Saturday, June 12

Dodgers and Red Sox, games 1 and 2

Odalis Perez must be frustrated, I know he's a Pro, but it must be hard to pitch such a great game and watch your team bat with a rolled newspaper.
Last night the Dodgers fall to the Red Sox 2-1 in a great game, both pitchers were great, it was a great game to watch for us in the Dominican Republic, one of the starting pitchers was Dominican and a fellow Dominican decided the game, Odalis pitched well but did not win, but today the Dodgers scored all the runs they did not scored in the two first games of the Toronto series and last night, they beat the Red Sox 14-5, Yes! 14-5, I can imagine Odalis talking to Lima in the Dogout " Mira eso Lima, ayer no batearon nada, y hoy bateo hasta Juan".

Odalis is so frustrated that unless there is a change in his next games I don't see him resigning with L.A next year.

For tomorrow game I'll be rooting for my Dodgers against Pedro and half the city of Santo Domingo.

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