Tuesday, May 25

Foul Balls

It's not about the Family, it's about Raul's Money

Now that Mr. Raul Mondesi is free to sign with any MLB team he's considering the idea of not driving his kids to school and sign with a team to play again this season, apparently The bad guy is not Mario Guerrero, how can we trust Raul after he left the Pirates for personal reasons and sold us the idea that is not about the money, it's all about the family who's not protected in the Dominican Republic, I bought this idea and was defending the one who had left his Winter League team before.

Well, apparently is not about the family, it's all about the money, Raul complained about his contract, apparently he is not happy with the reduction he had, he thought he had a 8 million contract but instead he had a 1.4 million with an option for 2005.

he sold us the idea that it was about the family, kids go to school in the winter, we don't have a winter in the Dominican Republic, he stays here from October to February, he don't drive his kids to school for the simple reason that schools starts at 8:00am and he's never sober and/or awake at that time, that's the simple truth.

Maybe if he plays serious ball in the winter and stays with his family hi would have 100 rbi's for the first time in his career.

Be a man and admit that you did not want to be with the Pirates, but guess what Raul? You don't deserve to be playing in the Majors.


sarah said...

Imagining Marichal or Koufax pitching to Bonds is tough to call...but I would like to think that they both would be able to get Bonds out. Koufax and Marichal are two of the greats! (And I can't stand Barry Bonds.) Speaking of this matchup, I'm very excited to see Pedro pitch to Bonds when the Sox play the Giants this summer...hopefully the rotation will line up so that Pedro will pitch one of the games. I bet Pedro can get him out, what do you think? :)

Rob said...

Mondesi on the Angels? He's always been a five-tool guy missing the sixth: motivation. God I hope he doesn't make it to the Angels. The Times story seemed to indicate he wasn't headed there, but you never know. It could be a total mess if the team loses Anderson for the season.