Sunday, May 16

Mario "delinquent" Guerrero

Mario Guerrero time is coming, players are united against him, he will not succeed.

Pablo Peguero, former Dodgers employee, Campo las Palmas director, scout, the one who ran the academy when Mondesi was signed and signed him has Denied Guerrero story.

Pablo Peguero said that Mario Guerrero did not get involved in Mondesi development as a player, he also denied that Mondesi visa was arranged by Guerrero, the Dodgers did that, said Peguero. He's also willing to testify in a court in favor of Mondesi.

"I don't know were that story came from (the one that Guerrero trained Mondesi), because I can give you my word that I signed him before he turned 17 and Guerrero's name never was present" Peguero said. He also explained that Mondesi was playing with Lucho Camano League in San Cristobal and later was in the A's academy.

"One day he left the academy and Maximo Gross showed to me, I invited him to Campo Las Palmas and later signed him", Peguero said.

"I Will testify, because I can prove that when Mondesi was signed Guerrero's name never was present, there's no way that Guerrero can saw him because our players got in the academySundayy night and leftSaturdayy mornings" added Guerrero.

The truth is coming, soon Guerrero will be defeated, the players are supporting Mondesi and others.

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Jon said...

Well, what I don't understand is, wasn't the court case decided already in Guerrero's favor? Where was Peguero when the case was going on? Or is this just for an appeal? I don't claim to know who's right or wrong any more than anyone else, but this seems odd.