Wednesday, March 31

ESPN report on Dominican Players

Pedro Gomez from Espn writes a story about how many Dominican Players are now in MLB. Enjoy.

Is not the Same

Kevin Brown pitching for the Yankees is not the same as pitching for the Dodgers, in today's game in Japan he pitched 7 innings allowing 1 ER, the final result? .first win for Brown and a Yankees win over Tampa 12-1.

Well, last year with the same performance he'll end up with a no desicion and the Dodgers losing the game 2-1.

Good luck to Brown this year, God provide us Dodgers fans with patience and other things to do

Tuesday, March 30

Trouble is on the air

Finally the issue regarding the rights to telecast the MLB games in the Dominican were solved... That's what I thought, Multimedios El Caribe was designed by Russell Properties to telecast the games here, but Deportes en la Cumbre who held the rights last season and have a debt of 1.7 million dollars with MLB and contract that expires after this season is telecasting the games too.

Deportes en la Cumbre is managed by the government and all the ads are for the campaign of president Mejia.

I guess MLB will have to take legal actions, it's not fare for the other company that paid big money for the rights to telecast and this gentleman's want to go over everyone.

Monday, March 29

Is Alfredo Griffin the next Dominican Manager?

Here's a Story about Alfredo Griffin and his presence in tha Angels Dogout.

Alfredo could be a manager in the Major Leagues in a few years, we have now Tony Peña and Felipe Alou, showing the world that Dominican Players are not just muscle.

Are Dominican Players selfish?

In a recent search I found a forum about Dominican Players DR1 Forum and this person ask if despite the fact that are many stars from this country they are not "Team Players", reading into the forum I found out that this person is a METS fan and this was write somewhere around the end of 2001 and he's frustrated about the performance of Armando Benitez and Timo Perez.

Well, writing from my mind I Recall the 1990 world series MVP in the name of Jose Rijo, 1981 in Pedro Guerrero, and many other players are key players on their teams.

I read often DR1 news trumpeting the achievements of Dominican baseball players in the Major Leagues. But when you look at the final 4 teams this year, the top(so-called) Dominican players are not present. Sosa, Martinez, A-Rod, Tejada, Guerrero, Soriano, Mondesi are all sitting home. Which brings me to my next point.

It is my contention that while these players put up big numbers, they don't do enough of the little things that help the TEAM be successful. Things like bunting, or hitting behind runners, Good defense. They also don't perform well under pressure.

there's an old saying "You don't get off of the island by bunting"

Id like to hear the groups thoughts on this.

I will like to hear your comments on this...

Luis Castillo a story to tell.

Four years ago, after he had become an established player, Luis Castillo scouted the Dominican Republic capital of Santo Domingo for what he called, "a normal house." Nothing grand. But nothing like the one he grew up in with no running water and four beds piled in each of the two bedrooms.

He showed his parents a house he found and, when they liked it, bought it for them.

"That made me feel happy, to give them that," the Marlins' second baseman said.

Luis Castillo, second base for the Florida Marlins like the 99% of Dominican Players come from extreme poverty, and like many Dominicans dreamed of having his own house, for middle class people here owning an apartment or a house is like and impossible goal, to give and example, the vehicle we own cost now the same amount we pay for apartment almost 2 years ago. But back to the Story, Luis Castillo bought homes for most of his family in the Dominican Republic.

Castillo is not a superstar like A-rod or Miguel Tejada, he's one of my favorite players, he plays every winter with Licey Tigers and he plays hard, he helped Licey won the last championship, he's a role model for players here.

Congratulations for his new contract, he deserved it, and good luck this season.

Friday, March 26

Twins look for talent in the tropics

Here's a Story on how the Twins are failing to obtain Dominican talent, and honestly, i don't know any Dominicans that are twins fans, too bad, they've been doing a good job in last couple of years.

Bases x bolas

"It gets cold on the north side of (the Dominican Republic). It drops down to about 84 at night."

• Mike Scioscia, Anaheim Angels manager, to The Orange County Register after learning that a few players went to a Renaissance Fair in Arizona and brought back a giant fur hat for teammate Vladimir Guerrero.


Rangers in Spanish, the Texas Rangers have a few Dominican Players that are making a splash in the Dogout. Link

Francisco Cordero still sees himself as a quiet guy who keeps to himself. The cluster of players who congregate at his locker daily would disagree.


Mets Take Steps to Prevent Additional Injuries to Reyes

His most important and most delicate body part needs tender care. In the past year, Reyes has strained his hamstring three times, most recently earlier this month in spring training. With the way he has been running, throwing and hitting in batting practice recently, Reyes could be back by opening day, but of more concern for the Mets are all the days after that.

Reyes, 20, is considered the future of the franchise, and the only recognizable weakness in his game lies in his hamstrings. When he was 14, running stairs at a stadium in the Dominican Republic to strengthen his legs, Reyes first felt a pain in the back of his left hamstring. That sensation has become a nagging companion.

Comlete Story

The next Ramirez with the Redsox, Hanley Ramirez, SS. If Nomar Garciaparra does walk after 2004 it's still not the end of the world with Ramirez around. Ramirez isn't Tampa Bay's B.J. Upton, but he's still an excellent option for the Red Sox. Ramirez is a five tool athlete with the highest ceiling of anyone in the organization. Although his offensive stats have fallen from 2002 when he hit .341/.402/.555 (batting average/OBP/slugging percentage) compared to 2003 .275/.327/.403, the upside for Ramirez still can't be ignored. Above average defensively and on the bases, Ramirez has the potential to be a great offensive player as well. Maturity is an issue with Ramirez as he adjusts to being in the spotlight, but judging from comments he made at the end of season and the extra work he was doing with Augusta manager Russ Morman, maybe Ramirez has seen the light. I would expect Ramirez to begin the year at Single A Sarasota or Double-A Portland. He should be in the majors by the end of 2005.

