Tuesday, December 28

Dominican Winter League update: Escogido out, Estrellas in

The last spot for the playoffs was decided yesterday when Estrellas won over Gigantes and Escogido lost to Aguilas, also Licey lost to Azucareros but it was already in the playoffs.

David Ross and Erick Byrnes debuts.

Yesterday loss for Licey marked the debuts of Dodgers David Ross and A's Eric Byrnes, Licey also expecting Jose Guillen, Guillermo Mota, Luis Castillo (These two waiting for Florida OK to play) and Jose Jimenez.

Odalis Perez and Alfonzo Soriano near playing with Estrellas.

Both players are training and are near to be playing with Estrellas for the Playoffs.

Miguel Tejada debut delayed due to stomach problems.

Miguel Tejada asked Aguilas fans to forgive him for not playing yesterday against Escogido, he was sick and could not made trip to Santiago.

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