Thursday, September 23

This season is not over yet!!!

Sorry Rob, the season is not over yet, until then we'll have to watch every Dodger game hoping for a miracle, we'll suffer until the Dodgers are officially out, I know that and you know that.

I know It's frustrating to have a lead and see it go away slowly every game after every game.

But I believe in Dodger Blue, I believe this a different team from other years, This is a fighting team, a team with C o j o n e s.

I refuse to think things will be over, that the Dodgers are not going to the playoffs, I want to shut every people here rooting for Felipe and the Giants, I can't leasen to the Radio and hear people talking about how great Barry Bond is.

This year is going to be different, October 4th you'll be writing on the possible matchups for the playoffs, Dodgers fans deserve that, we don't deserve another October without baseball.

I'm with Jon, we'll rise...

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