The Next Pedro?! Juan Cedeno, LHP. Cedeno has the best fastball in the Red Sox system. His heater averages between 92-94 mph, but can hit as high as 97 mph. His physical build remind many of fellow Dominican Pedro Martinez in a number of ways. He has the same slight build as Pedro (6-1, 160) and has extremely long fingers like Pedro. And like Pedro he can hit 97 mph on the radar gun. Cedeno has a potentially devastating curveball. Cedeno is extremely competitive and needs to relax and not try to throw every pitch 97 mph. A move to the bullpen is a possibility. He'll most likely start the year in Single A Sarasota. Only 20, he wouldn't be ready for the majors until 2007.

Complete story

The American Dream


The truth is that today baseball players arrived more prepared to face the american dream because in the academies they teach them the basics and how to handle them selves in a much different environment and culture, in the past Dominican Players arrived in the states and ate the same food for months until they learned to order something else.

The story of Ricardo Rodriguez and Jose Garcia, two Dominican teenagers pursuing a quintessential American dream: becoming big-league baseball players.

Already recruited to the Los Angeles Dodgers' training camp in the Dominican Republic, these young men often express the most explicit desires.

Early on, 18-year-old Rodriguez states, "My American dream is to make it to the big leagues and stay there for many years. The day I get on the plane for Miami will be the happiest day of my life."

Yet there also is a painful sense of inferior status as another key aspect of the immigrant undertaking that "New Americans" pulls into focus.

Although Rodriguez and seven other lucky candidates make the next step up to Dodger spring training camp in Vero Beach, Fla., they quickly realize they have been signed for much less than their white American counterparts.

"We are as good as Americans," says one, resignedly. "But we are helpless because we are poor." Likewise, Israel Nwidor will find himself straining on $7 an hour in Chicago.

Another fascinating segment on Rodriguez and Garcia features the cultural training the Dodgers provide to Latino and Asian rookies.

The Dodgers' efforts to instill reasonable expectations convey how much America's image has been filtered through the rosy spectacles of entertainment, for good and for bad.

Thursday, March 25

How Scouts screw things over here

Many lines had been written about old school scouts and new techniques to evaluate players and guess how great they will be in a couple of years, I’ll leave all Money ball things to one’s who knows a little about that, me, I don’t know nothing.

Can you imaging Mario Soto wearing blue instead of red? Can imagine Ramón Martinez wearing a different kind of blue? Or Pedro Guerrero not playing for the Dodgers in the 1981 World Series, well here’s a little story about how scouts missed on players here in the Dominican Republic.

Ralph Avila, scout for the Los Angeles Dodgers, he signed Ramón and Pedro Martinez, Juan Guzman, Pedro Astacio, Raúl Mondesí, Henry Rodriguez, José Offerman, Adrian Beltre and Wilton “the crappy brother” Guerrero, but in that list he missed on Mario Soto, Damaso Garcia, Julio Franco and yes, Vladimir Guerrero.

Avila only assume full responsibility for Julio Franco, he watched him in a try out and thought he did not have good hands and speed, two tools that the Dodgers seek at the time.

The more notables of that list are Mario Soto and Vladimir Guerrero, Soto was a strong throwing catcher at the time. “I could’ve sign him, but there was an older scout that did not like him”, he also passed on Junior Felix because he knew his true age, and the older scout did not like Damaso Garcia.

Concerning Vladimir he recalls that he arrived on the back of a “Motoconcho” (it’s a motorcycle used as taxi), Pablo Peguero, Head of the academy told him that he had to stay in the academy for a month for a full examination, Vladimir refused and went to the Expos academy and was signed there.

I think the Dodgers later change that stupid policy.

Epy Guerrero, an international scout for Toronto, he signed Cesar Cedeño, Tony Fernandez, Carlos Delgado, Geronimo Berroa and Kelvin Escobar among others players.
He also misjudge some players including Pedro Martinez, Pedro stayed for a week in the Blue Jays camp here, he let him go for the same reason the Dodgers trade him to the Expos.
He also failed with a young boy named Pedro Guerrero, at the beginning he liked him, but later he realized that Pedro Guerrero had a tendency to gain weight and because of that he did not signed him.

Ramon Peña, now with Detroit worked for the Royals, he signed several players including Juan Encarnacion, Bobby Higginson and Frank Catalonnoto, but regrets not signing Ramon Martinez in 1984, he offered a US$ 7,000.00 to Ramón and to catcher Ramón Duran, but Duran was a Dodger Fan and big influence in Ramon so he ended up signing with the Dodgers, Ramon Peña regrets that saying that maybe he could have sign Pedro too, any way the Dodgers had him and trade him.
He also regrets not signing Neifi Perez; he signed instead a young man that did not make it.
Juan Marichal, he signed Miguel Tejada, and Tony Batista among others, he was ready to Sign Raúl Mondesi, but he had to make a emergency travel and by the time hw got back Raúl was signed by the Dodgers.

Source: Listin Diario

Wednesday, March 24

A trip to the sun and Baseball

A day in a Dominican Ballpark.

Have you ever wondered what your favorite Dominican Player do in the Winter, where he hangs out. what do they eat here, what do they look like in a different uniform, you can have all of your questions answered if you make a trip to the Domincan Republic in January.

I’ve been to Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, CA, Yankee Stadium in NY and Fenway Park in Boston.

I’ll try to explain the feeling of being here in a stadium and how much we enjoy baseball here.

To start in American Ballparks they stop selling beer in the 7th inning, in the Dominican they stop when they ran out, here we can buy hard liquor, yes!, from Brugal Rum to Dewars White Label, but despite the alcohol, the heat of the game you don’t see to many fights.

In Dodger Stadium you have Dodgers Dog, here you can eat from Pizza to Fried Chicken.

A guide to attend a game in the Dominican Republic.

