Wednesday, May 12

Guerrero Strikes Back

Mario Guerrero, the one who sued Raúl Mondesi and forced him to retire "for the season" has new lawsuits against Giants Neifi Perez for US$ 163,000 and ex-Blue Jays/Dodgers/Devil Rays Juan Guzman for US$ 400,000, this report according to a local Radio Sport Show with reporter Bienvenido Rojas today.

Apparently Mario Guerrero wants to made the money he did not made in his player career.


Tommy Naccarato said...

In the DR, what team seems to be the most popular team that yougn Dominican's want to play for?

raultavares said...

That will be Licey and Aguilas, these teams have rivalry like no other teams, Licey is from Santo Domingo and Aguilas from Santiago, but these teams are not a good fit for young players because many MLB players play here, but everyone wants to play for Licey, last year Jose Guillen was selected ia a draft and later traded to Licey, the league banned that trade, Guillen later said that he always wanted to play for Licey