Sunday, May 30

Baseball City, a new baseball academy in the Dominican Republic

In June 3 will be open the new academy named Baseball City, the Acadey will host the Chicago Cubs, Cincinnati Reds, Arizona Diamond Backs and Minnesota Twins, the presidents of each club will attend the inauguration of Baseball City.

The complex was build by former player Junior Noboa along with some partners.

Baseball City will have six full fiels and 2 half fields for infield practice,that means that all 4 teams can and will operate at the same time.

The complex is also full loaded with gyms, conference rooms, teaching rooms and facilities for sleeping.

RBI a progam that is being developed by MLB also will have a space here.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

This is a place that Dominican Summer League Players play. Major League players don't play there. It is almost like Rookie League - It's a place that develops prospects. Not a high percentage of these players go on to the "Show". I trained at one of these complexes before they built Baseball City. Great players. Great experience. I hear Baseball City is a players dream.