If you ever want to attend a game here I will recommend January, most regular players starts to play in late December to get ready to Round Robin in January, so from October to December you’ll see mostly AA players, but in January most bib leagues players are playing, don’t expect to see a Sammy Sosa or Pedro Martinez playing here, but you’ll see a Miguel Tejada, David Ortiz, Luis Castillo and many others.

How to get here?

You can fly here from any city in the US, you might have to do a stop in Miami or New York, Santo Domingo is a less then two hour flight from Miami, and three from New York, From California is a 8 hour trip with a stop in Miami.
You can rent a car in the airport or online (Recommended), all major rent cars are available here, all credit cards are accepted.


In Santo Domingo we have all kind of hotels. From 55 a night to 180 or so, you can travel in taxi as well, a taxi ride from the airport to the Hotel is about 10 or 15 dollars, do not pay more than that.

You can arrange a weekend in the beach in all inclusive hotels for 120 per night.

The Stadiums.

We have 5 stadiums for proffesional baseball here, all 5 are proved by MLB, you can see them at

We have 5 Stadiums in the Dominican Republic, Estadio Quisqueya in Santo Domingo was built in 1955, is not modern park but seats are nice, beware of bathrooms.
Estadio Quisqueya hosts Licey Tigers and Escogido Lions, in Santiago, a 90 minutes drive from Santo Domingo you can watch Cibao Eagles, San Francisco host the San Francisco Giants, in San Pedro de Macoris you can watch Estrellas Orientales, and in La Romana Toros del Este.

What to eat and Drink, ticket prices.

* Beer Presidente, 6% of alcohol, the best beer ín the World, just US$ 1.30
* Soda’s 58 cents (Coke and Sprite)
* Rum Brugal US$ 2.80
* Pizza US$ 1.00 per slide
You can also find Hotdogs for a dollar and Taco Bell Quesadilla's for less the two dollars.

As you can see prices are very affordable especially if you have dollars to exchange for pesos.

Seats go from less than a dollar in bleacher to 15 dollars for the best seat you can find, most of these seats belong to season ticket holders, but they are planty available.

All beverages are sealed and no risk at all, in some sections you have a personal service so don’t have to go the bar to get a drink.

Meet the Players

Dominicans are very friendly, if you arrive early to batting practice you can have the autograph of your favorite Dominican Player, they very friendly and especially if you are from out of town.

Music in the Stadium

You won’t listen a special song for every player, but you’ll see cheerleaders in the top of the dugouts dancing between innings and fans also dancing in top of their seats.

Traveling to the Dominican Republic is reasonable thing to do for your next vacations in January, especially if you leave in a cold weather, and if you want to see some baseball our's the best in the Caribbean.

Play Ball!!! Baseball is on the air

Finally an agreement was reached with MLB and games will be telecast in the Dominican Republic on Multimedios El Caribe gave yesterday the news, no details were given on financial terms but from Monday to Sunday Dominican will watch their favorite players.

In recent posts I wrote that MLB said that it was not a money issue but a legal one, well, the legal issue was apparently the t the government wanted to telecast the games for political propaganda.

The games will be seen on open TV in channel 37, you can see it online in the above link

As soon as the financial terms are revealed I will post them.

Play Ball!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 23

I'm beginning to like him

You might thinks that just i'm from the Dominican Republic i must like and root for all Dominican Players. but no, i do hate some, i don't like Felipe Alou because he's the Giants manager and i hate the Giants.
Some times as a fan you don't like players just because they play for a team that you don't like, and sometimes this same player signs with a team you like and your opinion on that player beggins to change, that's the case with Jose Lima, i made the mistake of not liking him without looking into his player skills.

I remember one game in Estadio Quisqueya, Licey against Escogido and José Lima, he put a show in the mount, striking out batters and dancing and screaming at batters, i was furious, god! how i hated this guy, but anyway he beat us, he made fun of us fans screaming at him, he put his show and had fun.

Now he's with the Dodgers a team that never smiles, at least not on TV, i don't know how's the dogout, but apparently is Changing and Lima is a big part of it.


Out of the Dogout

Sammy's Sosa assistant won't be able to be in the dogout and restricted areas. Julian Martinez is Sosa's assistant and is paid by Sammy Sosa, Martinez is a ex player from the Cardinals organization, he never made it to the big leagues.

Ageless Franco
Julio Cesar Franco is not willing to getold, at least not in the field, he made his debut in 1982 with Cleveland, his true age is a mistery, but he really looks in shape and apparently steroid free.

Dodgers Odalis Perez has just allowed 1 run in 15 innings this spring. This should make him a more desirable pitcher in others teams wishing list or a passport to stay with the Dodgers and trade Ishi.

Angels in the outfield.
The Angels will have 2 of the outfieldes fron the Dominican Republic, José Guillen and Vladimir Guerrero, both with strong arms.

Monday, March 22

Happy Birthday Campo las Palmas

17 years later... More than 30 Dominican Players in MLB Rosters and more than 10 of other countries is the balance of the academy.

"Our results in the education of these young boys that helps him to serve the community give us much satisfaction", said Rafael Avila, founder of Campo las Palmas".

"We have the honor to count with Mans with great value in the Baseball business, but also have formed Mans that acknowledge the importance of being in this camp", he added. Avila Pointed out that he have in his office three graduated thesis from 3 ex-Campo las Palmas that did no made it in Baseball but succeeded in the education field.


Not only Dominican have worked and developed in this academy, some interesting stories have been tod about Ex-Doger Mike Piazza, Mike's dad is a close friend of the O'Malleys, and he asked them to help Mike become a Baseball Player, Piazza worked in Campo las Palmas very hard along very poor kids, he was a bullpen catcher for licey in the winter and work in the academy in the summer.
This according to some stories from some sports writters a few years ago.

Friday, March 19

McCourts son start in the Dominican

Drew, the 22 year old son of the new owner of the Dodgers started training where most international players start, Campo Las Palmas in the Dominican Republic.

