Monday, May 10

Good luck Raul

A young kid in Dominican fiels only dreams of becoming a major league player, they do everything to became one, but just a few can make it.

Raúl Mondesi is one of those cases, but like many others many people took advantage of him, when a player come home for Xmas everyone wants to be near them just to get something, that's the case of Raúl, Mondesi just announced today that he'll retire for the reminder of the season as Jon reported today, thanks Jon by the way, i did not have the time earlier to do so.

According the Enrique Rojas, AP and ESPN stringer for the Dominican Republic he talked to Raúl today, Mondi was very stressed because of his legal issues, everyday he heard of a new property confiscated, this news turned out to be false, he could not concentrate on baseball.

Talking to Mondesi interesting news were found, for example his agent told him that he signed a 8 million contract, but it was a 1.1 million with an option year by the club, he found out in spring training and kept playing, later the team held his salary.

Well, his family and sons were very scared of the situation here and Mondi decided to make a trip here and take care of things by himself.

Today he drove his kids to school for the first time in his life, he said that he would not change that for anything.

he'll seat the rest of the season, i hope he can solve all his problems and keep his well earned money.

Good luck Raúl, you deserve better...


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