Monday, July 19

Jason over Juan, Random Thoughts

When Dodgers GM Paul DePodesta traded for Jason Werth many people questioned the move, now Werth in the 19 games he had started is batting 365, 6hr and 17 rbi, but the most important thing is the intesity he shows in the field, in yesterday game he robbed Alex Cintron a double by charging the ball and making a strong throw, he's the kind the player the Dodgers needs not a Mediocre player with an superstar attituded like Juan Encarnación, some times the DL can benefit a team, I say give Jason the opportunity to play every day and bench Encarnación, every time Werth is in the game he gives a 100%, not like Juan.
A whole different season for the Dodgers
Last season the Dodgers went thru a season that no one wants to remember, this year this far it looks different, I know is early and the Dodgers swept the worst team in the NL but let's look at some issues that are a whole different from last season.
  1. In Fridays game we won after a terrific outing by Randy Johnson, yes the Dodgers made the runs after he left the game, but last year could be a 3-2 result in favor of the Diamondbacks, but Shawn Green hit a grand slam that no one exprected.
  2. In Saturday game Guillermo Mota blew up a lead, last year was a guaranteed loss, but thios year was a HR by the bench in the name of Robin Ventura. Remember last year bench?
  3. In Sunday's game the Dodgers had a career game by Cesar Izturis and Jason Werth, Cesar hit a 3 run HR, last year in the same situation he likely would have hitted a groudball or something similar.

The upcoming trades for the Dodgers

So far the Jason's trades have worked for the Dodgers, so when the GM says that he's talking to several team and is waiting for the right deal I believe him if we consider the results of the Jason's deals, of course the Milton Bradley is not what we expected but he's young and will get better, is not like the Dodgers gave Franklin Gutierrez for this year version of Jeremy Burnitz.

So my expectations on this year trade deadline are high, I think this year the Dodgers will get an impact player.

So the Dodgers have a bright future, at least I see it that way.


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