As same as many Dodgers players Drew started his career in the Dominican Republic. "It's excitating. I feel like a child with a new toy", said little McCourt yesterday, when finishing his 2 days visit to the Dominican Republic. It was his first international assigment as an especial assistant to the office of GM Paul Depodesta.

Tha plan is that Drew gets involved in the team business and get prepared to have a bigger role in the future. But at the moment he was assigned to help GM Paul Depodesta in baseball issues.

"The best of all this is thati'm surrounded by people who knows their job and are willing to teach me, the Dodgers are sort of a UN", McCourt said.

At Least their teaching him the right way, not giving him a front office job.

Thursday, March 18

We can play Basketball too

Luis Flores of Manhattan scored 26 points to help his team beat Florida.

Flores Scouting report

One of the nation's leading scorers over the last two seasons ... A scorer in the most pure sense of the word ... Doesn't have incredible physical skills, but has an assertive mentality and great touch ... Gets a number of shots from the free throw line and down, where he does a ton of scoring despite standing 6-2 ... Can score over the top of traffic with his tremendous ability to adjust and measure shots off balance ... Uses the glass frequently, which helps his cause significantly ... A fine ball-handler who can protect the ball in traffic ... Follows his own shots around the bucket and comes up with a far higher number of rebounds then most 6-2 guards could ... Has a strong body made for absorbing contact ... Draws a lot of fouls ... One of the nation's best from the charity stripe ... A fine long distance shooter, either off the dribble or in standstill situations ... Finds teammates as a distributor, but does not have point guard instincts ... Spent the off-season representing his native Dominican Republic at the Pan Am games, averaging 6.8 points for the silver medalists ... As a junior at Manhattan, averaged 24.6 points and 5.6 rebounds per game ... Was the Haggerty Award winner, which is awarded to the best player in the New York City area ... Also earned All-MAAC first-team and MAAC Player of the Year honors and was MAAC Player of the Week seven times ... Had 44 points (13-18 FGs, 16-18 FTs) at Fairfield, 38 (9-18, 15-16) vs. Niagara, and 36 (10-24, 11-12) at Cansius ... A first Team All-MAAC selection as a sophomore ... Scored in double figures in 28 of 29 games and led team in scoring in 22 of 29 games ... Played for NIT All-Stars on tour of Canada ... Averaged 11.1 points and 4.9 assists as team went 6- 1 ... Sat out the 2000-01 season after transferring from Rutgers ... Averaged 3.9 points per game in 29 appearances as a freshman there ... Was the leading scorer in New York City in his senior year at 35.6 points per game ... Won the Shaun Mannion Award, which is given annually to the outstanding male student-athlete in New York City and is based on scholarship, sportsmanship, leadership, and character ... Name Most Valuable Player at the 5-Star Camp ... Scored 40+ points twelve times and 50+ points twice in his senior season.

Dominicans on the American League East Division

UPDATE: i made the stupid mistake of moving Detroit back to east division, sorry...

As i promise a little review of Dominican Players in American League East and a little about them.

Boston Red Sox

Pedro Martinez
There's no much to say about Pedro, he's one the greatest pitchers in the game, he's a very simple person, Pedro is From Manoguayabo, 15 minutes from Santo Domingo, he's an idol there, he helps a lot of people, if you need something like medicines for your kid he does not give you the money, he buys you the medicine, he's a role model, you've never heard of him involved in any scandals, he's family man, have some kids but never talks about them to protect they privacy. Last played in the 94-95 season for Licey Tigers

Manny Ramirez
He's a quiet man, specially in the U.S., but not a bad person, a very shy person, don't know much about what he does in the Winter, haven't played in Winter Baseball in years, he played for Aguilas.

David Ortiz
David it's a big boy, very kind and friendly, a hip hop fan, David hit one of the largest HR i ever seen in Quisqueya Stadium, he plays for Escogido Lions, he played last season in the final weeks of the regular season but could not help much his team. He played in the Carribean Series.

Baltimore Orioles

Miguel Tejada
2002 AL MVP, Miguel Play for Cibao Aguilas in the Winter League, i really admire him because no matter what he plays with his team, and he plays hard, very hard, he's an awesome, is worth any peso to watch him play, he's very quiet and a family man.

José Baustista
José is not the typical Dominican Player, he's a middle class kid from Santo Domingo, went to a good school and traveled with his family in 1999 and graduated from High School, he plays for Licey and it's third base but played in the OF for Licey, he was selected this year in the Rule V from the Pirates and will have to stay in the big team roster or offered to the pirates for 25k, he's fast and have good contact, it's fun to watch him to play.

José Morban
Last year Rule V selection for tje Orioles, this year will play in Triple A, plays for Escogido in the Winter League.

Daniel Cabrera, don't have many info on him. i will look more about him.

Detroit Tigers

Franklin German Closer to be
of the Tigers this year, he plays for Escogido in the Dominican Winter League.

Carlos Peña, ex Texas and A's prospect, have a great defense but lack of power, plays for Licey in the Winter, last year had a great season in the Winter, got married in december but return to Licey in January.

NRI are Esteban Yan (P) and Pablo Ozuna (IF)

And of Course The Dams Yankees.
Alex Rodriguez, 2003 AL MVP, traded to the Yankees for Alfonso Soriano, Rodriguez plays now third base, there's no need to write about him, he played for Escogido in the 1993-1994 season, it went bad for him, very bad, next year he teared down the league, did not qualify for Rookie of the Year.

Jorge DePaula, pitched well last year in he's debut, have a tendency to gain weight, have good potential according to Yankees Staff.

Enrique Wilson, will play 2B for the Yankees, with the offensive they have even Alex Cora can play 2B there.

NRI, Erick Almonte, does not have a chance to make the team, played last year when Dereck Jeter was on the DL.

Tampa Bay Devil Rays

Jesus Colome, Jesus was involved in a car accident last year, 2 persons were killed, Jesus was not driving at the time of the accident.

Jorge Sosa, pitched for Licey in the Winter League, have great stuff, it's suppose to make the team.

