Wednesday, July 14

Dominican players Conquered the All Star show

I've been distant from blogging since last week, lots of work and trying to sell our apartment has held me from posting, but great things are happening for Dominicans.

First 11 Dominicans were in the All Star game (I'm counting out A-Rod) and the most voted player was Alfonso Soriano.

The Home run derby was won by Miguel Tejada, who broke a record of 15 HR in a round held by another Dominican Albert Pujols.

The MVP was Alfonso Soriano.

7 out of 9 of the AL runs were produced by Dominicans, Manny Ramirez (2), David Ortiz (2) and Alfonso Soriano (3).

3 out of 4 of the NL runs were also produced by fellow Dominicans Sammy Sosa (1) and Albert Pujols (2).

In the pitching department no Dominican Player was involved in the game.

In other news Dominican Republic defeat Puerto Rico and won the Gold medal in CentroBasket, a tournament of the Caribbean and Central America, so we beat them in Baseball in the Caribbean Series and in their Best Sport too.

Beating Puerto Rico is better than sweeping the Giants!

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