Friday, May 7

Ups and Downs, Surprises of the first month.

April is gone, may is on his way, a few surprises, some disappointments for Dominican Players and their teams.

First surprise is the Dodgers in first place tied with the Madres, and Adrian Beltré hitting 389, 9 hr and 25 rbi’s, people had talk about his potential, some suggest to trick him to made him believe in August in April, apparently has worked so far. He’s second to Barry Bonds in BA. And 4th in slugging with 704.

Duaner Sanchez is another surprise, no one expect him to made the team, he made it because of and injury to other player, but so far he had performed well.

Another big surprise is Cleveland Ronnie Belliard, he was born in NY but he’s more Dominican than anyone here, he plays for Licey in the Winter and is the heart of this team, he was a free agent this winter and signed with Cleveland to play second base, in the winter he played Third Base to make room for Luis Castillo at second and D’Angelo Jimenez and Cristian Guzman at short stop, he played the best defense in the league, but his bat was to heavy for him, but we loved him for the runs he saved with his glove. So far his batting 379 with 11 RBI and 11 doubles. Expect Belliard to decline his batting average.


The most disappointment had been Pedro Martinez, not only for his performance but for his comments, keep your mouth closed and if you are not performing well, you will be good again, but in the meantime Shut up!!

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