Monday, December 27

The day I met Luchy

Luchy Guerra is not an ordinary employee for the Los Angeles Dodgers, she's like a mother to many Latin American players in the organization.

I met her a year ago at Estadio Quisqueya, she was here for a special celebration at Campo las Palmas, I had read of her over the Internet and I wanted to meet her, so the opportunity came at a game in Santo Domingo.

In those days Dodgers new owner had given his speech, they were rumors about the hiring of Paul Depodesta and that he was going to replace all the scouts.

We talked about Dodger baseball and how much she loves the Dodgers, she was out of Internet connection, so she was no aware of Dodgers news, the rumors among other things.

We talked for about 20 minutes, it was a great experience for me, I had met a Dodger whom I proud of.

I knew she was a great person for comments and reports on her, but this year I discovered how great she is.

I was attending a baseball game, ordering a pizza, suddenly I feel someone behind me, it was Luchy smiling coming to say hello to me, a guy she saw a year ago in a Stadium full of people, and she remembered me, that meant a lot to me. and she was like two sections to my right, pretty far away.

She must see lots of people when she comes here, but not only she remembered me, she also remembered my name.

Today the LA Times have a story on Luchy.

I'm sure you have already read it, it worth reading it.

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