Sunday, October 31

Oh Sammy! Shut up please.

Rob at 6-4-2 links to a story about Sammy recent comments to Hoy on his intentions to stay a cub and his plans to keep playing.

Who does Sammy think he is? is he bigger than the rest of his teammates? Is he bigger than the great city of Chicago?, I'm beginning to think that in his mind he sure thinks so.

The Cubs had the chance to win the wild card, but they blew it, I'm not saying it was Sammy's fault, it was the whole team fault, but they must play as a a team, Mr. Sosa in the last game left earlier, and lie about it, that's an insult to his teammates, fans and the team.

If he was injured he must stayed in the dugout, at least for respect to his fans.

In the interview he complains about been dropped to #6 in the batting order, well Sammy you were in a slump, he complains about the fans booing him, well, wait until next season if you're stlll a Cub and you will hearing some serious boos.

Sammy's upset with Dusty Baker, some fans and the press, for what, for telling the truth?

Sammy admits that he did wrong in leaving before the game was over, but he never thought it will cause so much trouble.

"If I'd imagine this, I'd play, even that I was not in conditions to play" said Sammy in the interview. Sosa told the reporter that he felt too tired at the of the season. (he's not the only one)

"I thought that this would not be an issue due to my story with the team and the kind of player I am"

Saturday, October 30

Dominican Winter League: Week 1

Now that baseball in the US is over, let's focus on what's going on in the Caribbean, the tournament just started, just six game had been played, teams are playing with lot's of rookies, seems like watching AA baseball, here's a look of what's going on here.

Santo Domingo teams Licey and Escogido are playing like they if they did not want to win at all, with few regulars on rosters but lot's of prospects.

Licey have a combination of Erick Aybar (Angels) and Hansley Remirez (Red Sox) in 2B and SS, Ramirez allready have 2hr in the season and had played solid defense along with Aybar, in CF they have Cubs prospect Felix Pie, a speedy batless player so far.

Carlos Perez, ex-Dodger made his debut, trying to come back to major's next year, he pitched a 2 quality innings a couple of nights ago.

Raul Mondesi debut

Aguilas fans were surprised last night when Raul Mondesi was included in the roster and played, apparently he want's to show he can still play, can he?... let's see how many game he plays before he quits the team.

Standings as October 30, 2004

Aguilas 5-1
Gigantes 3-3
Azucareros 3-3
Estrellas 3-3
Licey 2-4
Escogido 2-4

Friday, October 29

Dominicans and US Elections

Interesting story about Dominicans role in the upcoming elections in the US, and also the story have a link to my blog, thanks to Yahaira Castro for putting a link to my website and also to Mr. David Montero an Associate Producer at FRONTLINE/World.

Please visit the story above.

Pedro and Big Papi

I haven't post in a while, I have so much to write, first Boston reversed the curse and finally won a a world series, celebration here was big, seemed like a local team had won a championship, Boston is definitely the favorite team for Dominicans.

Our winter league is entering it's first week and looks like we are watching single A baseball so far, too many rookies but some interesting prospects to watch, more on this later.

Dominicans in the post season.

For all the Dominican haters out there the three MVP's were given to Dominican Players, in the Division Series both the American League and National League were won by David "Big Papi" Ortiz and Albert Pujols, and then the MVP in the World Series by Manny Ramirez, what a great performance by those three guys.

Pedro and Big Papi

When Curt Shilling pitched such a good game many journalist here were expecting another bad outing by Pedro, they were counting on the Cardinals beating Pedro.

That day my wife told me during breakfast (in wish he steals from the morning newspaper) that he wanted Pedro ti win, that everyone was expecting him to lose, that he deserves to win to shout many mouths. This from a person who rarely watch a game on TV, I know so little about baseball, well, she was right, Pedro won and he threw a great game.

David Ortiz did not have a great world series but all the damaged he caused to NY will be remembered for years.

The Dominican Flag!

How proud I was watching Pedro and David holding our flag and dedicating this win to us, to those who followed them all year.

Friday, October 22

Alex Rodriguez recent comments about his nationality

He’s mad at us because we questioned his comments, he’s mad because he just answered a question that Fox made to him, he said that Fox asked him his name, team and place of born, and of course he answered them.

He placed a call to Mr. Leo Corporan, Sport Editor of El Nacional, a local newspaper and here’s what he said:

“They did not asked me how I felt, they just asked where I was born” said Rodriguez to Mr. Corporan and remembering that his parents are Dominican and he’s more Dominican then a Platano.

