Saturday, October 9

Carlos Perez trying again, and again

Carlos Perez, who's still enjoying Dodgers money in his town, fishing and having a blast in the Caribbean is looking to makea a comeback this year to the Dominican Winter League with Licey, I don't want to see that man near the stadium, he's one of the many reasons the Dodgers are attached to those stupid contracts, I know is not his fault Kevin Malone gave him a big contract, but he does not belong in Baseball anymore.

Dominican Winter League update...

Baseball is around the corner, teams had started practices with rookies and wasted veterans, of course all the good players will star playing in mid November, let's take a look at the teams.

Licey (Defending champions)

Will not have Guillermo Mota and Luis Castillo this winter because the fish won't let them play.
Angels prospect Erick Aybar will play at SS, let's hope he stays all season with the team and not like last year early exit.

Miguel Tejada will play in the Winter!

a part of me is angry because my team will have to face him in the playoffs, but Miguel is a player who gives a 110% in the field.

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