Sunday, October 10

With tears in my eyes

I used to hate Lima, he was averything I hate in a human being, arrogant, loud and played for teams I hated.

But suddenly the Dodgers signed him as a non roster player, he won a spot in the team, I still hated him, but things began to change, he begin to win games, to bring energy to the Dodgers dogout, and again to win games.

Last night, watching first the Twins-Damn Yankees game with some friends at home and later the Dodgers game, seeing Dodger Stadium, a place I remember like if was yesterday, a place that I might not go again in my life, watching Lima pitching there in a playoff game, giving the Dodgers their first victory since 1988 was a wonderful thing, now I'll have to eat my words.

But watching this morning paper, and see Lima praying after the final out and screaming to who knows what made me almost cry.

This season I watched the Dodgers like never before, I even wrote about them, I'm still excited about last nigh, still looking for stories about last night, still watching sportscenter and Southern California Sport Report.

Well, let's hope Odalis get some Energy from Lima tonight, Dodgers fans deserve that...

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sarah said...

felicidades! lima fue maravilloso ayer! dos juegos mas - pueden hacerlo?