Wednesday, December 29

The Adrian Beltre side of the Story, the Dodgers are not being honest with their Fans

Adrian gave an interview to Listin Diario while he was training here in Santo Domingo.
It's amazing and intriguing how the Dodgers did not wanted him back, for a moment it looks like a bad decision, only time will tell. Here's a little translation on what Adrian spoke in the interview.

"I have a big commitment with Seattle. They gave me all that money so I can be one the key players of that team, I'm willing to take the challenge and the best I can."
He said that he visited the city before signing and he and his wife Sandra liked the city.
They promised to build a winning team.

"They are keeping their promise, they got Richi Sexson and are behind Odalis Perez and some other pitchers". He also noted the presence of Ichiro and Boone."

He cared more when fans chanted MVP! Than actually winning the MVP

Bonds was the MVP, Adrian was second. "Barry Bonds deserved the award" said Beltre "awards are not important for me, I liked the chorus of MVP! MVP! Better, that was really great."

He was 24 hours away of being a Red Sox

Apparently the Yankees are not the only ones being affected by the Dodgers, according to Beltre
since the end of the season he was wanting for a real offer from the Dodgers, but it never came, while other teams made big offers, one of them was the Boston Red Sox who gave him a 24 hour deadline to make a decision or they will signed Renteria, and that was the final decision, so instead of Edgar Renteria Boston could have Adrian Beltre now.

"The Dodgers were always my first option, It never crossed my mind leaving LA, but I was not sure if they wanted me, they did not handle things well, I did not see a real interest in keeping me."

"I don't understand what were their reasons to make such decision, an effective communication never took place, in a meeting I noticed that they did not have the intention to hire me, they had the rights and the time to negociate with, but they never did".

"while teams like Detroit, Boston and Seattle had their offers, the Dodgers never sat in the table to talk to me, they did made an offer, I stayed longer in LA waiting for an offer, because I did not wanted to traver to the Dominican Republic and then go back to LA".

He was wainting until December for an agreement with the Dodgers, putting other teams on hold.

"we always called to the Dodgers, but they never answered". "At the end they offered me a 9 million offer, but the smaller offer I got from other teams was 12 millions".

The Dodgers are not being honest with the fans, why don't they say the truth, they did not wanted Adrian back, they have other plans, or they can afford it. Is not that hard.

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