Friday, July 30

My LoDuca Bubble Head

Dodgers Stadium was my first visited baseball stadium in the US, it was my Honeymoon and I drove from San Francisco to LA just to attend a Dodger game.

I went to the gift shop to look for some Dodgers stuff, 2002 was the season we all began to knew Paul LoDuca, so instead of buying a Shawn Green bubble head or a Eric Gagne T-shirt I bought a LoDuca Bubble head, he was the player I admired in that roster, the little guy that gave everything for his team, the one who got hit very bad and stayed in the game, that was the kind of player the Dodgers needed, I still have the bubble head in my house, today rumors are sending Paul to an other team, no matter team LoDuca is headed he will stay in my Family Room.

Friday, July 23

Welcome to the Jungle

This is not about Eric Gagne when entering the game for another save, this is about the current situation of my country.

In the national Zoo a man tells a little black kid who is in a field trip to the zoo.

Hey kid, where is your father? He should be here with the monkeys (The kid is poor and Black), so the kid answers "you know what, you should be a comedian", this was a dialogue between our President Hipolito Mejia and a Little kid.

That was only one of his sarcastic and racist remarks, for four years Mr. Mejia had given us bad jokes after bad jokes, we got tired of his jokes so in May 16 we voted him out of the presidency.

His government is due next August 16, but of course they are not doing nothing for the country except stealing everything they can, give pensions to people that never attended work, anyway the country is in the middle of a energy crisis, the hospitals are not working at nights, they are not doing any surgeries, and the Health Minister is saying that there's nothing wrong with our public hospitals.

Thanks god that me or my Family does not need to attend a public hospital.

So please Mr. Mejia, stop the stupids jokes, everytime you open your mouth is to say something really stupid.

Once again forgive me for posting this in a blog that is supposed to post news about baseball, but I had to get this out of my mind.


Tuesday, July 20

Dodgers prospects maybe will play in the Dominican Winter League

The Escogido Lions will have as an special assistant Mr. Rene Francisco who is Director of International Baseball Operations, that means that any available prospect or minor leaguer will play here with Escogido, that's good because they'll play in Santo Domingo.
Last year a couple of Dodgers minor leaguers played with Estrellas, none was productive.
Let's see if the Dodgers are willing to send prospects to play here or to the Arizona instructional league, in 1988 the last World series won by the Dodgers was the year the LA team broke relations with Licey, since that both Dodgers and Escogido are into loosing seasons, will this be the year of Dodgers and Escogido? Let's see...

Monday, July 19

Jason over Juan, Random Thoughts

When Dodgers GM Paul DePodesta traded for Jason Werth many people questioned the move, now Werth in the 19 games he had started is batting 365, 6hr and 17 rbi, but the most important thing is the intesity he shows in the field, in yesterday game he robbed Alex Cintron a double by charging the ball and making a strong throw, he's the kind the player the Dodgers needs not a Mediocre player with an superstar attituded like Juan Encarnación, some times the DL can benefit a team, I say give Jason the opportunity to play every day and bench Encarnación, every time Werth is in the game he gives a 100%, not like Juan.
A whole different season for the Dodgers
Last season the Dodgers went thru a season that no one wants to remember, this year this far it looks different, I know is early and the Dodgers swept the worst team in the NL but let's look at some issues that are a whole different from last season.
  1. In Fridays game we won after a terrific outing by Randy Johnson, yes the Dodgers made the runs after he left the game, but last year could be a 3-2 result in favor of the Diamondbacks, but Shawn Green hit a grand slam that no one exprected.
  2. In Saturday game Guillermo Mota blew up a lead, last year was a guaranteed loss, but thios year was a HR by the bench in the name of Robin Ventura. Remember last year bench?
  3. In Sunday's game the Dodgers had a career game by Cesar Izturis and Jason Werth, Cesar hit a 3 run HR, last year in the same situation he likely would have hitted a groudball or something similar.

