Saturday, April 24

ESPN is the official media for the Giants

Bonds 2-2, 4 intentional walks in loss to L.A., that's the heading on ESPN web site, seems like they covering the Giants and not Baseball, the recap tells you more on how the Dodgers did not pitch to Bonds than the way the game was played, but that's ok, we still won.

By the way, the Giants are in LAST PLACE

Good Friday

The Dodgers beat the Giants 5-4 and in have won 7 of the last 10 games, are in first place with a 2.5 games lead, things are looking good, no matter what predictions were made i'm going to enjoy it while it last, i don't care if we win only by a run, a win is a win and is better if we beat the Giants.

In the other side of the U.S. Boston beat tha Yankees 11-2 in Yankee Stadium, that's great, give those 183 millions morons a slap in the face in their own house.
$-Rod went 4-2, but his hitting just .224, he will get over it, he's a great player, buy now i'm enjoying it.

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