Julio Lugo, was realesed last year by Houston, claimed by TB, he was involved in a incident with his wife, was absolved.

NRI, Ex Tigers Deivi Cruz, plays for Licey in the Winter League, has not played there in while, made an attempt last year but did not fit in the team. Also trying to make the team is Fernado Tatis, remembered for hitting to Grand Slams in the same inning against Chan Ho Park of the Dodgers.

American Leagu East

As i promise a little review of Dominican Players in American League East and a little about them.

Boston Red Sox

Pedro Martinez
There's no much to say about Pedro, he's one the greatest pitchers in the game, he's a very simple person, Pedro is From Manoguayabo, 15 minutes from Santo Domingo, he's an idol there, he helps a lot of people, if you need something like medicines for your kid he does not give you the money, he buys you the medicine, he's a role model, you've never heard of him involved in any scandals, he's family man, have some kids but never talks about them to protect they privacy. Last played in the 94-95 season for .Licey Tigers

Manny Ramirez
He's a quiet man, specially in the U.S., but not a bad person, a very shy person, don't know much about what he does in the Winter, haven't played in Winter Baseball in years, he played for Aguilas Cibaeñas.

Wednesday, March 17

About Dodgers news

Being in love is a great thing, specially the first moments, the first kiss etc, but being in love and not being loved is a hard thing, sometimes you give up and other times you keep trying.

When you love something is hard to let go, that's the case between the Dodgers and I, I really love the Dodgers!.

I've been reading some many posts a news about the new owners and how bad they are, but I think they deserve a chance, everybody does.

I don't think anyone will buy a Baseball team just for the fun of it, unless you're a drug dealer and have money to waste, let's give some credit to new owners.

Everybody was complaining about Fox ownership, about the trades they make, about how they make the Dodgers became a bad team.

I'll ask permission to all those Bloggers that had write many lines about the Dodgers, maybe the language will prevent me to say what I really want to say here.

The Mcourts had made may bad declarations, many people want them out of L.A but they're the one risking their money (borrowed or not), they are making and effort, they're trying.

Other people tried to buy the Dodgers, but for some reasons did not reached an agreement with FOX.

About the resignations, maybe the Dodgers need a whole different front office, the Dodgers have not win a playoff game since 1988!, I don't doubt they were good persons and highly qualified professionals, but the fact is that the Dodgers since the 80's are making bad trades after bad trades.

Many of you might think, and if you do I give you the reason, I'm not from L.A, not even from the U.S. but to me to watch a Dodgers game I have to sleep less hours (we have a 4 hour difference with the west coast), it's sacrifice but watching the Dodgers play is worth it, even if they lose 2-1.

It's not fare to the Mcourts, I think they deserve a chance.

I prefer and owner who really wants the team, and he does, like I said no one will risk so much just for the fun.

About the trades, I prefer Depodesta to wait rather then have a bad trade that will hurt us more, I rather not win this year and win the next 3 or 4 years, afterall, what's one more year?

Maybe the Philosophical differences between the Mcourts and the ex-Dodgers staff are for good, maybe the executives that will arrive have a deferent way of doing things, a way that can bring the Dodgers a winning Season.

In the Dominican Republic academy, the Dodgers fired last year Pablo Peguero, he was the head scout here, but the last Dominican Player who made the big team was Adrian Beltre, this is an example that things were not right.

My Blog

I will like to thank the comments to my blog, it's been great having my thoughts read by other people and i'm glad that they like it.

Today Mike's Sportretort writes about my blog, thanks Mike for reading by blog, stop by, it's a great website. Thanks again Mike.

65 and counting, Dominican Players will have a big presence in 2004

From Listin Diario .

Starting the half of Spring Training 65 Dominican Players have a Spot in a MLB roster for the 2004 season, that doesn't include 3 Rule V players.

The pitchers that have a spot as a starter or releiver are:
Pedro Martinez
Miguel Batista
Ramón Ortíz
Bartolo Colon
Odalis Perez
Claudio Vargas
Jose Acevedo

Others are fighting for a spot in a roster like White Sox's Felix Diaz, who had a good performance in the Dominican Winter League.

Joaquin Benoit of the Texas Rangers doesn't appear to have a chance to make the roster so far.

In the Offensive department we have fighting for a spot in the Pirates Roster Oh Henry! and Ruben Mateo, I see Henry with a better chance to make the team because he's a left bat from the bench.

With the Twins we have Jose Offerman.

These are some of the players, i will begin a team by team Dominican Players Roster begining with the American League.

Tuesday, March 16

I'm Blue!

Finally i find out how to change the colors of my blog, now is more blue, more me.

Monday, March 15

Pedro doesn't hate the Dodgers anymore

I will consider pitching for any team, even for the Dodgers, i had sore feelings, i must put them apart because i know things are diferent now.

Pedro Martinez gave an interview to Dodgers coach Manny Mota, Pedro talked about his contract negotiations and asked if he'll consider pith for the Dodgers this was his answer.

Manny Mota: If one of the teams is LA, Will you come back to the Dodgers?
I can't say i would consider it, because the people in the team are diferent now, people that remains in the team are good people, the people that really helped me, so i won't mind coming back to the Dodgers.

Manny Mota: Wearing a Boston uniform, does that give you some nostalgia?
I would like to accomplish all of this in a Dodger uniform, but that's life and you can't predict the future, let's see what happens.

He also send a message to the Yankees that winning is on the field, not on the roster.

I don't think he'll wear Dodgers Blue again, he was hurt when he was traded and the way they told them
Pedro Martinez interview for CDN

Saturday, March 13

What do you want to read here?

I don't want Dominican Players to be a one time visit blog, so i would apreciate any feedbacks or e-mails on what information you would like to see about Dominican Players. Daily performances, news?

Please let me know.

Friday, March 12

OH Henry!

