Sunday, December 19

Vladimir joined Licey, but Escogido Won

Saturday night was the much anticipated debut of Vladimir Guerrero with Licey, he always said that he wanted to play with Licey, his childhood team, well, It was true.

His debut marked the second time a reigning AL MVP plays here, first was Miguel Tejada, now is Vlad.

Every player wanted to talk to Guerrero, even Escogido's players, he gave a show in batting practice, fans all over the city came to the stadium to watch him play, me, I watched on TV.

Vladimir kept his word and played, he was in RF watching his teammates commit 6 errors, and stay hitless until the 7th inning.

He was 0-2 but make a great catch reaching his shoes for the ball and then throwing to second to make a double play.

The Game

Escogido won 5-1 behind a Licey poor defense and strong pitching from rookie Ezequiel Astacio


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