Tuesday, December 7

Here comes Vlad! Rumors about Pedro

Vladimir Guerrero was in Licey practices today, took a few swings and ran laps, according to some unnamed sources he's willing to play, he was attending the game and was given an standing ovation when was announced his presence, and that he's training to get in play.

Kendry "hard hands" Morales, was playing 1B for Estrellas, he got a K and made 2 errors at first, 1 fielding a ground ball and the other attempting to pick a throw.

Well, I hope for Rob's health this would not be El ladron II for the Angels.

Red Sox owner visit and Pedro's Rumors.

Tommorow is the first anniversary of the Red Sox Academy in the DR, and the organization have a press conference (more on that later), the rumor is they'll announce Pedro's signing there, they also bring the WS trophy, first time we'll have this in our country.

Without a doubt Boston is the most popular team in the DR now.

Juan Gone!

Juan Samuel was fired as Escogido manager yesterday, Mike Guerrero took his place, Mike is the son of ex toronto scout Epy Guerrero, relative of Mondesi friend Mario Guerrero.

Here they come!

As december gets older more players are getting in, for Licey we had DÁngelo Jimenez, Ronnie Belliard, Timo Perez, Oh Henry, Carlos Peña, and soon we'll have Guillermo Mota, Luis Castillo, Francis Beltran, and maybe, just maybe, Vladimir Guerreo and Jose "Cancer"Guillen.

Gigantes have already Pedro Feliz, Dodgers Antonio Perez and Duaner Sanchez is coming real soon.

Escogido have Neifi Perez, who by the way will assist and/or help the new manager, tommorrow "El Borracho" AKA Rafael Furcal will make his debut, and I almost forgot, Escogido is in last place.

Aguilas will see on December 26th Miguel Tejada, Willi Mo Peña and Ex-dodgers prospect are already playing, Miguel Batista will enter as a closer real soon.

Boston Hanley Ramirez of Licey is out day by day with some kind of back injury.

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