In his conversation he revealed that he will bring aid relief for the poor here, and this was an old plan and have nothing to do with the recent controversy.

He placed the call just minutes before living New York (I don’t know if it’s a private plane or a commercial plane), he said that he heard about the issue regarding his comments but he wanted to focus on his game (Apparently he was focus on an other thing).

Here’s a little bit of the conversation between A-Rod and Leo Corporan:

Leo: Explain to me the situation?
Alex: it’s simple, they asked me three questions, Name, position and place of birth.
Leo: It was Fox who made those questions?
Alex: Yes, that’s what I want to explain, I spoke to David Ortiz and the other guys and they don’t understand the big deal about it.

Well, that’s all true, he did not say anything new, I still does not consider him Dominican, I still believe he will play for USA and not us if the world cup took place, but enough if this, he’s American, people have to understand that, but he can’t claim that Fox made the questions, thay asked the same question to Many Ramirez and he answered “I’m from the Dominican Republic” that being said, Good luck Alex, and please stop with this A-Rod Nationality thing, it’s clear, you’re are not what you said. It’s how you feel.


Saturday, October 16

A-Rod nationality.

In the first game of the Yankees-Red Sox series each player introduced themselves with name and origin.

Bernie Williams, CF, Puerto Rico
Jorge Posada, Catcher, Puerto Rico
Derek Jeter, SS, United States

Then came Alex Rodriquez turn, the kid from NY who many journalist here call Dominican, the one who claimed that he's Dominican several times, then he said "Alex Rodriguez, USA"

Yes that's right, USA not Dominican Republic, that felt like a thunder for many people here some journalist, they're trying to hang Alex for telling his feelings, his true feelings, what's the big deal about that? He was born in NY, he got his education in Miami, he was drafted in the USA.

I'd always considered him as a American player, not a Dominican Player, he's a great player, a super star, but he's not our super star.

I'm sure he cares for this country, his mothers country, he have many friends here, but let's be realistic, he's a business man, and for him is better business being from the USA.

So let's stop crying about it, he's not Dominican, he's as he told millions, Alex Rodriguez USA.

But don't be upset, we have many great players and people around the world who take their Dominican roots proudly, Oscar De la Renta, Gold medalist Felix Sanchez, and may others who makes us proud.

And in case the world cup takes place he will place for the USA, but we have Adrian Beltre and many pitchers to take him out.

So to A-Rod, good for you to finally came out and saying that you are from the USA. Finally...

Sunday, October 10

With tears in my eyes

I used to hate Lima, he was averything I hate in a human being, arrogant, loud and played for teams I hated.

But suddenly the Dodgers signed him as a non roster player, he won a spot in the team, I still hated him, but things began to change, he begin to win games, to bring energy to the Dodgers dogout, and again to win games.

Last night, watching first the Twins-Damn Yankees game with some friends at home and later the Dodgers game, seeing Dodger Stadium, a place I remember like if was yesterday, a place that I might not go again in my life, watching Lima pitching there in a playoff game, giving the Dodgers their first victory since 1988 was a wonderful thing, now I'll have to eat my words.

But watching this morning paper, and see Lima praying after the final out and screaming to who knows what made me almost cry.

This season I watched the Dodgers like never before, I even wrote about them, I'm still excited about last nigh, still looking for stories about last night, still watching sportscenter and Southern California Sport Report.

Well, let's hope Odalis get some Energy from Lima tonight, Dodgers fans deserve that...

Saturday, October 9

Carlos Perez trying again, and again

Carlos Perez, who's still enjoying Dodgers money in his town, fishing and having a blast in the Caribbean is looking to makea a comeback this year to the Dominican Winter League with Licey, I don't want to see that man near the stadium, he's one of the many reasons the Dodgers are attached to those stupid contracts, I know is not his fault Kevin Malone gave him a big contract, but he does not belong in Baseball anymore.

Dominican Winter League update...

Baseball is around the corner, teams had started practices with rookies and wasted veterans, of course all the good players will star playing in mid November, let's take a look at the teams.

Licey (Defending champions)

Will not have Guillermo Mota and Luis Castillo this winter because the fish won't let them play.
Angels prospect Erick Aybar will play at SS, let's hope he stays all season with the team and not like last year early exit.

Miguel Tejada will play in the Winter!

a part of me is angry because my team will have to face him in the playoffs, but Miguel is a player who gives a 110% in the field.