Saturday, June 5

From Juan to Pedro. Go see a Doctor!

Juan Marichal our only member in the hall of fame gave Pedro Martinez a public advice, go see a doctor, you are not fine.

Since the 2002 season Pedro is less efective, i know he's like a hero for us in the Dominican Republic, but we have to be realistic, he's not the same anymore, we can stand behind false theories anymore, is not the cold weather, he's not out of shape, he's hurt and is not telling, just because he'll be a free agent.

He's a very brave player, a player the Dodgers gave up because of his body and he turned out in one of the best pitchers in the game, but now he's hurt, something's wrong with his arm.

The fact is that dominican pitchers starts to slow down after 2,000 IP, except for Juan Marichal every pitcher from this country after 2,000 innings began the start of the end of his career.

In today's papers Marichal advice Pedro to see a doctor, I think he already saw one, or two or a dozen, but he won't tell what's wrong with him, not in the final year of his contract, that's why he was pushing for a contract extension before the start of the season, his fastball is 4 miles slower.

Pedro needs to make changes and he will a dominant pitcher again, but don't expect the old Pedro.

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