Friday, June 18

The life of Pedro and Manny

You are what you eat, that’s what people said, but this is not the case of Dominican Players.

Since the day the first Dominican played in MLB teams are worried about the nutritional habits of the players, first when a player arrived to the United States because of the language barrier he had to eat fast food or the same thing for a long time.

Today with the academies in the Dominican Republic they teach young prospects English and how to behave in the American Society, they feed them well and teach them the right nutrition, but for some players to give up to some kind of foods is too hard, a recent report on Listin Diario shows a picture of Manny Ramirez and Pedro Martinez eating “Frituras|”, fried parts of chicken, pork and cows in Pedro’s town.

Here a part of the story on what Dominican Players do and eat in the off-season.

Pedro and Manny

Two cars arrived at Fenway Park players’ parking lot, both with different kind of music, from those cars you can see Manny Ramirez and Pedro Martinez, it’s 4:30, they have a game against the Yankees at 7:05 and Pedro will get the start.

Pedro Martinez just like many Latin players refuses to buy a house and lives in a hotel suite. He does not have any bizarre taste, just regular stuff like beer, sodas and Dominican food made by him. He stays in when there’s no game watching TV or reading. His vehicles are normal too, Mercedes, Lincoln and some sports cars, he dresses casual, when he’s going to pitch he stays in his room listening to instrumental music.

Manny Ramirez life you could say is a little messy, but is not, he’s married with two kids, he lives in the Ritz-Carlton of Boston, 4 blocks from Fenway, he also have an apartment in Fort Lauderdale, FL, well equipped, of course.

He likes rap, hip hop and Tekno, he drives a Maisto Premiere Mercedes S Class, a yellow TVR speed, a XJ220 Jaguar and Honda motorcycle, he hangs out with his wife and friends from his childhood.

He preffers any kind of rice, meat, beer, before games he plays Nintendo in his room.

Well, that’s in the U.S. but what about when they come to the Dominican Republic in the winter, Pedro is quiet, he stays home, he goes to some pubs, but he’s a family man, Manny do some partying too.

Life is different in the Dominican Republic, people is kind, there’s a lot of stuff to do, but for those players, specially Pedro the off season is a time to be with his family and friends, away from the media and opportunists.


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