Wednesday, August 4

The trade and Guillermo Mota age

Everybody had talked about how the Dodgers loose by trading the best setup man in Guillermo Mota, but had anyone wondered if Guillermo is really 31?

Not to offend any of my fellow Dominicans, but I believed that counting out Moises Alou and a few no Dominican Player is really the age they show in the Books. Just do a little exercise and watch a picture of Jose Mesa and tell if he really looks 36? i don't think so.

Only a few years ago MLB had stablished controls to avoid false documentation, but can you imagine an scandal on Miguel Tejada's age? or Sammy Sosa?.

Back to the trade I think the deal will pay off this year and in the future for the Dodgers, I really liked LoDuca, but baseball is not an one man game.


j said...


this is jesse from dodgersforbreakfast--

very cool site and very cool perspective. i hadn't even thought of that. maybe depo knew more about mota?...

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