Thursday, July 1

American or Dominican League?

If you take a look at the offensive stats in the American League you may think that you are looking at a Winter League stat sheet, only that David Ortiz and Miguel Tejada play here at the Dominican Winter League.

Every day more Dominicans are into the leaders of the American League, here's a look:

AL Avg

Ivan Rodriguez TEX 381
Melvin Mora BAL 357
Vladimir Guerrero ANA 344
Manny Ramirez BOS 333


David Ortiz BOS 21 (Tied with H.Blalock TEX)
Manny Ramirez BOS 20 (Tied with Paul Konerko CHI)
Vladimir Guerrero ANA 19


David Ortiz BOS 75
Vladimir Guerrero ANA 68
Miguel Tejada BAL 65
Manny Ramirez BOS 59

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