Thursday, November 10

Frank McCourt to be honored?

A lot of lines had been written about how bad are the Mcourts, or how they handling a once proud organization named the Los Angeles Dodgers.

And now he'll be honored in the Latin sport awards next November 14th.

"McCourt will be honored for the efforts of the Los Angeles Dodgers to Dominican Baseball by Campo Las Palmas, operating since 1987.

McCourt will be here with Tommy La Sorda."

The Dodgers donate a bus to the Guerra Community a few months ago.

Of course, they are eliminating a team from the Dominican Summer League and are leasing half Campo Las Palmas. (Tks to Rob for the tip)

So I wonder if the good reporters of the Dominican Republic will ask him some good answers or will just talk to La Sorda... Will they ask him about the GM and Manager search... I don't Think so.