The upcoming trades for the Dodgers

So far the Jason's trades have worked for the Dodgers, so when the GM says that he's talking to several team and is waiting for the right deal I believe him if we consider the results of the Jason's deals, of course the Milton Bradley is not what we expected but he's young and will get better, is not like the Dodgers gave Franklin Gutierrez for this year version of Jeremy Burnitz.

So my expectations on this year trade deadline are high, I think this year the Dodgers will get an impact player.

So the Dodgers have a bright future, at least I see it that way.


Saturday, July 17

The Mondesi dilema continues

Mario Guerrero who warned the Anaheim Angels not to pay Raul Mondesi because of the lawsuit the he won against Mondesi.
This according to Diario Libre in this Saturday edition, let's see if the Angels will do the same the Pirates did and Raul reaction if they retain his salary.

Friday, July 16

Dominican winter league update

Here's a little update on the next winter league here.
Miguel Tejada said will no play with Aguilas. Too bad and good in the other hand, the fans will miss him, but the other teams will not.
The league reduce to 5 imported players, well, that's too bad, in recent years we only get rejects or prospects that are to way low to play in this league.
Escogido Lions changed owners, the owner for the last ten or more years handed the team to Mr. Julio Hazim, that's not bad except that Mr. Hazim owns the company that do comercialization for the tournament, he said he resign and handed the company to his son, yeah right!
The season will began october 22...

Wednesday, July 14

Dominican players Conquered the All Star show

I've been distant from blogging since last week, lots of work and trying to sell our apartment has held me from posting, but great things are happening for Dominicans.

First 11 Dominicans were in the All Star game (I'm counting out A-Rod) and the most voted player was Alfonso Soriano.

The Home run derby was won by Miguel Tejada, who broke a record of 15 HR in a round held by another Dominican Albert Pujols.

The MVP was Alfonso Soriano.

7 out of 9 of the AL runs were produced by Dominicans, Manny Ramirez (2), David Ortiz (2) and Alfonso Soriano (3).

3 out of 4 of the NL runs were also produced by fellow Dominicans Sammy Sosa (1) and Albert Pujols (2).

In the pitching department no Dominican Player was involved in the game.

In other news Dominican Republic defeat Puerto Rico and won the Gold medal in CentroBasket, a tournament of the Caribbean and Central America, so we beat them in Baseball in the Caribbean Series and in their Best Sport too.

Beating Puerto Rico is better than sweeping the Giants!

Monday, July 5

It's over. let's move on...

Gagne race to inmortality is over, today a blown save to the same team that started, in one point there will not be any more distractions for Gagne, let's start over again, after all, he's human.

Thursday, July 1

American or Dominican League?

If you take a look at the offensive stats in the American League you may think that you are looking at a Winter League stat sheet, only that David Ortiz and Miguel Tejada play here at the Dominican Winter League.

Every day more Dominicans are into the leaders of the American League, here's a look:

AL Avg

Ivan Rodriguez TEX 381
Melvin Mora BAL 357
Vladimir Guerrero ANA 344
Manny Ramirez BOS 333


David Ortiz BOS 21 (Tied with H.Blalock TEX)
Manny Ramirez BOS 20 (Tied with Paul Konerko CHI)
Vladimir Guerrero ANA 19


David Ortiz BOS 75
Vladimir Guerrero ANA 68
Miguel Tejada BAL 65
Manny Ramirez BOS 59

Hasta Cuando?!

Hasta cuando will be Nomo in the rotation, or even in the team, Hasta cuando will Green in the Line up? Hasta cuando the Dodgers will be loosing against the Giants?

When Dodgers manager Jim Tracy will be a man and admit thet Nomo can't be in the rotation? when he'll realized that Green should not be playing every day, he needs to be go to the Bench, Play Werth at 1B, Olmedo, or even the Strikeout king.

Dodgers fans deserve better, specially those in LA who are paying to see the Dodgers play, those who pay MLB.COM or DirecTV to watch them on TV, I deserve better, we all deserve better, stop playing with us, we suffer to much last year waiting for the help that never came, stop the bleeding or the patient will die.

Get rid of Nomo, Bench Green until he learns how to hit again...

Hasta cuando Coño!!!