Monday, September 20

This Blog is back!

After a few weeks without posting for some reasons I'm back in the the blogosphere, I was a difficult time for me and my family, moving in the Dominican Republic is not that easy, then came Jeanne, who caused very big damage to the east and north coast of the Island, including Armando Benitez home in San Pedro de Macoris.

Well, back to baseball having almost a week without internet, cable and Directv I find the Dodgers only 2 1/2 games ahead of the Giants, but this weekend series against Colorado was a little encouraging, two comebacks wins becoming 5 runs deficits it's a good thing.

But the Padres believe the Dodgers are more lucky than good, this according to some players from the Padres.

Not to take anything away from them, but I definitely don't feel like they're the best team in the division," said Lawrence, Sunday's starter.

"But that's why you play the game ---- the best team doesn't always win. If that was the case, they'd give the trophy to the Yankees every year and call the season."David Wells expressed a similar sentiment after pitching in Saturday's game, claiming that Jeff Weaver is Los Angeles' only "legitimate" starter.

"They've been getting lucky," Wells said. "They're the comeback kids. You have to give credit to their offense."We know we have a better team than the Dodgers.

They've just been winning at the right time. That's why they're where they're at. It's frustrating to all of us that we are where we are."


sarah said...

ugh - i hate david wells! don't listen to him, raul - the dodgers are having a great year. I'm rooting for them and the Cardinals in the NL. wells is just bitter and jealous. y gordo.
it's good to have you back, and i'm glad to hear that you and your family are safe and healthy. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, Raul -- I completely forgot! How did you fare in the hurricane?