Friday, October 22

Alex Rodriguez recent comments about his nationality

He’s mad at us because we questioned his comments, he’s mad because he just answered a question that Fox made to him, he said that Fox asked him his name, team and place of born, and of course he answered them.

He placed a call to Mr. Leo Corporan, Sport Editor of El Nacional, a local newspaper and here’s what he said:

“They did not asked me how I felt, they just asked where I was born” said Rodriguez to Mr. Corporan and remembering that his parents are Dominican and he’s more Dominican then a Platano.

In his conversation he revealed that he will bring aid relief for the poor here, and this was an old plan and have nothing to do with the recent controversy.

He placed the call just minutes before living New York (I don’t know if it’s a private plane or a commercial plane), he said that he heard about the issue regarding his comments but he wanted to focus on his game (Apparently he was focus on an other thing).

Here’s a little bit of the conversation between A-Rod and Leo Corporan:

Leo: Explain to me the situation?
Alex: it’s simple, they asked me three questions, Name, position and place of birth.
Leo: It was Fox who made those questions?
Alex: Yes, that’s what I want to explain, I spoke to David Ortiz and the other guys and they don’t understand the big deal about it.

Well, that’s all true, he did not say anything new, I still does not consider him Dominican, I still believe he will play for USA and not us if the world cup took place, but enough if this, he’s American, people have to understand that, but he can’t claim that Fox made the questions, thay asked the same question to Many Ramirez and he answered “I’m from the Dominican Republic” that being said, Good luck Alex, and please stop with this A-Rod Nationality thing, it’s clear, you’re are not what you said. It’s how you feel.


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