Spring Invitation, Jayson Stark makes some interesting remarks about Henry Rodriguez invitation to Pirates Spring Training;

It sounds so cool, so formal, so dignified: "Invited to spring training."
Greg Vaughn is in Cardinals camp with the hope of winning a roster spot.
So we've always wondered. Do these guys really get an invitation, on expensive paper, in a weird-shaped envelope? Do they open it up, thinking they've just been invited to a wedding?

That reminds me how much i hate going to weddings and putting a suit, weddings are the more boring experience in life.

"You'd better call my agent about that," says Pirates invitee Henry Rodriguez. "If they send an invitation, it never comes to me. It has to go to the agent."

Most of your Invited to Spring Training All-Stars, you see, are blasts from somebody's past. You know their names. You just know them from another time and place, when their lights were bright and their contracts were guaranteed.

But when we went looking for the ultimate Invited to Spring Training All-Star, we found ourselves coming back to Henry Rodriguez, a man who would have no ticket back into baseball whatsoever if there were no such thing as these spring invitations.

It's seven years now since Rodriguez was such a hero in Montreal (where he hit 62 homers in two years in 1997-98) that he was bombarded with O Henry candy bars every time he went deep.

"Even in Chicago, they threw that candy, in '98, '99, 2000," he says. "It was fun. I still eat them."

But he has had a little too much time to eat them lately. He hurt his back on the last day of spring training in 2001. Then he just about vanished off the baseball earth. He tried to make brief comebacks with the 2001 Yankees and 2002 Expos, but his back wasn't up to it.

So he took a year and a half off from any kind of baseball, surfaced this winter in the Dominican, looked good enough that a Pirates scout recommended him. And now, amazingly, he's in such good shape and his bat looks so quick, it wouldn't be a shock if he actually made the team -- even though, in the words of Pirates manager Lloyd McClendon, "he's damn near as old as me."

Well, not quite. McClendon is 45. Rodriguez is 36. But we all know what the odds are of a 36-year-old guy with one hit in three years making a real, live major-league team. That, even Rodriguez says, would be "pretty amazing." Could happen, though.

"I've worked so hard to get here," he says, "that if I go home, I'll go home satisfied. But if I make it, all the work will have paid off. That's why I wake up at 6:30 every morning, go to the gym and do all the work I do.

"I'm just happy to be playing baseball," says the captain of our Invited to Spring Training All-Stars, "even if I'm only invited to spring training."

Thursday, March 11

Update on the Telecast issue, a national Disgrace

According to Radio Report on "La voz del Fanatico" (The Fan Voice), a meeting took place in between a MLB represantative and the Dominican president and Sport council for the president Junior Noboa , also in the meeting was Dominican Central Bank president.

Acoording to the report the goverment is willing to pay the debt to MLB in order to broadcast the games, the debt is US 1.7 millions.

I can't believe Mr. Hipolito Mejia is considering paying US 1.7 millions to MLB when we have hospitals without medicines and Doctors and nurses in a strike demanding better salaries and equipment for the hospitals.

Mr. Mejia want's to use baseball telecasts to advertise his political campaign.

Apologies for writting about a non-baseball issue, but that one of the reasons my country is the situation of poverty, in a country that spend US 2.0 millions to organize a Carribean Series and the Goverment bought almost US 800,000 in tickets to give them away to friends.

Sorry again for writting about non-baseball issues.

Pirate's denied Kendall Rumor

The Pirate's denied the rumor of Jason Kendall going to the Dodgers No Kendall in Dodger Blue.

There is continued talk from the West Coast that the Los Angeles Dodgers want to add some pop to their lineup and are interested in Jason Kendall, but the Pirates have said there is nothing of substance in the reports..

So to Rob 6-4-2, and Terry The Bench Coach, not all Dodgers related news are bad.

It's Lima Time

I don't like José Lima, now that he's with the Dodgers and having a great Spring Training i have to follow his work.

Lima in the Dominican Winter League pitches for the Escogido Lions, the team that shares the stadium with my hometown team Licey, Lima have a big mouth and always has been like that, news from Dodger Town tells how Lima's had change the Dogout.

The 5 man rotation for the Dodgers apparently is made and Edwin Jackson is headed to be the 5th starter, i don't think Lima will accept a trip to Triple A, but his performance give the Dodgers a insurance in case the team decides to trade a starter for a bat.

Lima had a great performance yesterday against the Tigers About Lima on,
let's keep an eye on him.

Tuesday, March 9

The TV might be on for Dominicans

As i reported No Baseball on open TV for Dominicans, the local newspaper Listin Diario's Story have a interview with Rafael Oscar Perez the head of MLB office in the Dominican Republic, Mr. Perez points out that the major issue is a legal one.

Also see Dodger Thoughts', the news looks better if Jon writes them.

The rights to Broadcast the games in Dominican where sold to MEDCOM, a member of the Baninter Media Group, since last May the Goverment is controlling that MEDCOM, so the Goverment and MEDCOM ows MLB US$ 1.7 millions for last season broadcasts.

Mr. Perez said that the legal part is more complicated than the money and that had prevent the parts in and agreement.

"What's is important here is not the money, it's to break the contract with company that had the rights and be able to sell them to another company that interested in buying the rights".

"The debt it's in the past" he said about the 80.0 million Dominican Pesos, "MLB it's willing to negotiate and reach a reasonable understament to resolve any pending debt" he said.

Mr. Perez said that MLB aknowledge that the Dominican Republic is the country behind the United States of Amercia that produces more players.

"Is not lack of support, it's legal stuff that prevent us to reach and an agreement with a new company to Broadcast the games on open TV".

"I can't say who's interested now, but there's a solid group interested an we are only waiting for the legal situation to be fixed and sell the rights to this group".

Mr. Perez is optimistic that the Dominicans will watch the games on open TV this season.

Dominicans had baseball on open TV 7 days a week, from a Monday to Friday the best 7:00pm game was broadcast, and in Saturday and Sunday and 1:00pm, and sometimes double headers on some west coast game that Pedro Martinez pitched.

