Saturday, October 16

A-Rod nationality.

In the first game of the Yankees-Red Sox series each player introduced themselves with name and origin.

Bernie Williams, CF, Puerto Rico
Jorge Posada, Catcher, Puerto Rico
Derek Jeter, SS, United States

Then came Alex Rodriquez turn, the kid from NY who many journalist here call Dominican, the one who claimed that he's Dominican several times, then he said "Alex Rodriguez, USA"

Yes that's right, USA not Dominican Republic, that felt like a thunder for many people here some journalist, they're trying to hang Alex for telling his feelings, his true feelings, what's the big deal about that? He was born in NY, he got his education in Miami, he was drafted in the USA.

I'd always considered him as a American player, not a Dominican Player, he's a great player, a super star, but he's not our super star.

I'm sure he cares for this country, his mothers country, he have many friends here, but let's be realistic, he's a business man, and for him is better business being from the USA.

So let's stop crying about it, he's not Dominican, he's as he told millions, Alex Rodriguez USA.

But don't be upset, we have many great players and people around the world who take their Dominican roots proudly, Oscar De la Renta, Gold medalist Felix Sanchez, and may others who makes us proud.

And in case the world cup takes place he will place for the USA, but we have Adrian Beltre and many pitchers to take him out.

So to A-Rod, good for you to finally came out and saying that you are from the USA. Finally...


sarah said...

all i can say is that i'm still glad the sox have manny rather than him.

Anonymous said...

Alex Rodriguez is so damn inconsiderate. The only questions I got for is, What would you be if Domininican Republic did not exist. He'd probably be a bus driver or a newspaper boy. A-rod makes me sick!! Hey A-rod where'd you get those great skills from? All he thinks about is Miami and money, it's ridiculous. I hate A-rod now. E-mail me a for any feedback.

Anonymous said...

well all i know a-rod is the biggest kiss a** ever because how do you say your not dominican when your parents are from their.. you must have dissapointed your parents so bad and now supposebly its because of your wife? BS so your not dominican dont play for the team then stick to playing for USA cus we dont need you we have players that are just as good as you and dont choke when we need them to do something good for us