Monday, December 27

Lead by Example

Miguel Tejada opened a full baseball complex in his native city of Bani, he invested millions of pesos to give kids a place to play and develop their skills as baseball players.

Miguel is a role model, not only in the baseball field he's a aggressive player even playing here with Aguilas, but out of the field too, you've never read or heard of Miguel involved in an incident.

Miguel is a player worth watching play, I'll look forward to see him play in the playoffs.

An other good example is Salomon Torres, had just started a new academy as well in San Pedro de Macoris, Salomon had not earned as much money as Miguel Tejada, but his making his contribution.

Other players such as Bartolo Colon, Rafael Furcal among other are making contributions as well.

Sammy Sosa have a foundation in his town that helps children and and pregnant women.
Ramon and Pedro Martinez are making big contributions as well.
Juan Guzman have a foundation too.

It's good to see that Dominican Players are caring for their communities.

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