If an agreement is not reached the games will only be seen on DirecTV and Cable, and in Cable only the Cubs, Braves and some Mets games.

The biggest thing to resolved is that the actual President is wiliing to be Re-elected, but the polls shows that he have only a 13% chance, so they want to use the Baseball Broadcast to advertise in favor of the actual president, and of course, with out paying MLB, so that's the big legal problem.

Monday, March 8

Baseball Vacations

Rivalry between two cities and their Baseball teams are a great thing to see as long it doesn’t turn violent or one side tries to humiliate the other.

I’m the Dominican Republic and I’ve been to a few cities in the united States and I attended a few Baseball Games.

In August 2002 I’ve got married and I planned my Honeymoon in a way that I could attend a Dodger Game in Los Angeles, I tried to convince my wife to go to L.A, but some people told her that in L.A. there’s nothing beyond Hollywood and the Beach, and we have the best beaches here in the Caribbean. In that circumstances I tried to find the nearest place of L.A. and that was San Francisco, C.A. the city of one the teams I more hate but the city was great and the people is very nice there, my plan was working out so I bought to tickets to go a Dodgers game, I rented a car and booked a hotel in Los Angeles, then I drove 6 hours just to see a Dodgers game, I don’t regret it, it was my only chance to go to Dodger Stadium, it was a dream come true, we had seats very close to right field and it was a 12.05 game, my wife was sun burned.

I did all that just to see the Dodgers and the city that had them for more than 40 years, the next day we drove back to San Francisco, then to Miami and to our country.

Last year in 2003 we planned our vacation to visit my sister in law in Boston, and of course I had to Fenway Park and see the Red Sox play, no matter the team they were facing, I tried to get opening season tickets but was impossible so I had to watched a game against Tampa Bay.

Boston is the nicer city I’ve been, I loved it, I was amazed on how the people love the Red Sox and the Dominican Players with them, even Manny.

One night we were having drinks at Cheer’s, I had my Dodger cap and the waiter ask me were I was from, I told him and he replies that I should wear a Boston cap because of Pedro, he ask me about him, I told him a story and the next minute he was telling the story to man and his son, in Boston they just love Pedro, that may me feel good, in the streets and in the T you hear people talk about how this year it’s going to be different, and for God’s sake thay haven’t won since 1918 and they still root for their team, they really love the Red Sox, they are very passionate about their team and their city.

We stayed a couple of days in Boston and then took a bus to New York, What a difference!, some people say about NY that either you love it or you hate it, for me, none of the above, so again I planned a Baseball vacation I got tickets for a Yankees-Twins game, fans root for their team but are not as passionate as Red Sox fans, in the streets you see a lot of Yankees memorabilia but when a team I winning everyone roots for them.

In the mid 80’s the Yankees were losing a lot of games and I don’t remember many people here rooting for them, now they have a lot of fans.

In last years playoff I was watching the game in a Sport bar, they were only 5 or 6 yankees fans there, my best friend and a couple of other guys, the rest of them were rooting for Pedro and the Sox, that did not matter, the Sox lost anyway.

In Yankee stadium the fans talked about baseball but they don’t show a lot of knowledge about the players, except Jeter and they know nothing about the other team, all they care is that they are Yankee fans.

I remember Mr. Jhon Rocker talking about New York fans, he was wrong, but in Boston the people seems to be more polite, one thing that impress me was that taking a Boston Duck’s Tour the wind took of my Dodgers Cap, I yelled at the driver to stop, he stopped in a red light, but a man ran almost a block to gave my Dodgers cap back that was amazing.

This year I plan to go to New York again in September, I hope our economy let’s me do it and I can attend a Mets or Yankees game.

Pacific Invasion

The United States of America invade the Dominican Republic in 1916 and again in 1965, from those two invasions we learned some good and bad things.

Now we’re invading USA, but it’s a pacific invasion with more than 100 polayers that are in spring training trying to gain a spot in a MLB roster, some will not make it and will go down to the minors but many other have already a spot in the roster and a few will make the team for the fist time.

This off season the most wanted players where Dominicans, the better contracts where signed by Dominicans.

The Dominican Players have to work very hard to get to the Big Leagues, they have to learn a new language and overcome many troubles, for example, when Mark McGuire as a teenager was playing baseball in school, or doing who knows what, Sammy Sosa was cleaning Pedro Guerrero’s shoes in San Pedro de Macoris.

Now it’s a little different because of the Baseball academies.

For the 2004 season all teams but Colorado will have a Dominican Player in their roster, some teams have in a Dominican Players their best paid players, let’s take a look:

Anaheim Angels.

Vladimir Guerrero 11.5
Bartolo Colon 9.9
Ramón Ortiz 2.2

Boston Red Sox

Manny Ramírez 17.185
Pedro Martinez 15.5

Chicago Cubs

Sammy Sosa 16.8
Moisés Alou 9.5
Aramis Ramirez 3.0

And the list goes on, Albert Pujols just signed a 100.0 million contract and Miguel Tejada a 70.0 million contract.

But let’s look at last year stat, almost in every category there was a Dominican Player involved, I will include A-Rod, he was born in New York, but his parents are Dominican and in several news conference and reports he claims that he feels Dominican, an example is Moises Alou, he was born in Atlanta, GA, but was raised here.

2003 American League Offensive Stats.

Home Runs
1- Alex Rodriguez – TEX 47
7- Manny Ramirez – BOS 37
11- David Ortiz – BOS 31
23- Miguel Tejada- OAK- 27

Batting Average

2- Maní Ramírez BOS .325


2- Alex Rodríguez TEX 118
10- Miguel Tejada OAK 106
14- Manny Ramírez BOS 104

NL Homeruns

4- Albert Pujols STL 43
6- Sammy Sosa CHI 40
21- Aramis Ramirez 27
25- Vladimir Guerrero 27


4- Albert Pujols
9- Aramis Ramírez
14- Sammy Sosa

Dominican Players Facts.

