Saturday, August 21

Good friday, a day to remember

August 20th was a day to remember for Dominican Players who are making noice again and are leading several offensive categories.

Dodgers 3 Braves 2

Adrian Beltre hit two homeruns, one in the 9th inning against Jhon Smoltz (I guess Gagne is not the only one giving runs), and later in the 11th hit another one to win the game, those two were his 37th and 38 of the year. El mambo de Lima pithched well again giving up 1 run in 7 innings.

Anaheim 5 Yankees 0

Ramon Ortizm the same Ramon who struggle early pitch like the man the Angels wanted to see all year, 4 hits and 0 runs in 8 innings not bad for a pitcher they were willing to trade away for cash. Good for Ramon, he and Anaheim needed that win.

Boston 10 Wisox 1

Oh Manny, grand slam, he was in slump, if he gets hot look out, he's a hitting machine, great night for him and the Red Sox, specially that the dumb empire lost his game against the Angels, I hope my good friend Sarah is happy with last night victory.

Cubs 9 Astros 2, Slumping Sammy hits another one

Apparently what Sammy needed was to bat in the number five spot, I hope he gets hot and they catch San Francisco in the Wild Card, Moises Alou hit one two...

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