Friday, July 23

Welcome to the Jungle

This is not about Eric Gagne when entering the game for another save, this is about the current situation of my country.

In the national Zoo a man tells a little black kid who is in a field trip to the zoo.

Hey kid, where is your father? He should be here with the monkeys (The kid is poor and Black), so the kid answers "you know what, you should be a comedian", this was a dialogue between our President Hipolito Mejia and a Little kid.

That was only one of his sarcastic and racist remarks, for four years Mr. Mejia had given us bad jokes after bad jokes, we got tired of his jokes so in May 16 we voted him out of the presidency.

His government is due next August 16, but of course they are not doing nothing for the country except stealing everything they can, give pensions to people that never attended work, anyway the country is in the middle of a energy crisis, the hospitals are not working at nights, they are not doing any surgeries, and the Health Minister is saying that there's nothing wrong with our public hospitals.

Thanks god that me or my Family does not need to attend a public hospital.

So please Mr. Mejia, stop the stupids jokes, everytime you open your mouth is to say something really stupid.

Once again forgive me for posting this in a blog that is supposed to post news about baseball, but I had to get this out of my mind.



sarah said...

:( I'm sorry to hear about things being so messed up down there. I hope your new president cares about his country more. Up here in the US we're going into a very important political season as well, so I can understand having more than baseball on your mind!
Hey - you asked me where I got my Escogido cap. I got it on the internet because Ortiz was playing for them last winter and I was sort of following the Dominican leagues whenever I could get any news about them. You're a Licey fan, aren't you? Some day I'll come down to visit the DR and you can take me to a Licey game and maybe convince me to wear another cap! :)

Macaruchi said...

Hey, I'm a dominican too, so I saw this post and knew exactly how you feel. It's incredible what we're going through.
I think this is the biggest energy crisis in this country's history. Yesterday, for example, we only had like 2 hours of electricity the whole day.
I guess some people read about this and think we're exagerating.
But we are not, this is real. It's a real shame to have a president that only cares about himself, only cares about stealing OUR money.
Well I guess I also needed to get this out of my mind... :)