Tuesday, November 16

Royals scouting Mondesi, Mario Guerrero still after him

The Royals are scouting Raul Mondesi, this according to news report from Santiago (no link so far), according to the report Manager Tony Peña is interested in having Raul in his team in 2005 but are watching him very close his fitness conditions.

Mario Guerrero, Mondesi worst nightmare is charging again, according to clave digital Guerrero had summited a petition to court asking Las Aguilas to retain Mondesi salary in the winter.

Mondesi lawyer said that this will not proceed because Dominican constitution does not allow salaries to be retained because of a civil lawsuit, only for child support, said Raul attorney.

"Nothing had changed" said Mondesi, "I don't have any agreement with Guerrero, he had never taught me anything, there's no contract signed by me to prove that" added Raul.

"I will keep this case until the final consequences, but I'm not giving him a cent of my money"

Mondesi had earned nearly 65 millions in 12 seasons with Los Angeles, Toronto, Yankees Arizona, Pittsburgh and Anaheim.

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