Friday, October 29

Pedro and Big Papi

I haven't post in a while, I have so much to write, first Boston reversed the curse and finally won a a world series, celebration here was big, seemed like a local team had won a championship, Boston is definitely the favorite team for Dominicans.

Our winter league is entering it's first week and looks like we are watching single A baseball so far, too many rookies but some interesting prospects to watch, more on this later.

Dominicans in the post season.

For all the Dominican haters out there the three MVP's were given to Dominican Players, in the Division Series both the American League and National League were won by David "Big Papi" Ortiz and Albert Pujols, and then the MVP in the World Series by Manny Ramirez, what a great performance by those three guys.

Pedro and Big Papi

When Curt Shilling pitched such a good game many journalist here were expecting another bad outing by Pedro, they were counting on the Cardinals beating Pedro.

That day my wife told me during breakfast (in wish he steals from the morning newspaper) that he wanted Pedro ti win, that everyone was expecting him to lose, that he deserves to win to shout many mouths. This from a person who rarely watch a game on TV, I know so little about baseball, well, she was right, Pedro won and he threw a great game.

David Ortiz did not have a great world series but all the damaged he caused to NY will be remembered for years.

The Dominican Flag!

How proud I was watching Pedro and David holding our flag and dedicating this win to us, to those who followed them all year.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Raul...

I loved the article on Pedro and David Ortiz...

I am a female american, who is a die hard red sox fan. I do have the hugest crush on Pedro though...My faith has never waivered from what I know Pedro could do on the mound, he is amazing!!!

And as for David Ortiz, I don't think I have ever seen another player on any team who has as much heart as David has for this game!!!

I was also proud to see Pedro and David holding the Dominican flag, it is a major tribute to the Dominican and all of the talent that is produced in your country. I hope to be able to vacation there this year...


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