The Anaheim Angels had their key additions in Dominican Players; Vladimir Guerrero, Bartolo Colon and Jose Guillen.

The Baltimore Orioles had their biggest addition in Miguel Tejada.

The San Francisco Giants have a Dominican Manager, who won the Manager of the Year award in 1994, the Kansas City have Tony Peña as their manager and the Montreal Expos have Dominican GM in Omar Minaya. Several Dominicans are coaching in MLB and Minor League Baseball.

The Chicago Cubs had last season in some point of the season their 3-4-5 Dominican Lineup in Aramis Ramirez, Sammy Sosa and Moises Alou.

168 players are invited or are in 25 rosters in MLB Teams.

Only the Colorado Rockies are not projected to have at least a Dominican Player in their roster.

Friday, March 5

Breaking News

Dodgers are 3-0 in spring training, in today's game against Atlanta Jolbert Cabrera had to HR and now have 4 in SP. Guillermo Mota saved the game and Jhenzy Brazoban, obtained in the Kevin Brown Deal pitched well in 2 innings.

About Jolbert Cabrera, he's a regular defensive player and have the best bat among the 2B candidates, Why don't the Dodgers give him the chance to became the regular second base?

UPDATE:. Paul Loduca also homered for the Dodgers

Dodger Blue Tradition is coming Back / La tradición de los Dodgers esta en camino

I'm sure this won't make the Dodgers hit and win games but at least the tradition is coming back, as reports Koufax visits Dodger Town.

"There was a reason. But there's not anymore," Koufax said of his absence. "The reason for not coming out is definitely in the past." , said Koufax.

Let's go Dodgers!


Estoy seguro que esto no hará que los Dodgers bateen y ganen juegos, pero por lo menos la tradición esta de vuelta como publica el sitio oficial de los Dodgers Sandy Koufax visita Dodger Town
"Había una razon, pero esa razon ya no existe" Dijo Koufax por su ausencia. "La razon por la que no venia esta definitivamente en el pasado." , dijo Koufax.

Ariiba los Dodgers!

What a surprise! Que sorpresa!

When I started this blog I never thought that more a 20 people will read it, now I have over 400 hits in just 1 month, for me it’s been great.

I hope one day I’ll be writing my own column about baseball, I have a passion for baseball and the Dominican Republic, I love my country and I love Baseball.

I’ve started this blog and I did not realize the responsibility I had, now I have to write more often and try to find better histories, they are many great blogs, I hope to one day have half the hits they have.

As I posted a few days ago I intend to write in English and Spanish to reach readers from my country, writing in English for me is a little harder but I hope to keep improving.

I’ll try to write about more Dominican Players, not only Dodgers players.

Thanks to all the people who read my blog and especially to (Jon Thoughts) for reading it and write about it.

Cuando empecé este blog nunca pensé que mas de 20 personas lo iban a leer, ahora mas de 400 personas lo han leído en aproximadamente 1 mes, esto ha sido un gran logro para mi.

Espero algún día escribir mi propia columna acerca de Béisbol, soy apasionado de este deporte y de mi país, amo el Béisbol y a esta media isla.

Empecé este blog sin saber la responsabilidad que tenia, ahora tengo que escribir mas a menudo y conseguir mejores historias, existen una gran cantidad de blogs de muy alta calidad y espero algún día tener la mitad de las visitas que ellos tienen.

Desde ahora las historias estarán tanto en ingles como en Español para tratar de atraer lectores de habla hispana, escribir en ingles se me hace un poco mas difícil pero espero seguir mejorando.

Gracias a todos aquellos que han leído lo que escribo y especialmente a (Jon Thoughts) por las menciones a mi Blog.

Tuesday, March 2

Adrian Beltre: “This will be my big year”

Manny Mota, the Dodgers coach is doing some interviews for a local newspaper, i made the translation the best i could, so here it is.

Interviewed by Manny Mota in Vero Beach in a special report for El Caribetalks about his goals for the 2004 season.

Adrian Beltre has nothing but great expectations for this season. He’s confident that this will he’s performance year, during an interview with Manny Mota Beltre acknowledge that consistency will be the primary goal for him, he also said he had all the conditions to hit 30 or 40 homeruns.

Q&A with Manny Mota.

You’ll be a free agent next year; Do you think this will your final chance to prove the Dodgers that you are what they are expecting from you?
This will be an important year for me, because at the end of the year I have to make the decision to leave or stay. I already have 6 years in the league; it’s time I show the things I can do. This will be the most important year of my career.

Do you think you can start the season as you finished last season?
Yes, I’ve been working in little things to have my swing at the same rhythm during the whole season, and I hope this will help me be more consistent.Do you think you have the maturity and experience to achieve this?Yes, I think I have enough time in the league to know what I want to do.

What is your goal for the 2004 season?
Consistency, that’s my goal.

Do you feel you have the skills to bat cleanup?
Yes, if they put me there I’ll do my best, I’ve done it before and did pretty good, so I hope that if I get the chance again I can prove it.

Some people think your problem is mental and not mechanical, what do you think about it?
I don’t think so, I’m very positive every time I go to the home plate, every time I try to get a hit; either is the first or second half of the season.

No baseball on TV for Dominicans

For Dominicans baseball is like pain medicine they take to forget about all of their problems.
Every day lots of people goes to betting agencies to bet on teams, some people make a living of it and some lose a lot of money, watching Pedro Martinez pitch or watch any MLB game on TV, for the last couple of years we had on national TV games 5 or 6 days per week.

Today Dominicans are having the news that there not going to be games on national TV because the company that had purchased the rights owes US$ 2.0 to MLB. The biggest bank here tried to negotiate a deal but the price was to high.

So now, if you don't have cable, (and by the way only have. METS, BRAVES and CUBS games) or satellite you will have to go to a Sport bar to see the games.

Let's hope some deal can be arranged before season starts so many Dominicans can watch their favorite players.