Sunday, December 12

Vladimir Guerrero to join Licey

Apparently Vlad had spoken to Licey GM and will play with Licey beginning December 18th against Escogido, according to, also Jose Guillen and Erick Byrnes will play on the 14th and 26th.

So licey will have for the Round Robin (Playoffs) the Following team:

1B Calos Peña (Detroit)
2B Luis Castillo (Marlins) No confirmation on him yet
SS D'Angelo Jimenez (Reds)
3B Ronnie Belliard (Indians)
C Brandon Masters
OF Vladimir Guerrero / Jose Guillen / Erick Byrnes


Timo Perez, Henry Rodriguez, Izzy Alcantara, Erick Aybar, Hanley Ramirez among others.


Juan Carlos Cruz, Manny Aybar, Wilton Chavez, Felix Diaz, Guillermo Mota, Felix Rodriguez, Yency Brazoban, Francis Beltran among others.

But Aguilas will have Miguel Tejada and Tony Batista, Willy Mo Peña among others.

So it will be an interesting playoff.

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