Wednesday, May 12

Pacific time

Last season i watched almost every Dodger Game that was telecast on DirecTV, we have a 3 hour difference in the Dominican Republic, so when the game beggins is 10:00pm here and add 1 hour in the winter or fall, anyway i managed to stay awake to watch the game, it was a 1 run difference games that the Dodgers lost it anyways, by the end of the season i said to myself not to loose any sleep because of the Dodgers, this year they are winning games and i cannot watch them on DirecTV.

Cadena de Noticias is airing the games, but they air East coast games, mostly Boston or Cubs games, on Saturday they announced Dodgers-Pirates, but they choose to air Expos-Cardinals, so once again i had rely on the Net and Gamecast.

Yesterday thay announced Cubs-Dodgers, and again they aired the Pedro game (taped at 10:00pm), thanks god for WGN.

Thanks to WGN i got to see one the few Dodgers game this season, i got to see Jason first career HR, but again it was too late and i missed half the game strugling to stay awake, tonight they will be no telecast on WGN, but tomorrow i'll take a pre-game nap to stay awake.

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