not wanted to traver to the Dominican Republic and then go back to LA".

He was wainting until December for an agreement with the Dodgers, putting other teams on hold.

"we always called to the Dodgers, but they never answered". "At the end they offered me a 9 million offer, but the smaller offer I got from other teams was 12 millions".

The Dodgers are not being honest with the fans, why don't they say the truth, they did not wanted Adrian back, they have other plans, or they can afford it. Is not that hard.

Tuesday, December 28

Dominican Winter League update: Escogido out, Estrellas in

The last spot for the playoffs was decided yesterday when Estrellas won over Gigantes and Escogido lost to Aguilas, also Licey lost to Azucareros but it was already in the playoffs.

David Ross and Erick Byrnes debuts.

Yesterday loss for Licey marked the debuts of Dodgers David Ross and A's Eric Byrnes, Licey also expecting Jose Guillen, Guillermo Mota, Luis Castillo (These two waiting for Florida OK to play) and Jose Jimenez.

Odalis Perez and Alfonzo Soriano near playing with Estrellas.

Both players are training and are near to be playing with Estrellas for the Playoffs.

Miguel Tejada debut delayed due to stomach problems.

Miguel Tejada asked Aguilas fans to forgive him for not playing yesterday against Escogido, he was sick and could not made trip to Santiago.

Monday, December 27

Lead by Example

Miguel Tejada opened a full baseball complex in his native city of Bani, he invested millions of pesos to give kids a place to play and develop their skills as baseball players.

Miguel is a role model, not only in the baseball field he's a aggressive player even playing here with Aguilas, but out of the field too, you've never read or heard of Miguel involved in an incident.

Miguel is a player worth watching play, I'll look forward to see him play in the playoffs.

An other good example is Salomon Torres, had just started a new academy as well in San Pedro de Macoris, Salomon had not earned as much money as Miguel Tejada, but his making his contribution.

Other players such as Bartolo Colon, Rafael Furcal among other are making contributions as well.

Sammy Sosa have a foundation in his town that helps children and and pregnant women.
Ramon and Pedro Martinez are making big contributions as well.
Juan Guzman have a foundation too.

It's good to see that Dominican Players are caring for their communities.

The day I met Luchy

Luchy Guerra is not an ordinary employee for the Los Angeles Dodgers, she's like a mother to many Latin American players in the organization.

I met her a year ago at Estadio Quisqueya, she was here for a special celebration at Campo las Palmas, I had read of her over the Internet and I wanted to meet her, so the opportunity came at a game in Santo Domingo.

In those days Dodgers new owner had given his speech, they were rumors about the hiring of Paul Depodesta and that he was going to replace all the scouts.

We talked about Dodger baseball and how much she loves the Dodgers, she was out of Internet connection, so she was no aware of Dodgers news, the rumors among other things.

We talked for about 20 minutes, it was a great experience for me, I had met a Dodger whom I proud of.

I knew she was a great person for comments and reports on her, but this year I discovered how great she is.

I was attending a baseball game, ordering a pizza, suddenly I feel someone behind me, it was Luchy smiling coming to say hello to me, a guy she saw a year ago in a Stadium full of people, and she remembered me, that meant a lot to me. and she was like two sections to my right, pretty far away.

She must see lots of people when she comes here, but not only she remembered me, she also remembered my name.

Today the LA Times have a story on Luchy.

I'm sure you have already read it, it worth reading it.

Wednesday, December 22

David Ross to play in the Dominican Winter League

David Ross, catcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers will play with Licey in the Dominican Winter League.

He will make his debut next Monday against Azucareros del Este and will be in roster for the beggining of the playoffs.

Monday, December 20

From left, Henry Rodriguez, Israel Alcantara and Vladimir Guerrero waiting for BP Posted by Hello

Vlad in Blue!, of course, not Dodger Blue, is Licey Blue. Posted by Hello

Sunday, December 19

Vladimir joined Licey, but Escogido Won

Saturday night was the much anticipated debut of Vladimir Guerrero with Licey, he always said that he wanted to play with Licey, his childhood team, well, It was true.

His debut marked the second time a reigning AL MVP plays here, first was Miguel Tejada, now is Vlad.

Every player wanted to talk to Guerrero, even Escogido's players, he gave a show in batting practice, fans all over the city came to the stadium to watch him play, me, I watched on TV.

Vladimir kept his word and played, he was in RF watching his teammates commit 6 errors, and stay hitless until the 7th inning.

He was 0-2 but make a great catch reaching his shoes for the ball and then throwing to second to make a double play.

The Game

Escogido won 5-1 behind a Licey poor defense and strong pitching from rookie Ezequiel Astacio

Friday, December 17

What's the plan now Mr. Depodesta

Dodgers fans deserved better, Dodgers fans deserve a strong message from Dodgers front office and their plans with the team.

Those fans who buy tickets need an answer, those like me who pays DirecTV MLB extra every year just to watch them play, we need to know.

