Sunday, December 12

Pedro showed no respect

A few days ago the Boston organization came to the Dominican Republic to celebrate the second anniversary of the academy, to show the world series throfy, but I believe the main purpose of the trip was to talk to Pedro Martinez about him returning to Boston.

Pedro is always asking for respect, respect from the media, from the fans, from other players and from the front office.

Last week he showed no respect for John Henry, Larry Lucchino and Theo Epstein by talking to them in his "outside office" in the airport just moments before getting a plane to Miami to attend a wedding.

He could ask for a office inside, even the ambassador lounge and I'm sure the government will let him use it, but he preferred to embarrassed the visitors and him self.

So I ask my self. Where's the respect he's always claiming? Did he show any to them? They were here in behalf of many Boston fans who want Pedro to be back in the team, people who payed to see him pitch.

He showed his real class, his real education.

He showed us the REAL Pedro.

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