Tuesday, May 25

Foul Balls 2

Barry Bonds in the Dominican Republic?

In the recent series between the Expos and Giants in Puerto Rico several Dominican Media Traveled to San Juan to cover the Giants-Expos series most of all because Felipe Alou and the Giants, well, some reporters approach Barry Bonds, and guess what, he talked to them for about 20 minutes and actually smiled, he told them that he's interested in comingo to our country in the winter, play some golf and have some night life in Santo Domingo, and of course go the beach.

Juan Marichal VS Barry Bonds

Asking hall of famer Juan MArichal about Bonds he told reporters that he would like to face Barry Bonds, and if the Manager asked him to walk Bonds with or without man on bases he would give the ball to the manager so he can throw it him self.

What do you think of a Barry Bonds - Sandy Koufax or Marichel Match up?

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