Thursday, June 24

Is that time of the year again

This time of the year means hope for us fans who's team are needing a extra bat or arm, this time of the year we hear any kind of rumors, this time of the years teams became buyers or sellers, is in this time of the season where fans get frustrated for the deal or the deal that your GM did not made.

Every morning I tried not to read Dodgers related news, every moment I'm expecting the big news about a big trade that will help the team, but every day I go to bed and now deal has been made.

Rumors already had Beltran with the Dodgers, but Paul Depodesta did not want to part with Guillermo Mota, they said Mota could be our next closer if an agreement is not reach with Gagne.

This year I think the trading market will different for the Dodgers, at least that's our GM has told us.

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