Monday, December 12

Lima close to deal with Padres

According to his own words Jose Lima is close to sign a deal with the San Diego Padres, he did not reveal any details like money involved or duration, he gave this declarations during an interview in La Semana Deportiva.

In the interview he also made accusation to the umpires and questioned their work, the Dominican Winter League is working only with local umpires since last season and their authority in the field and has generate many discussions during games.

Sunday, December 4

Dominican Winter League update

The tournament is heating up, Licey and Aguilas are tied in first, Escogido just 2 games behind, and Azucareros and Estrellas fighting for the last spot to the playoffs.

Teams like Licey have their roster filled with promising rookies like Hanley Ramirez at 3B, SS and 2B, Anderson Hernandez at 2B, Erick Aybar at 2B, Felix Pie at CF among others, and the return of veterans like Henry Rodriguez, Willis OtaƱez and Jose Offerman.

LA Dodgers donate three buses

The Los Angeles Dodgers donated three buses to the Sports and recreational ministry of the Dominican Republic. The Buses with 60 seats each will be used in several youth programs to develop new talents in different areas, the vehicle are already in Dominican customs and will be available in the next few days.

This is not the first donation from the Dodgers a few months ago they did the same to the community if Guerra, where their academy is located.

Tom Lassorda was representing the team, he also met with President Leonel Fernandez, threw the first ball in a Licey game and was with Hall of Famer Juan Marichal and participate in a golf tournament held by President Fernandez foundation.

Lassorda comes every year to the Dominican Republic where he has many friends and is very popular, he was manager for Licey and Escogido in the 70's.

Furcal a Dodger, his drinking problems and his quality

Reports from LA and in Santo Domingo shows that Rafael Furcal had agreed to sign with the Dodgers for 3 years and around 40 millions.

Furcal had drinking problems in the past, in fact he was in jail for that, according to some people near him he is done with that (at least DUI, he gets a driver now), but Furcal is an excellent player an very versatile one.

He play in winter at SS, 2B or 3B, depends on where his team needs him, and all of three positions played above average, he played 3B for the national team (Licey) in the Caribbean series here in Santo Domingo, and Dodgers fans will enjoy his hard playing, he always run hard and gives an extra to the team.

Personally I don't like him very much, he played for teams that I hate (Braves and Escogido), but that can not take away from him his conditions as a player.

His drinking problems?

Let's really hope that those days are behind him, he's a good man and a family man, but please!!!!!, I can't stand another distraction for the Dodgers!