Plan A failed, so was plan B, C, now what?

We are expecting more from you.

Me, I'm just a guy far away from Dodger Stadium who once was there and maybe never will come back (too expensive to go there).

But for those who goes there every year, They deserve better.

Dodgers did not tried hard enough

Adrian Beltre signed with the Mariners, not the Dodgers, the team who signed him and watched him struggles at times.

"the Dodgers did not shown much interest in me" said Beltre in an interview with El Caribe (free registration required).

"I feel happy, I gave a lot of thought because of the amount of money involved, but I hope and trust in god that everything will be OK"

Dodgers offered only 9 millions per season.

"Seattle were more interested than the Dodgers", "the Dodgers offer was around 9 millions and that's was their final offer, they want to look like they don't have any money".

"Boston offer was near 13 millions, but they signed Renteria first"

Well it seems that the Dodgers are the new Royals.

Thursday, December 16

Report: Adrian Beltre signed with M's

According to Peter Gammons Adrian had agree on terms with the Mariners.

More on that later.

Monday, December 13

Pedro is a MET

Pedro Martinez was signed by the New York Mets to a 4 year deal worth of 52

Good luck to him...

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Sunday, December 12

Vladimir Guerrero to join Licey

Apparently Vlad had spoken to Licey GM and will play with Licey beginning December 18th against Escogido, according to, also Jose Guillen and Erick Byrnes will play on the 14th and 26th.

So licey will have for the Round Robin (Playoffs) the Following team:

1B Calos Peña (Detroit)
2B Luis Castillo (Marlins) No confirmation on him yet
SS D'Angelo Jimenez (Reds)
3B Ronnie Belliard (Indians)
C Brandon Masters
OF Vladimir Guerrero / Jose Guillen / Erick Byrnes


Timo Perez, Henry Rodriguez, Izzy Alcantara, Erick Aybar, Hanley Ramirez among others.


Juan Carlos Cruz, Manny Aybar, Wilton Chavez, Felix Diaz, Guillermo Mota, Felix Rodriguez, Yency Brazoban, Francis Beltran among others.

But Aguilas will have Miguel Tejada and Tony Batista, Willy Mo Peña among others.

So it will be an interesting playoff.

Pedro showed no respect

A few days ago the Boston organization came to the Dominican Republic to celebrate the second anniversary of the academy, to show the world series throfy, but I believe the main purpose of the trip was to talk to Pedro Martinez about him returning to Boston.

Pedro is always asking for respect, respect from the media, from the fans, from other players and from the front office.

Last week he showed no respect for John Henry, Larry Lucchino and Theo Epstein by talking to them in his "outside office" in the airport just moments before getting a plane to Miami to attend a wedding.

He could ask for a office inside, even the ambassador lounge and I'm sure the government will let him use it, but he preferred to embarrassed the visitors and him self.

So I ask my self. Where's the respect he's always claiming? Did he show any to them? They were here in behalf of many Boston fans who want Pedro to be back in the team, people who payed to see him pitch.

He showed his real class, his real education.

He showed us the REAL Pedro.

Tuesday, December 7

Here comes Vlad! Rumors about Pedro

Vladimir Guerrero was in Licey practices today, took a few swings and ran laps, according to some unnamed sources he's willing to play, he was attending the game and was given an standing ovation when was announced his presence, and that he's training to get in play.

Kendry "hard hands" Morales, was playing 1B for Estrellas, he got a K and made 2 errors at first, 1 fielding a ground ball and the other attempting to pick a throw.

Well, I hope for Rob's health this would not be El ladron II for the Angels.

Red Sox owner visit and Pedro's Rumors.

Tommorow is the first anniversary of the Red Sox Academy in the DR, and the organization have a press conference (more on that later), the rumor is they'll announce Pedro's signing there, they also bring the WS trophy, first time we'll have this in our country.

Without a doubt Boston is the most popular team in the DR now.

Juan Gone!

Juan Samuel was fired as Escogido manager yesterday, Mike Guerrero took his place, Mike is the son of ex toronto scout Epy Guerrero, relative of Mondesi friend Mario Guerrero.

Here they come!

As december gets older more players are getting in, for Licey we had DÁngelo Jimenez, Ronnie Belliard, Timo Perez, Oh Henry, Carlos Peña, and soon we'll have Guillermo Mota, Luis Castillo, Francis Beltran, and maybe, just maybe, Vladimir Guerreo and Jose "Cancer"Guillen.

Gigantes have already Pedro Feliz, Dodgers Antonio Perez and Duaner Sanchez is coming real soon.

Escogido have Neifi Perez, who by the way will assist and/or help the new manager, tommorrow "El Borracho" AKA Rafael Furcal will make his debut, and I almost forgot, Escogido is in last place.

Aguilas will see on December 26th Miguel Tejada, Willi Mo Peña and Ex-dodgers prospect are already playing, Miguel Batista will enter as a closer real soon.

Boston Hanley Ramirez of Licey is out day by day with some kind of back injury.